Executive Board Meeting – Oct 18, 2021

Location:   CWC Headquarters

Present:     Ric Coombe, Greg Vurckio,  Bill Federice, Peter Friedel, Tom Hilson, Scott Gray,  

Others:       Jeff Baker, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Nick Carbone, Bruce Dolph, Cher Woehl Call To Order:   Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m.

1. Call To Order:   Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m.

2. Minutes Approval:   Motion to approve the August 16, 2021, minutes was made by Greg Vurckio and seconded by Peter Freidel.  Motion carried.

3. CWT Administrative Changes: Cher shared with everyone the contact information for CWT, noting that the information is located on the top of the meeting agenda.  Cher also confirmed with Tim that all CWC information will be mailed to the new email address.

4. Elections:    Ric stated that elections for CWT executive committee members needs to occur soon.  Jeff offered that elections should be held off until after the municipality elections.  Board members seemed to agree with this approach.  However it was emphasized that board members also need to find interested candidates from their areas, especially Delaware which is currently underrepresented.   Jeff reiterated the election process which is to (1) send notifications to the townships requesting nominations; (2) townships to provide their nominations to CWT; (3) ballots to be prepared based on nominations and mailed: and (4) each Town to vote for the number of candidates allowed for the township.  Jeff will begin the process by notifying all board members.   Ric set the goal to have the elections completed by the end of this year (2021).

5. September 10th Quarterly Meeting Update:  Ric and Jason gave an update on the quarterly meeting, both agreeing that it was productive and a positive opportunity to move forward after the delays resulting from the COVID pandemic.  With the upcoming change in NYC administration all agreed the need that educating the new administration about CWC, CWT and the various programs is very important.  Ideas were discussed on ways to provide this education with all agreeing that CWC should be taking the lead on this effort.  CWT will be there to help CWC if they request our assistance.   Ric shared that in educating the new administration we don’t want to lose the history of the programs, but we also do not want to dwell on the past as it’s time to move forward.

All in all, those who attended the quarterly meeting acknowledged it was a good meeting overall, with both CWC and CWT asking for consistency.  Ric shared that the plan is to have everyone meet again after the new year once the elections are completed and any new members to the administration are in office.   He also suggested we need to plan to have the new administration here, in person, to show them what we do and the positive effects our programs have.

6. Reports:

a.  FAD deliverables:  No report

b.  Streamside Acquisition:  DEP is looking to roll out the Schoharie Basin pilot program to other counties.  Catskill Center is looking to move forward with the rollout using the land swap program options.  DEC is asking that the rollout not occur until there is a full understanding of what this program is, how it will be rolled out and how it impacts communities.  The program should not be imposed on towns, and they should be given the tools to help them with the rollout.  Board members agreed that the pilot program should not be rolled out until more details such as the easement language are clarified.  Ric said it is critical that CWC, CWT, etc. need to present as a unified front on these issues.  While we may not all agree, the West of the Hudson Watershed organizations and programs must work together to address all situations.  Jeff suggested meetings with Delaware County, Catskill Center and CWT to discuss further.  Ric also suggested that he and Jason get the organizations together to open communications and to remind everyone that we are all looking for the same outcomes.

c.  Flood Commission Reports:  No report

d. CWC Report:  Jason reported the septic program is still shut down to new applicants due to lack of funding. 

e.  Below the Reservoirs:  No report  

7. Warrant(s) and Treasurer Report: There is $2,824.44 in the checking account and $130,917.51 in the savings account.   Motion to accept the Treasurers report was made by Peter Friedel and seconded by Bill Federice.  Motion carried.

8. Other:  Bill spoke to the turbid water issues due to the extreme rainfall which has caused the raging waters.  He asked what can be done to help correct this.  DEP has been asked in the past to lower the reservoir levels.  When they comply it does help to mitigate this issue.  However, DEP may not always comply with these requests.  Ric suggested to have CWC and CWT further discuss water issues, like turbidity.  It was also suggested that we look at the Delaware Basin model for reservoir releases.  Jeff also recommended to Bill to review the Environment Impact Statement to determine if it contains any information on turbidity controls.   It was agreed that we need to work closer on solutions for alleviating this issue.  

