Executive Board Meeting – March 15, 2021

Location:  Zoom

Present:  Ric Coombe, Greg Vurck, Peter Friedel, David Kukle, Bud Gladstone and Tom Hilson.

Others:  Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Tim Cox, Aaron Bennet, Michelle Yost and Kelly Mariotti.  Jim Sofranko-Town of Olive Supervisor

1. Call to Order:  Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:12.

2. February 15, 2021 Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve minutes by Bud Gladstone.  Second by Peter Friedel.  Motion carried.

3. Stakeholders Meeting:  NAS held a summary meeting on March 25th.  The Septic Program was talked about.  It was recommended that there be an expansion, but that was in the Kensico Basin.  Meetings will continue and DEP will also be having focus group meetings especially regarding the Land Acquisition Program. 

Another issue that was discussed was how to rollout the SAP program.  There are issues with DEC regarding the towns to buy-in the SAP program.  Wednesday, March 17th, there will be a conference call between Delaware County, Jeff Baker, Kevin Young and Allyson Phillips to develop a strategy on how to deal with DEC on this issue.

Nick Carbone stated that there has been no new development in the Town of Middleton in the last 50 years except the new CWC/DEP building.

4. Ashokan Pumped Storage Project:  The Supervisor from the Town of Olive, Jim Sofranko is asking the CWT Board for their support to oppose a project that was submitted to FERC.  A company from California has submitted a proposal to FERC for a high elevation reservoir.  There are 3 reservoir sites for this proposal.  One will be chosen for the project. There has been no outreach from FERC to Ulster County.  The high elevation reservoir project would be huge.  The tunnels would be 40 to 50 feet in diameter and buried 100s of feet underground.  At the end of the tunnels, there would be five turbines running which would use huge amount of power.  Ric motioned Jeff to write a response letter opposing the High Elevation Reservoir project.  Moved by David Kukle.  Second by Tom Hilson.  Motioned carried.  Note:  Peter Friedel clarifies that the project will affect his land and house.   Jeff stated the comment period ends April 12th.  He will have the response letter in by April 9th.

5. Reporting back to our member Towns:  Last week Ric sat in on the Town of Rochester Board meeting via zoom.  Rochester had some questions as to why they should stay with CWT.  Ric explain what CWT is and what CWT does and how CWT can help the Counties, Towns and Villages.  Rochester decided to stay with CWT.

Ric Coombe reinstated that communication is the key.  Need to do more outreach to the towns and villages on watershed issues so that the towns and villages know what is going on.

6. 2021 Dues Notice:  Kelly Mariotti stated that the dues letters were mailed out Monday, March 15th.

7. Reports
a. FAD deliverables:  No report.
b. Streamside Acquisition: 
c. Flood Commission Reports:  Arron reported that the only thing that is active at this time is the Town of Shokan.
d. CWC report:  Annual meeting April 6 via zoom.
e. Below the Reservoirs:  No report.

8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:  There is $491.21 in the checking account and $98,983.35 in the savings account.  Tom Hilson motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Peter Friedel. 

Greg Vurckio motioned to except the warrant for-
The Storeroom $50.00
Delaware County Admin services $722.33
$1,443.00 for legal fees and
The Mountain Eagle in the amount of $12.18
Making the total warrant for $2,227.51. 
Second by Bill Federice.  Motion carried.

9. Other:  Once again, Ric reached out to Bud stating that if he needs any help with WAC, please feel free to reach out to CWT.  Bud was very appreciative of that.

10. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Bud Gladstone.  Second by Greg Vurckio.  Meeting adjourned at 7:04.