Executive Board Meeting – Feb 15, 2016

Present: Bruce Dolph, Mike McCrary, Jake Rosa, Diana Cope, Mark Tuthill, Pete Friedel, Greg Vurckio:

Others in attendance: Jeff Baker, Kevin Young, Jeff Flack, Aaron Bennett, Alan Rosa, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver and Frazier.

1. Call to order 6:17.

2. January 18, 2016 minutes approval. Mike McCrary Moved to approve. Mark Tuthill second. Approved unanimously.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R-
a. Meeting with Paul Rush – Bruce reported that the meeting with Paul Rush and Dave Warne was unproductive. We went looking for solutions to the problems we have raised. The City was there on a fact finding mission. Attendees found it disturbing that the City acted like the issues were all new to them. NYC made it very clear that the suggestions the Coalition has put forward in the side agreement are non- starters. Second and equally clear is that they will continue to enforce the WR&R as they have.

b. The letter from Sylvia B. Rozzelle, Town of Olive Supervisor, was discussed. Sylvia is looking for clarification on the language regarding the categories used for selection. Olive’s decision is that they are willing to let the properties be eligible for buyout. The city is saying that they are not eligible because there is no offsite benefit. There was considerable discussion as to whether or not the properties would be eligible under Category I or Category 5. There is confusion among the parties. It was suggested that a meeting is needed to clarify what is eligible or not within the categories. It boils down to individual community decisions. Category I does not use BCA as the sole factor in decision making. The community makes the final decision based on a combination of factors. The damage experienced by the Boiceville properties does not reach a threshold of 51%. Boiceville will become a ghost town with the pending insurance rate increases so the community supports the buyouts. This subject will be on the forthcoming TAG agenda. Will compare the Sept 20, 2012 Agreement in Principle with the August 15, 2015 document. The City can do nothing without our agreement on the Water Supply Permit amendment. We need to clarify and amend the August 18th document because we can’t agree to a program that is not working based on what we have seen from the LFA outputs. The time to raise the issue is now while the WSP is in play. Category 5 was solely developed for properties outside the hamlet designation area. Watershed Affairs will make arrangements for the TAG meeting. February 29th is one possibility.

c. Executive Session – Mike McCrary moved to go into executive session for the purposes of discussing potential litigation regarding watershed rules and regulations. Mark Tuthill Seconded. Motion passed unanimously. (Kevin Young) asked that all honor the lawyer client privilege. Everything is confidential. Not to be disclosed outside of executive session.
Mike McCrary moved to come out of executive session. Dianna Cope second. Passed.
Mike McCrary motioned to take legal action with regard to Waste Water Treatment Plant use for septic pump outs from City funded individual septic systems. Second by Jake Rosa. Passed.

4. Flood Commission reports – Andes has a walk about being planned on March 4th followed by a public meeting. Walton Flood Commission decided to go back and do more work on their BCA. East Branch is doing more analysis on Arkville projects. Bruce announced that once tax season is over he will be attending other community’s flood commission meetings. Shandaken- the final, final draft report is in the Town Boards hands. 40 plus in attendance. They will be doing more outreach. It appears that the BCA doesn’t work for rural low density communities.

5. CWC reports- no report.

6. 25th Anniversary of CWT – no action taken on save the date.
a. Role of and forms of outreach at CWT – no action.

7. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – subcontracts nearly complete moving ahead.
b. Esopus –
c. Schoharie –

8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report – No warrants presented. Treasurers’ Report- Peter Friedel moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Mark Tuthill seconded the motion. Passed.

9. Other – none

10. Adjourned – Motion to adjourn Mike McCrary. Jake Rosa second. Passed.