Ric asked about the Letter of Agreement to the Philadelphia graduate student that has requested to review CWT records.  Jeff will be looking through the records first before releasing the letter and allowing the student to review the records. 

9. Adjourn:   Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Greg Vurckio and seconded by Peter Friedel.  Motion was carried and meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm.

Zoom link for the CWT meeting on Jan17, 2022

The scheduled Jan 17, 2022 meeting of the CWT Executive Board will be held at 6:15 PM EST on Zoom and not in person.

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Executive Board Meeting – Aug 16, 2021

Location:   CWC Headquarters

Present:     Ric Coombe, Greg Vurckio, David Kuckle, Bill Federice, Scott Grey, Peter Friedel (phone)

Others:       Jeff Baker, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Nick Carbone, Cher Woehl

1. Call To Order:   Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m.

2. July 21, 2021, Minutes Approval:   Motion to approve minutes made by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Dave Kuckle.  Motion carried.

3. Ric raised the question regarding the use of Zoom for “in-person” meetings.  Tim clarified that technically Zoom is not allowed for meetings where participants attend in person. 

4. CWT Administrative Support:  Ric provided a brief background summary on the administrative support position.  In the past, the CWT chair brought the administrative assistant along with them.   While the CWT was more than happy to have the administrative assistant position remain in Delaware, that was not feasible at this time.  As a result, Ric recommended it could be feasible to have the position filled by an employee of the CWT chair township.  Making the position inter-municipal allows for the salary to be paid directly to the employee thru the town’s payroll system.  CWT would reimburse the municipality for the administrative assistant services based on the agreed amount and as stipulated in an MOA contract.  This proposal would keep the administrative assistant function inter-municipal and eliminate the need for CWT to establish its own payroll accounting system.   Ric discussed this proposal with the Town of Neversink Board, who agreed with the idea if approved by CWT.   The motion was made by Dave Kuckle and seconded by Peter Friedel to contract with the Town of Neversink to hire a current employee for the Administrative Assistant position.  Motion Carried.    

Members discussed the salary and average monthly hours for the Administrative Assistant.   It was suggested that a set stipend for the month be established for a set number of hours, with any additional hours to be paid at an hourly rate.   Based on the past Administrative Assistant hours, Ric recommended ten (10) hours per month at $350 (monthly salary) with $20 per hour for any additional hours worked above the 10.   Jeff said the contract would include this information with an effective date of September 1, 2021, and with language that provides for terminability by either party within 30 days.    The motion was made by Bill Federice and seconded by Peter Friedel to include the recommended stipends in the contract.  Motion carried.   Jeff will develop the contract.  Ric introduced Cher, the Town of Neversink Parks and Recreation Director, who has agreed to accept the position if acceptable to the CWT and once the contract is enacted.

5. General Housekeeping:  There was a discussion on housekeeping and best option for administrative email.  It was suggested that the easiest and cleanest way for mail would be to establish Gmail accounts.  It was also suggested to look into using the Google Gmail suite of options for the administrative needs, such as meeting schedules, etc.

6. Document Storage:  Tim reported all the CWT documents have now been relocated to the CWC facility for storage.   They are looking to obtain money for hiring an intern to digitalize all the documents.  After the meeting, Tim would show everyone the storage area.

7. Request for Document Review:  Jeff  reported that they have received a request from a Philadelphia graduate student (Anna) to review the CWT records as part of her study.  For her study, the records would be opened and made available to her during normal business hours in a specified area.  She is looking to review the records sometime during September 9th – 20th.  Jeff said that permission to access the records is subject to CWC approval.  Tim said that CWC is open to whatever the CWT recommends.  Tim and Jeff will work out the agreement stating that CWT and CWC are okay with this request.

8. Elections:  Ric reminded everyone that they need to get moving on the elections.   All positions are up for re-election.

9. Quarterly Meeting:  The quarterly meeting with the leads from all watershed organizations   (CWT, CWC, WAC, etc.) is tentatively scheduled for September 10th.   Purpose of this meeting to have dialogue on all issues organizations are facing.

