Executive Board Meeting – July 17, 2017

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Tom Hilson.

Others present: Lawrence Davis, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost, Frazier.

1. Call to Order 6:15.

2. May 15, 2016 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Ric Coombe, second by Tom Hilson. Passed.
a. Privilege of the floor was given to Lawrence Davis. Mr. Davis explained his concerns that the data that the USGS uses to calculate the flood levels is flawed and needs to be addressed. CWT members indicated that they would like to receive a copy of the presentation he gave so as to read and better understand as it is complicated. Chairman Dolph explained that flood mitigation is and has been one of the highest priorities of the CWT along with reduced land acquisition program. He went on to explain that his understanding of Mr. Davis’ discussion on the technical merits of his presentation was beyond him. Tony Coiro asked for a copy of Mr. Davis’s presentation. Ric Coombe wanted to know what the basis of Mr. Davis’ claim is with regard to the gauges being wrong? Mr. Davis explained his technical rationale. It was unclear if his explanation was satisfactory. Molly will forward copies of the presentation to the CWT board.

3. June 20th and July 14th meetings – Comment/White paper meetings – The meetings were summarized as follows. A west of Hudson contingency, including Bruce Dolph, Mike Triolo, Tim Cox, Kevin Young, people from Delaware County including Shelly Bennett, Kristen Schneider of Delaware County Planning, Graydon Dutcher, Molly Oliver and Dean Frazier, met with EPA, DEC and DOH on June 20th and NYC DEP on July 14. June 20 with state and feds and July 14 meeting with DEP on the LAP. The purpose of each was to promote the point that land is a limited commodity and the amount that remains in each town, if developed within the parameters of local, city state and federal regulations, then the impact on water quality would be minimal at worst or even unmeasurable. The buildout analysis was suggested by DOH following a Stakeholder Meeting. The measurement used was based on increased impervious surfaces. We were seeking placeholder language in the FAD to assure that a discussion about this point continues as a requirement of the FAD. DOH indicated that there may be language in the Draft FAD that addresses some of the language Kevin Young drafted. DEP administrative staff and Corporate Counsel inquired if we would be meeting with Env Groups and seemed receptive to the idea while some land acq staff seemed a bit more reticent. DEC, DOH and EPA appeared quite receptive to the concepts of more targeted acquisition of hydrologically sensitive lands along riparian areas. The City reps said they would discuss the ideas that were presented, such as a program that would give Towns relief on open space type acquisition solicitation and in return for a town opting in to a program to facilitate the more common sense, sensitive parcels along streams, wetlands etc. The CWT will be reaching out to Env Groups to discuss the same. Tony Coiro stated he would like to be part of those discussions. He will be informed of the meetings so he can plan to attend. Tim Cox explained that some of the Land Acq staff questions or responses to the presentation were unrealistic in that you can assume any quarter acre lot can handle a septic system. All the materials from those meeting will be forwarded to the Executive Committee.

4. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. LAP – EIS Update – The outline for response
Town Level Analyses of the LAP has been extended to October 18.
b. Next steps

5. Watershed Leadership Meeting w/ DEP (May 17th)

6. 2017 Elections- The nomination forms were sent out at a point in time and return date that didn’t quite synch with Town Board Meetings so the response was terrible. Those forms will be sent out again to assure the towns will have adequate time to fill them out and return them before any ballots go out.

7. Flood Commission Reports- Handouts were provided. Michelle indicated that the G&H project is still underway, but needs more financial analysis.

8. CWC report – Funding of consultant for Town Level Analyses – LAP- Tim reported that the CWC is funding the consultant to do the build out analysis identical to the one initiated in Delaware County, in all West of Hudson Towns

9. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – the SCMP is ongoing. Delaware County has submitted an application for a grant under the CFA to conduct the second phase of the SCMP.
b. Esopus – No report.
c. Schoharie – No report.

10. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – still pending. Buying hard drives instead of thumb drives once the contract is settled because there are too many gigs for thumbdrives.

11. Archiving status – Molly will be contacting another source she has been made aware of to see if there are any options.

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Saving balance of $61,911.81 and checking account balance of $846.81 by Mark Tuthill second by Tom Hilson. Passed.
b. Motion to pay warrants for Young Sommers $9,064.39, Delaware County Watershed Affairs of $540.88, Storage fees for files $100.00 for a total of $9,705.27 by Ric Coombe, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.
c. Dues Payment Update

13. Other

14. Motion to adjourn Tony Coiro second by Tom Hilson.