Executive Board Meeting – Sept 16, 2019

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15

Present: Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Pat Davis, Shayne Moshier and Larry Reilly.

Others: Bruce Dolph, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Michelle Yost, Nick Carbone and Kelly Mariotti

1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:14 pm

2. August 19, 2019 Minutes Approval: Moved to approve the minutes by Ric Coombe. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

3. Introductions of new members:

4. Election of Officers:
a. Chairman: Bud Gladstone nominated Mark Tuthill for Chairman. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

b. Vice Chairman: Bub Gladstone nominated Ric Coombe for Vice Chairman. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

c. Treasurer: Ric Coombe nominated Bub Gladstone for Treasurer. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

5. Reports:
a. Fad deliverables: No report

b. Flood Commission Reports:
1. Delaware County – Nick reported that he attended the Walton Flood Commission meeting and later spoke with Walter Geidel – Highway Superintendent. He learned that the Towns have to frontload monies for their projects. Bruce reported that the Town of Walton is financially stable at this time. Tim Cox stated that there is no need for the Town or Village to upfront the monies. The CWC can write two party checks under the Flood Grant program. Nick stated that he was referring to FEMA funding. Bruce went on and reported that the South Street project is moving along nicely. Nick stated that Graydon has excellent drone footage of South Street. It really puts the project in perspective. The Water Street project is completed. In the spring the Town of Walton will be looking for funding for the boat launch. The boat launch will be similar to the one in Delhi. The boat launch in Delhi and the one outside of Walton have been busy. Helps with tourism.
2. Greene County – Michelle Yost reported that there are two buildings in the Town of Tannersville in contract for flood buyout. In Hunter, the Village approved a $10,000 feasibility study to relocate highway garage, working with the Town of Hunter on sharing space at the town garage site. Scope of services is being developed for conceptual design work to stabilize bank to prevent road from slumping on Sawkill Creek. Also, in the Town of Hunter a working group was formed to work on relocating the Fire Department. Please see attached for more detailed information.
3. Ulster County. Please see attachment.

c. CWC Report – Tim Cox reported building is on track. Expected move in date is March 2020. Property owners were having issues finding someone to look at their buildings for assessments. CWC has hired Chaism to do property assessments if needed. The MOA septic program is open.

d. Below the Reservoirs – No report.

6. Warrants:
a. Moved to approve the warrant by Ric Coombe. Second by Pat Davis. Motion carried.
b. Moved to accept the Treasurer’s report by Bill Federice. Second by Ric Coombe. Motion carried.

7. Other:
1. Bud asked about the NAS. Bruce stated that they are doing the internal writing now. Not sure when their next visit is going to be. Delaware County is working on a white paper to send to them.
2. Nick reported that we were able to get our allotment back to 34 million per month for the Village of Delhi.
3. Ric asked for an update on the power, FERC plan around the reservoirs. In Neversink, they abandoned it. In Cannonsville they are slowly moving forward.

8. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 pm by Ric Coombe. Second by Bud Gladstone. Motion carried.