Executive Board Meeting – July 18, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm
In Attendance: Tony Coiro, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Tony Van Glad, Tim Cox, Larry Underwood, Joan Lawrence-Bauer, Alicia Terry, Michelle Yost, Jeff Baker

1. Call to order – 6:18pm

2. Motion to approve the June 20, 2016 minutes made by Art Merrill, seconded by Tony Van Glad. Carried.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R – Molly reported that at the last meeting dates were set into the fall to discuss the issues that were brought to the table. In October there will be an all-stakeholders meeting. The working meetings before that will be with smaller groups who can focus on the technical issues. We made progress in the holding tank conversation.
a. Kingston Meetings 6/15 – FAD Meetings – Jeff reported that it is going well. We have gotten some of the city’s proposals. First pass looks like we’re not really getting what we want, but the City made it clear that they have not fully addressed out concerns yet. DEC is sympathetic about stormwater issues, etc. DEP is somewhat receptive to our concerns about non complying regulated activities. Jeff said we will have a hard time convincing them to end the LAP. It seems likely we will be successful re: the hardship requirement for the variance.

4. FAD Public Hearings – Several attended the meeting in Delhi which was well attended. No one in attendance attended the meeting in Windham.

5. Flood Commission reports – Larry Underwood distributed a handout for the Delaware County LFA update. Public Meeting for Walton July 19th 6pm. Fleischmanns adopting LFA in August. Delhi to meet again in August. Hamden continuing to move forward after their first public meeting. More project also moving forward. Andes had second public meeting. Windham is working on the G&H relocation. CWC has authorized the purchase of the relocation land, but it has not been purchased yet. They are working through some access issues now. Once that’s done, title work needs to be done before it can close. The feasibility study funding has also been approved. This work has not been done yet. Lexington finalized their LFA. Tannersville has scheduled their first meeting for this Thursday. Greene County SWCD is in the process of speaking with the town and village of Hunter and the village of Tannersville about using one model for that area. Each flood commission would still operate unilaterally, but the model would be consistent across the communities. Ashland has issued the RFP to hire an LFA consultant. Conesville has had their kickoff meeting and have a public meeting scheduled. Bruce requested that all of the flood commissions send their meeting minutes to him so we have a record. Tim will look into if the County DPW facilities would be considered a critical community facility.

6. CWC reports – John Mathieson has reached out to all eligible communities to inform them about the funding that is available to secure fuel tanks. No funding has been awarded to do this at this point. The septic program is in full swing now.

7. 25th Anniversary of CWT
a. Language for cover letter – board like the wording Kelly drafted. If we are not maxed out re: attendance, we should let past CWT members bring a guest. Add a date to the body of the email. Kelly and Molly went to Hanah to work out the details. We will have a few door prizes. Will get the speaker list sorted out this month.
b. Kurt Ossenfort – Jeff will get this together before the event and the video footage will be shown at the event.

8. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – Stream Corridor Management Plan underway.
b. Esopus – Bruce read a letter from Michael Warren, Supervisor of Marbletown. Will follow up with Aaron Bennett to find out more detail about this situation.
c. Schoharie

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report – Checking – $1,000.31, Savings – $90,169.37
Warrants: Young and Sommer – $9,176, Delaware County – $15.35
Motion made by Tony Van Glad, seconded by Tuthill. Carried.
Dues payment update – Sent out reminders 6/28 – received checks from Neversink and Village of Hunter. Stamford has also put a check in the mail.

10. Other –
a. Village of Walton is holding an event next weekend to showcase the progress that has been made in the 10 years since the 2006 flood.
b. Motion to send a letter to NYC DEP supporting and urging them to relocate into a building owned and constructed by CWC in Margaretville. Would not jeopardize any of the DEP offices in Walton, Downsville. Lab would stay in Kingston. Motion made by Coiro, seconded by Tuthill. Carried.

11. Motion to adjourn by Van Glad, seconded by Coiro. Carried.


Executive Board Meeting – June 20, 2016

In attendance: Anthony Coiro, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Anthony VanGlad, Greg Vurckio, Jake Rosa, Rick Weidenbach, Tim Cox, Joan Lawrence Bauer, Larry Underwood, Dean Frazier, Molly Oliver, Jeff Baker

1. Meeting called to order 6:17pm

2. May 16, 2016 minutes approval – Motion made by Mark Tuthill, seconded by Tony Coiro. Passed.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R. Discussion about order of operations if a community decides to take ownership and subdivide a parcel. Portion of parcel outside of eased part (always 100 year flood plain, up to 500 at the discretion of DEC) may be subdivided and sold. Any profit from the sale must be returned to CWC to fund other flood mitigation. Anchor Businesses and Critical Community Facilities are eligible for funding if the facility relocates within the municipality or a property to be annexed into the municipality.
a. Kingston Meetings 5/23 – FAD Meetings. Jeff reported that the negotiations are going well.

4. FAD Submittal. CWT submitted comments including ending the Land Acquisition Program. There are four public comment meetings scheduled. June 21, Delhi. June 29, Hunter.

5. Flood Commission reports. Andes had their first public flood commission meeting. They had a good turnout, about 30. Delhi had a Public meeting. Walton Flood Commission discussed lowering the McDonalds drive through to have another route for water to get from Delaware Ave back to the river.

6. CWC reports. Tim reported that the board passed the program rule change which will allow funding for securing fuel tanks anywhere in the 100 year flood plain within the watershed.

7. 25th Anniversary of CWT. The board reviewed the first draft of the invitation. The save the date went out. The guest list is very large and we need to come up with some wording to discourage people from bringing a guest. 220 Save the dates went out, 180 is the room occupancy.

8. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – Stream Corridor Management Plan is underway. Have had a first meeting with community officials, and Project Advisory Committee.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie – Tomorrow EAP in Schoharie. Started excavation for tunnel for lower level outlet. Blasting will happen in mid-July. 45’ diameter hole.

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report
a. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Tony Coiro, seconded by Peter Friedel. Carried.
i. Checking – $1,000.19
ii. Savings – 90,158.00
b. No warrants this month
c. Dues payment update – Reminders send

10. Other – none

11. Motion to adjourn Tony Coiro, seconded by Tony VanGlad. Meeting Adjourned at 7:05pm.