Executive Board Meeting – Feb 15, 2021

Location:  Zoom
Present:  Ric Coombe, Greg Vurckio, Bill Federice, Scott Grey, Larry Reilly, Peter Friedel, David Kukle and Steve Walker.

Others:  Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Tim Cox and Kelly Mariotti.

  1. Call to Order:  Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:15.

  2. January 18, 2021 Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve minutes by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Larry Reilly.  Motion carried.

  3. Stakeholders Meeting:  There has been three Stakeholders meetings to date.  Land Acquisition & Community Vitality, Stream Program and WAC.
    Ric felt there seemed to be a lot of common ground on the Stream Program.  There is an interest in purchasing smaller pieces.  There are some smaller disagreements in the Stream Program, but Ric thinks they can work through it.  The meeting ended with assignments.  Jeff was assigned to work on zoning and planning.

    Jeff reported that the city thinks there is sufficient amount of coordination.  On the other hand, Jeff stated there is a lack of coordination with all parties involved.  Dave Warne called Jeff regarding his statement during the Stakeholders meeting.  Dave believes there is coordination/cooperation.  Jeff disagrees.  Jeff suggested a meeting with the Catskill Center, Green County Soil and Water, the City and Towns to discuss the management of the program.  Let’s get cooperation with all parties involved.  Another example of lack of cooperation is the City involvement in Invasive Species.  Once again, need to get all parties involved to work together on this issue.

    Nick had a comment on Forestry Easements.  If the intent of the Easement Program is to preserve and promote forest land in the watershed, then improved incentives are required to ensure that pre-commercial forestry is conducted.  Many landowners can’t do this work themselves, incentives must make it attractive to private contractors.

    Ric stated that CWT needs to support this program that is under WAC.  Jeff stated that CWT and WAC do not have a good history together.  Ric understands that but at this time, WAC could really use a helping hand.  Ric will reach out to Bud Gladstone.

    Jason Merwin stated that CWC doesn’t agree with everything in the NAS report as well.  For example, the Septic System Program.   Jason is requesting CWT and other Stakeholders support before the Stakeholders meeting that is on Thursday, February 25th.  The topics include Stormwater, Waste Water and most importantly the Septic System Program.  The NAS recommends that CWC do up to 1,500 septic system replacements per year.  That isn’t a realistic number.  CWC does around 300 per year.

    Over the past year, the City was unable to honor some of the contracts and invoices.  This has put the program at a pause.  CWC needs 100% assurance from the City that they will reimburse for the program to move forward.

    Right now, there are 317 people are enrolled in the program.  It cost around $29,000 to replace a system.  For January 2021, CWC has $7,200,000.  That comes to around $24,000 per person.  We are short right from the start.   Jason stated that he would like to start out at $14,400,000. Get the 317 septic’s done this summer and start enrolling people for the following summer.   Steve Walker brought up the question, “how do you know if it is residential or an Air BB (commercial)?”  Commercial properties receive 60% reimbursement from CWC.  Residential is 100% reimbursed.  The owner needs to live on the property to receive the 100% reimbursement.

    Steve Walker moved to motion that CWT supports the efforts of CWC to frontload the Septic Program and directs Jeff Baker to advocate that position and in all negotiations. Second by Peter Friedel.  Motion carried.

  4. Delaware County will be setting up their own zoom link to use for CWT.  If need be, CWT can use Ric’s zoom account or Jeff’s zoom account.

  5. 2021 Dues Notice:  Jeff Baker will work on the letter.

  6. Web Page – Carl Stuendel:  The CWT Board is very thankful that Carl is willing to post the minutes and the zoom links.

  7. Reports
    a. FAD deliverables:  No report.
    b. Streamside Acquisition:  Nothing new to report.
    c. Flood Commission Reports:  Kelly emailed Delaware County’s report to all members.
    d. CWC report:  Revised Hamlet letters will be going out tomorrow.  Annual meeting April via zoom.
    e. Below the Reservoirs:  No report

  8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:  Kelly forgot the account balances.  She will email that to the Board tomorrow.  There is $1,000.06 in the checking account and $98,968.16 in the savings account. 
    Greg Vurckio motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Bill Federice.  Motion carried via email.  

    Bill Federice motioned to except the warrant for
    The Storeroom $50.00; Delaware County Admin services $550.35; and $1,924.00 for legal fees –
    making the total warrant for $2,524.35. 
    Second by Steve Walker.  Motion carried.

  9. Other:    No report.

  10. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Steve Walker.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

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