Executive Board Meeting – Jan 18, 2021

Location:  Zoom
Present:  Ric Coombe, Greg Vurckio, Bill Federice, Scott Grey, Larry Reilly, Tom Hilson and Steve Walker.
Others:  Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Tim Cox and Michelle Yost.

  1. Call to Order:  Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:15.
  2. December 21, 2020 Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve minutes by Bill Federice.  Second by Larry Reilly.  Motion carried.
  3. Stakeholders Meeting:  Ric Coombe reported that with 70 some people on the call, he doesn’t know how things will get done. 
    A smaller group needs to be formed to stay focused on the issues.  Jeff suggested to the group to get your list of concerns together now and bring to the group so that the group can start working on a strategy.
    Jeff Baker shared information from DOH.  A tight schedule of meetings for the release of the draft FAD by February 2022. (Please see attached document from DOH)  Jeff stated that the negotiations are conducted in smaller groups.  Some of the issues that we need to focus on are Conservation Easements, Recreation Land Use and Land Acquisition Program to name a few.  Regarding the Conservation Easements, Ric asked, “what is the breakdown with the easements and the landowners and DEP.  “Who’s fault is it?”  Jeff stated that the landowners don’t really know what they are getting in to.  The landowners really need to use  lawyers.
    Ric had one more comment to make.  He wanted to disclose that he is enrolling  750 acres into a WAC Conservation Easement.  Nick Carbone’s comment on that, “we shouldn’t follow the NAS recommendations when it comes to Conservation Easements.”  NAS’s recommendation states, “retiring eased agricultural land from production.”  Ric and Jeff feel that this is an odd comment from NAS.  They will investigate further.
    Jason Merwin stated that CWC doesn’t agree with everything in the NAS report as well.  For example, the Septic System Program. The NAS recommendation is to use Aerobic Systems.  CWC gave NAS a report done in 2009 that this type of septic doesn’t work very well.
    Jason also reported that they have a large contract with DEP regarding the Septic Replacement Program.  They will be able to replace around 300 septics per year, but some revisions need to be made to the contract with DEP to insure that 300 septics can be replaced.  NAS thinks that CWC should be doing around 500 to a 1,500 per year which is impossible.  CWC will be making a case against that.
    Ric commented that in the past, CWC and CWT didn’t always see eye to eye.  Ric believes that CWC and CWT need to be on the same page regarding the FAD negotiations.  We would have a better chance of getting things accomplished if we are as one.
  4. Delaware County will be setting up their own zoom link to use for CWT.  If need be, CWT can use Ric’s zoom account or Jeff’s zoom account.
  5. 2021 Dues Notice:  Need to talk to Kelly.
  6. Web Page – Carl Stuendel:  Jeff and Ric will talk to Carl to see what he might want as payment (if any) and bring back to the group next month.
  7. Reports
    a. FAD deliverables:  No report.
    b. Streamside Acquisition:  Nothing new to report.
    c. Flood Commission Reports:  No report.
    d. CWC report:  Working on revised Hamlet letters.  Should be going out this week.
    e. Below the Reservoirs:  No report
  8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:  Nick read off the account balances. 
    There is $424.18 in the checking account and
    $101,525.62 in the savings account. 
    Greg Vurckio motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Bill Federice.  Motion carried.  

    Greg Vurckio motioned to except the warrant for
    The Storeroom $50.00 
    Delaware County Admin services $375.51 and
    Sullivan County Democrat $79.36 for meeting announcement
    making the total warrant for $504.87. 
    Second by Bill Federice.  Motion carried.
  9. Other:    No report.
  10. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Bill Federice.  Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

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