Executive Board Meeting – March 20, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In Attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Mark Tuthill, Anthony VanGlad, Greg Vurkio, Thomas Hilson, Jake Rosa [and Jeff Baker. (cfs amended May 22, 2012)]

Others: Abby Butler, Jay Braman, Dean Frazier, Larry Underwood, Charlie Gregory, Michelle Yost, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver

1. Call to Order – 6:15

2. February 27, 2017 Minutes Approval. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Mark Tuthill, Seconded by Tony VanGlad. Carried.

3. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. Jeff explained that contrary to his email, the CWT does not need to vote at this meeting to sign the Third Supplemental Side Agreement.
b. Waiting to get a letter of Intent from DEP regarding a date when a certain number of employees will be moved into the new office that CWC is in the process of designing and will build.
c. Depending on the recommendations in the draft FAD, CWT will send around a resolution opposing giving more money to LAP. We want them to wait until they have the results from the expert panel before making any specific recommendations about funding that program.

4. 2017 Elections

5. Noticing CWT meetings – Jeff thinks that once a year we are required to give notice of the meetings to the media through the email list. He will double check and Molly will bring that answer to the next meeting.

6. Flood Commission Reports
a. Delaware County – Delhi had a productive meeting, looks like a few good projects on that table. No meeting currently scheduled for Hamden or Andes, Middletown meeting on Monday 3/27 to wrap up the Arkville LFA, Walton continues to meet monthly.
b. Greene County – Modeling being done in Conesville, not a lot of project potential there. They are doing a BCA there now. It would involve buying out two homes. Ashland waiting on subcontractor approval with Woidt. Entering an agreement with MMI for the three communities in Hunter. Will commence in April. GNH waiting to see if it is financially feasible for them to move.

7. CWC report
a. Waiting for LFAs to be complete so they can fund projects.
b. Tim noted that the BCA does not need to be 1:1 for a project to be funded by CWC. It is at the discretion of the board to determine if the benefit outweighs the cost. Bruce notes that you do not need a 1:1 for SMIP program funding either. Molly noted that the consultants will be tasked with documenting the water quality benefits, but that we need to ask them to do that at the flood commission meetings.
c. The CWC annual meeting is at Hanah on the first Wednesday of April. RSVP to CWC if interested in attending.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – SCMP – Have two rounds of public meetings scheduled in April and May. Plan will be complete by middle of December.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie

9. OST Models – Delaware County sent a letter to the National Academy of Sciences expert review panel. A review of the Operation and Support Tool is required by the FAD. The panel members do not have good understanding of the relationships between city and communities, and we’re going to try to have a better understanding of that. There are also obligations and implications for the communities below the dams. Ric asked if that was related to the article in the Record. Dean said no, that that was about the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee. They have been stagnating with their negotiations about the Flexible Flow Management Plan. This would bring the releases back to Revision 1. That means that the OST would not be used to determine the releases.

10. Kurt Ossenfort – Jeff said he had spoken with Kurt and there are minor changes to make to the contract.
a. High quality thumb drives – Based on questions from the board last month, Molly reached out to Kurt to find out how much data would need to be stored on the drive, and if a less expensive thumb drive can be used in its place. It is 1.5 TB of data. This is too much for a thumb drive, as you would need 1.5 TB for storage and also significant other space in order to work with the files from the drive. He recommends a 4TB drive.
b. Ric made a motion to allow Kurt to purchase two drives so we have a backup. Tony VanGlad seconded. Motion carried.

11. Archiving status – Marist not interested in the archives. Marist suggested that we try the NYS Archives or digitizing all of the files and getting rid of the originals. Molly is working to get a proposal for digitization, has not heard back from NYS Archived. Other ideas from the board include: Museum in new CWC building, Time and Values Museum. Molly will reach out to both.

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Motion made to approve the warrants by Ric, seconded by Mark. Carried.
i. $50 – the Store Room
ii. $338.49 – DelCo Watershed Affairs

b. Motion made to approve Treasurer’s Report by Ric, seconded by Tony Coiro, Carried
i. Checking – 1,028.00
ii. Savings – 78,681.77
c. Dues Payment Update – many have paid their dues at this point.

13. Other
a. Tony VanGlad is likely going to be joining the CWC. He will no longer be able to be on the CWT board if that happens.
b. Tony VanGlad announced that the District manager of the Schoharie County SWCD is retiring this month and they are looking for a replacement for that position.
c. Michelle Yost said the annual Watershed Summit is this weekend in Hunter.

14. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn at 6:57 made by Tony VanGlad, seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.