Executive Board Meeting – Nov 16, 2020

Location:  Zoom

Present:  Ric Coombe, Bud Gladstone, David Kukle, Greg Vurckio, Bill Federice, Peter Friedel, Steve Walker, Scott Grey and Tom “Almighty” Hilson.

Others:  Kelly Mariotti, Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Michelle Yost and Bruce Dolph.

1. Call to Order:  Ric called the meeting to order at 6:30.

2. August 17, 2020 Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve August minutes by Bud.  Second by David.  Motion carried.

3. Stake Holders Meeting:  Jeff reported that a meeting is coming up in December to go over the National Academies Study of the NYC Watershed Protection Programs.  Today’s meeting was on the SAP.  This hasn’t been discussed with the state holders in over a year.  This meeting got everybody back on the same page.  A subcommittee will be formed to look at the legal issues which Jeff will be part of.  For example, subdivision law and 3rd party holding.  Ric asked Jeff for clarification regarding the 3rd party holding.  Jeff replied that the town or county would be the third party holding title.  As for the subdivision, out of a 10 acre lot by a stream, DEP would by the acre that runs along the stream.  The remaining 9 acres would be developable.

4. Reports
a. FAD deliverables:  No report
i. Streamside Acquisition:  No report

b. Flood Commission Reports:  Kelly sent out the reports for Ulster and Delaware Counties.

c. CWC report:  Tim reported that Article 78 has been submitted with the Delaware County Courts.  CWC owns the property and is entitled for tax exemption on the property.  Also, a letter has been drafted to be sent out to all the Supervisors that 5 years are up and they can review their options regarding the LAP.  Ric brought to attention that the county boards need to be educated on the CWT and what the CWT can offer.  Many towns will have questions regarding the LAP.  Lastly, Tim reported that the old CWC building in Margaretville has been sold.  The new owners will be setting up an environmental test lab.

d. Below the Reservoirs:  No report

5. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:  Ric read off the account balances. 
There is $3,347.33 in the checking account and
$99,991.27 in the savings account. 
David motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Tom.  Motion carried.
(Jeff Baker emailed his invoice today to Ric and Kelly for the CWT to approve for payment.) 
Jeff Baker’s invoice for the amount of $2,753.50; 
The Storeroom $50.00;
Delaware County Admin services $32.55. 
Ric called roll call.  All said yes.  Motion carried.

6.  Other:
Request by the Town of Hunter.  The Town of Hunter is requesting the CWT to look into the legality of the NYCDEP purchasing 2 parcels as an infrastructure project, explain the legal premise under which NYCDEP is operating and assist with its resolution.  A motion was made by Steve.  Second by Tom to assist the Town of Hunter.  Ric took a roll call:  All said yes.  Motion carried.

Ric asked the group if we should change how we schedule are monthly meetings.  The group agreed to leave as is.

It was also decided that December’s meeting will be done via zoom.

7. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Greg.  Second by Steve.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30.