Executive Board Meeting – Dec 19, 2016

Call to order 6:16

Present: Tony Van Glad, Art Merrill, Bruce Dolph, Mark Tuthill, Mike McCrary, Greg Vurckio, Tony Coiro, Pete Friedel, Wayland Gladstone and Jeff Baker.

Others present: Aaron Bennett, Rick Weidenbach, Molly Oliver, Tim Cox, Frazier.

1. October 17th Minutes: Motion to approve by Tony Van Glad, second by Mark Tuthill. Passed. (Nov. meeting cancelled)

2. Update on Stakeholder Meetings: Bruce summarized that it was a constructive and very positive. Environmental Groups asked for more meetings in January and February to discuss their concerns about some of the items that have been discussed already and that they have other additional general concerns they want to discuss. DOH has apparently said no to extended meetings that would delay the FAD. The group said yes to another meeting contingent upon the Env. Group getting their concerns out in early January. DEP had a tugboat sink in the Schoharie Reservoir. It was suggested that perhaps they would find it floating down the Esopus after passing through the tunnel.

a. Mr. Baker arrives creating chaos. Jeff Baker summarized the most recent meeting of the meetings held on 12/19 in Kingston. He agreed that it was a good meeting. Modification of some septic regulations appears likely. Jeff and Bruce were very encouraged with regard to funding of septic systems involving small business, small government, etc. The City will suspend solicitation in several towns (excluding WAC easements) while they conduct a study to determine if the LAP is impacting communities where they have purchased large amounts of land. The goal is to finish the study in the spring of 2017. Communities need to be vigilant in reviewing the acquisitions. Asked that the City will not proposed or DOH will not require it as part of the FAD a specific LAP. Want to wait until the NAS review is done before any future LAP recommendations be LTPP continuing the LAP.

b. LAP impact on CWTs. Was seeking a letter from each town to comment on what problems they are having with the LAP. It was decided that this effort is not now needed.

3. Flood Commission Reports. A handout was provided per Phil Eskeli. They are all moving forward. Aaron expanded on more recent issues and imminent activities.

4. CWC Report – Will be taking over the Future Stormwater program making it easier and more efficient for applicants with local administration and payments from CWC. No City vetos. City and CWC are still discussing the contract and program rules.

5. Below the reservoirs.
a. Delaware – A Project Advisory Committee has met for Vision Statement, Goals and Objectives. Less than a year to finish up.
b. Aaron corrected a prior statement in that a draft scope statement is what will be out soon. Not a draft EIS.
c. Town of Hurley letter went out today stating that explaining to him that the CWT is not supporting buyouts as part of the agreement for communities above the dams. Jeff handed out a letter.

6. Kurt Ossenfort contract: Jeff reported that contract recently went out.

7. Molly reported on the archiving effort. Mr. Corsaro put together a proposal to have CWT records archived. He recommended Cornell and Marist as possible locations to store archives. He recommended Marist as the first choice. CWT would donate the records to Marist and provide a donation. They would preserve all critical papers. There is a possibility to continue to add more information. It may be possible to make some portions put in electronic form. Climate controlled rooms, materials and expertise are needed that the CWT does not have. Tony Coiro motioned to have them archived at Marist after more investigation. Mike McCrary seconded. Discussion: Jeff cautioned about some documents may have attorney/client stipulations. Some review may be needed. Want the information to be used in research and be available to the public. Passed.

8. Warrants: Young, Sommers for $8,926.52 Moved my Tony Coiro, seconded by Mike McCrary Passed.

Treasurer’s report: Checking Balance $1,001.15. Savings Balance $58,519.79. Dues should begin to come in beginning in January.
a. Bruce summarized status of receivables for dues. A handful of municipalities are delinquent.

9. Other: January meeting date changed to the 23rd from the 16th. February 27th instead of February 20th.

10. Move to adjourn 7:18 Tony Van Glad second Mark Tuthill. Passed.