Executive Board Meeting – Sept 18, 2017

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Combe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Tom Hilson and Mr. Baker, Esq.

Others: Larry Underwood, Tim Cox, Frazier.

1. Call to Order – 6:17.

2. August 21, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Anthony, second by Mark. Passed.

3. Comment/White paper meetings – Scheduling environmental group meeting. Frazier updated the committee that the Env. Groups can meet on October 5 here at CWC offices from 1- 3. He reviewed some of the points being covered, including a response to NYC DEP impact analysis and the build out impact of remaining parcels that Delaware County Planning is doing. The build out analyses are in response to a request from DOH to show them what the impact would be if all the buildable acres were built out. Preliminary analyses of town indicate the long-term impact is not significant, but more towns are yet to be done. Tim reported that the consultant doing the additional work for the West of Hudson Counties is moving right along. Mike McCrary requested to be in the loop on the materials being presented at the meetings and who is participating. The committee joined in support of Mike’s request. Watershed Affairs will circulate that material as soon as possible.

4. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement: At same point. FAD in DOH’s hands. All comments were due Sept 5.
a. LAP – EIS Update/White paper – Comments due October 31, 2017. It was suggested that a presentation to the Executive Board on the impact analysis and build out be given.
b. Next steps

5. 2017 Elections- Ballots are due September 29th. At the October Board meeting the outcomes will be announced.

6. Flood Commission Reports: Handouts from Ulster and Delaware Counties were circulated to the Board. Larry expanded on the summary of the status of LFA’s in Delaware County. Larry reported that more meetings are scheduled for LFAs with several nearing completion. Roxbury is now forming an LFA. Tim Cox noted that a business in Windham is considering a buyout it is related to a bridge replacement project. CWC also is funding a streambank restoration in Windham associated with that bridge project.
The Hunter/Tannersville LFA is proceeding. Frazier reported that the Andes LFA final plan was presented to the public. Very good questions, engineers did a great job, good crowd.

7. CWC report – Tim reported that the 3rd supplemental side agreement is very close. There a few minor language items to sort out. Tim reported that the septic program rules are at the City. Once the contract is in place CWC can reimburse back to February 14, 2017. Side agreement needs finalizing. Not quite ready for new applicants yet. No new money yet. The Watershed Protection and Partnership Council recommended reappointment of Alan Rosa to the policy committee and Dean Frazier to the technical committee.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Frazier reported that the Flexible Flow Management Plan is still in limbo and that as of Sept 5th DEP began lowering releases. Unless the FFMP issue is resolved there will be another decrease in releases on the horizon. The Decree Parties continue to meet and negotiate. SCMP grant is beginning the last leg of work. Last public meetings will be in November.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract has been signed and products delivered to the CWT. At this time, materials are housed at the Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs.

10. Archiving status – The Archivist from DOS requested to be on the agenda for the October meeting. Board members fully support that.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Rick moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the warrants.
i. Warrant amount approved $4,852.77.
ii. Checking account balance is $1,000.21. Savings account balance $50,696.79
b. Dues Payment Update – The Executive Committee requested an update be sent to them. Watershed Affairs will send ASAP. Should include in monthly reports.

12. Other – Bruce reported on the quarterly meeting with Paul Rush that WAC, CWC, CWT and Delaware County attends. DEP does not want one build on their lands. The bike trail in Windham came up at that meeting. Extensive discussion ensued by the CWT executive committee. Conclusion was that more information and discussion with DEP is needed. Jeff feels that this is a doable project. Jeff is doing pro bono work for the Windham group. Jeff will talk to the key parties to try and sort out an approach.

13. Adjourn – Tony motioned like greased lightning to adjourn. Mark Tuthill seconded. Passed.