Executive Board Meeting – April 18, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Greg Vurkio, Donald Murray, Mark Tuthill, Mike McCrary, Bruce Dolph, Tony Coiro, Peter Friedel, Ric Coombe, Jake Rosa, Tony Van Glad and Counsel Jeff Baker.

Others present: Alicia Terry, Tim Cox, Alan Rosa, Molly Oliver, Rick Weidenbach, Larry Underwood, Joan Lawrence Bauer, Paul Rush, Kelly Blakeslee, Frazier.

1. Call to order: 6:15

2. March 21, 2016 minutes approval – Motion to accept Tony Coiro, second by Mark Tuthill.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R – Introductions were made to Paul Rush and thanked him for joining the meeting.
a. TAG – meeting scheduled 4/25/2016, Water Quality Group – Molly summarized the water quality assessment tool. Must submit ideas for the FAD on a date in June.
b. Ken Kosinski
c. March 29th WSP meeting report – Jeff summarized the outcomes of the 3/29 meeting. He characterized it as a productive meeting. There was agreement to address the WR&Rs, funding of partnership programs, bureaucratic roadblocks, the Side Agreement, WSP within the framework of the FAD process. Discussing a dispute resolution process. Development West of Hudson is nowhere near the scale and threat it is East of Hudson. Ric Coombe felt that decision makers get in a room and address the issues they could be resolved simply. Ric asked for examples. Jeff discussed the NCRA related to septic where there isn’t a failure. This is very costly involving legal and engineering fees let alone the delay costs. We are not suggesting anything that puts water quality at risk.

Frazier raised the design review process as too timely. Process is broken. Problematic in the stream program. Bruce summarized the stream work problem with the Hamden project as an example. Four years and still no approved design.

Jeff summarized the Side Agreement comments that the WOH put together. Such as assuring the unused portion of a parcel that is developable be allowed to be used and not subject to the easement. We also don’t agree with the 500 year floodplain. That metric has no parallel standing with any regulation or related to insurance requirements. For some of our communities restricting the 500 year flood plain would be harmed, because there are so few parcels to work with in the communities. The flood analysis should drive the identification.
i. Next steps

4. Environmental Group Letter, 3/11/2016 – Summarized the response to the letter. The only credible ones are signatories to the MOA and NRDC but they are signatory to the 2010 WSP. Political reality dictates that.

5. Flood Commission reports – Towns of Conesville; RFP has been issued for LFA and have interviewed consultants. Bruce asked that each flood commission submit information. Minutes would be fine. Jake reported on the Arkville LFA. Near complete with a few questions to address. Maintenance of depositions. Solutions are challenges. BCA’s are tough. They can show a flood elevation reduction but the BCAs don’t work out well because our homes have lower values. Andes has scheduled a walk through and meeting for May 9th. Walton is finishing up West Brook. Rick explained how the bridge replacement in cost benefit analysis skews things. Getting cost of solution to replace the entire bridge instead of incremental. BCA doesn’t include the water quality. Still should continue to pursue projects even if BCA isn’t met. Molly reported that things need to be more than just the BCA. Get the projects out there and pursue funding because there are other sources of funding available beside the FEMA money. Emergency services can be a major factor in the BCA. Need to look at projects that cross that include multiple LFA areas. Army Corps funding for Walton. Rick reminded everyone flood mitigation is a long-term process. You may need to do the projects in stages especially if a bridge needs replacement. It is fairly clear that many BCAs will not be met. Water Quality needs to be factored in.

6. CWC reports – no report

7. 25th Anniversary of CWT – Kelly reported on the results of investigating a forum and meals for the meeting from a variety of sources. Based on that information Tony Coiro motioned to use Hanah, seconded by Ric Coombe. Passed. Kelly went over the save the date flier. Frazier reported that Clayton Brooks was willing to speak. Alan Rosa agreed to talk a bit. Alan suggested Dan Ruzzow.

8. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – Handoff meeting with FUDR for the SCMP. First meetings with Tom Shepstone at Colchester went well.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie – Paul Rush reported. Summer micro tunneling device on site to begin boring. Modeling to establish and upper level release in response to fishery requests. Intake chamber gate work. 35 to 65 day shutdown will be required. Also looking to take top water for releases into the Schoharie and keep the cool water pool for Esopus. It was a Dry winter. At the end of March it was quite warm, starting leaf out resulting in the need for drawdown. Very close to drawdown today. Took 600mgd out of Roundout, 560 mgd from Cannonsville, 360 mgd Ashokan, 150 mgd out of Croton. With Croton on line DEP was able to avoid draw downs.

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report
a. Warrants- Motion to pay Young Sommer, $ 3,737.00, Tony Van Glad, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.
b. Checking balance $993.05 Savings balance $110,732.74. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report Tony Van Glad, second by Tony Coiro. Passed
c. Annual dues are coming in. Overall, a large percentage have paid.

10. Other

11. Adjourn. Motion Tony V, second by Tony C ( T²). Passed.