10. Reports:
a.  FAD deliverables:  No report

b.  Streamside Acquisition:  No report

c.  Flood Commission Reports:  No report

d. CWC Report:  Jason reported on the septic program contract with the NYC.  They are having contract issues and will not be awarding any new septic program requests until the issues are resolved.   Progress is being made on addressing and resolving the issues.   Jason also reported that NYC is evaluating how CWC manages their contracts.  CWC has provided responses on each contracted evaluated to date.  One issue CWC is facing is that the contracts are deviating from the original contracts, with language revisions made by city attorneys.  This is causing issues.  Ric said that CWT can be of service to CWC with addressing and resolving these issues.  

e.  Below the Reservoirs:  No report  

11. Warrant(s) and Treasurer Report: There is $4137.84 in the checking account and $130,873.03 in the savings account.   Peter Friedel made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Dave Kuckle.   Motion carried.

Greg Vurckio motioned to pay the warrant for:
Delaware County Admin services –           $   500.00
Legal fees to Jeff Baker –                             $   814.00
For a total warrant of –                               $ 1314.00
Second by Dave Kuckle.  Motion carried.       
$50 storage fee payment is deferred due to relocation of files to new space.  

12. Other:  As we are not allowed to Zoom at this point if meeting also has people attending in person, Ric said to plan on meeting at the CWC facility in September. 

13. Adjourn:   Motion to adjourn meeting made by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Bill Federice.  Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm.

Executive Board Meeting – April 19, 2021

Location:  Zoom

Present:  Ric Coombe, Greg Vurckio, Bud Gladstone, Scott Grey, Larry Reilly and Bill Federice.

Others:  Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Tim Cox, Aaron Bennet, Kelly Mariotti, Bruce Dolph and Annie Seefeldt

1. Call to Order:  Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:19.

2. February 15, 2021 Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve minutes by Greg Vurckio.  Second by Bud Gladstone. Motion carried.

3. Stakeholders Meeting:  Jeff Baker reported that he has had conversation with Delaware County regarding the Streamside Acquisition Program.  All want to make sure DEC doesn’t roll out the SAP without Delaware County’s input.  Next meeting is scheduled for April 29th on Land Acquisition.

4. Ashokan Pumped Storage Project:  This has been withdrawn.  Jeff was pleased to see the towns and villages get involved and write opposition letters.   Now they are talking about Neversink and Roundout which they are connected.  At this point, plans for Neversink and Roundout are way down the road.  CWT will keep an eye on this situation.

5. Reporting back to our member Towns:  Ric Coombe reinstated that communication is the key.  Need to do more outreach to the towns and villages on watershed issues so that the towns and villages know what is going on.  For instance, the Town of Hunter asked CWT for our help.  We helped them solve the issue that they were having.  Need to let the public know that we are here for them if they need us.

6. Catskill Park:  Ric reported that public recreation sites have become a problem.  Visitors have been leaving tons of trash in the areas. The burdens shouldn’t be on the towns to pick-up the garbage.  The landowners should be responsible (DEC).  Also, parking has become a problem as well; visitors parking wherever they want.  Parking is only allowed in the designated places.  A local law is in effect now.  Tickets will be issued if parking elsewhere by the State Police and the Sheriff. Overall, the towns would like to see less people at the public recreation sites.

7. Tom Snow:  Mentioned earlier.

8. Reports:
a. FAD deliverables:  No report.
b. Streamside Acquisition: 
c. Flood Commission Reports:  No report
d. CWC report:  CWC received 1.8 million for the Septic 5 Program. That comes out to be only 60 projects next year.
e. Below the Reservoirs:  No report

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report: 
There is $8,500.00 in the checking account and $93,726.70 in the savings account. 
Bill Federice motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Second by Greg Vurckio. 

Greg Vurckio motioned to except the warrant for
The Storeroom $50.00
Delaware County Admin services $505.40
$1,480.00 for legal fees and
Del. Co. Watershed Affairs postage reimbursement for $22.44
making the total warrant for $2,057.84. 
Second by Bill Federice.  Motion carried.

10. Other:  Bill Federice wanted to give a heads up to the committee that Conesville and CWC have been working on establishing a Waste Water Sewer District.  DEP has come back and wants to change the agreement that they agreed too. CWT will step in if things don’t get resolved.

11. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Bud Gladstone.  Second by Greg Vurckio.  Meeting adjourned at 6:56.