Executive Board Meeting – Feb 27, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Attending: Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Jake Rosa, and Kevin Young

Others: Jay Brayman, Michelle Yost, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:17 PM

2. December 19, 2016 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve, Mark Tuthill, second Peter Friedel. Passed.

3. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. Kingston Meeting – February 14 – Kevin briefly summarized where things are at and feels that the Third Supplemental Side Agreement is essentially done and that WRR issues are finalized and moving forward. He reported that he thought things went well and that Corporate Counsel Attorney Hilary Meltzer work diligently to find reasonable and practical solutions to issues raised.
b. LAP – EIS Update
c. Timeline – Looking for FAD by the end of the week. Kevin reported that a few tasks remain to complete the Third Supplemental Side Agreement.

4. 2017 Elections – Bruce reminded the board that elections are coming up.

5. Noticing CWT meetings – Kevin Young will look into the question of whether or not meeting notices are required by CWT.

6. Flood Commission Reports – A summary report from Phil Eskeli for the WoH was circulated. Greene County and Delaware County SWCD’s were circulated. Aaron had shared Ulster County’s report to Molly who had it sent out to Executive Committee members. They all continue to move ahead.

7. CWC report – nothing to report at this time.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Art Merrill reported on the Friday Feb. 24 meeting with DEP on ideas to assist communities below the dam regarding notification options during emergency situations and options to help with inundation maps for these communities during spill events that involve serious flooding. It went well. Discussions will continue. Supervisors from Deposit and Hancock were also present. Dave Warne and Tina Johnstone along with other key DEP staff were present. Next steps were summarized.
b. Esopus – Aaron reported that DEC is updated the hydrology and hydraulics modeling and that they are clarifying flood insurance rate maps below the dams.
c. Schoharie- no new information.

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – no report.
a. External hard drive for files. Cost estimate $310.00. Mike McCrary suggested that high quality thumb drives be considered for less money. Molly will check into that.

10. Archiving status – Molly reported that Marist College is not interested in archiving CWT historical information. Too much administrative material. CWT Board asked Molly to investigate the cost of digitizing the approximately 60 boxes of material and then follow digitizing estimates with what it might take to remove duplicates.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants – $13,672.34 Total; $13.288.73 – Young and Sommer; $50 Storage Fees – documents; $309.89 Watershed Affairs and $23.72 for postage. Art moved to pay vouchers, Mark Tuthill second. Passed. Treasurer’s report. Checking account balance $1,000.11. Savings account balance $49,639.46.
b. Dues Payment Update – Bills were sent out in January. Bruce reviewed the status of payments. That spurred some questions by members. Watershed Affairs will review the information and clear up some of the questions for the next meeting.

12. Other

13. Adjourn: Mike McCrary moved to adjourn. Art Merrill second. Passed.