Executive Board Meeting – Sept 16, 2019

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15

Present: Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Pat Davis, Shayne Moshier and Larry Reilly.

Others: Bruce Dolph, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Jeff Baker, Michelle Yost, Nick Carbone and Kelly Mariotti

1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:14 pm

2. August 19, 2019 Minutes Approval: Moved to approve the minutes by Ric Coombe. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

3. Introductions of new members:

4. Election of Officers:
a. Chairman: Bud Gladstone nominated Mark Tuthill for Chairman. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

b. Vice Chairman: Bub Gladstone nominated Ric Coombe for Vice Chairman. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

c. Treasurer: Ric Coombe nominated Bub Gladstone for Treasurer. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

5. Reports:
a. Fad deliverables: No report

b. Flood Commission Reports:
1. Delaware County – Nick reported that he attended the Walton Flood Commission meeting and later spoke with Walter Geidel – Highway Superintendent. He learned that the Towns have to frontload monies for their projects. Bruce reported that the Town of Walton is financially stable at this time. Tim Cox stated that there is no need for the Town or Village to upfront the monies. The CWC can write two party checks under the Flood Grant program. Nick stated that he was referring to FEMA funding. Bruce went on and reported that the South Street project is moving along nicely. Nick stated that Graydon has excellent drone footage of South Street. It really puts the project in perspective. The Water Street project is completed. In the spring the Town of Walton will be looking for funding for the boat launch. The boat launch will be similar to the one in Delhi. The boat launch in Delhi and the one outside of Walton have been busy. Helps with tourism.
2. Greene County – Michelle Yost reported that there are two buildings in the Town of Tannersville in contract for flood buyout. In Hunter, the Village approved a $10,000 feasibility study to relocate highway garage, working with the Town of Hunter on sharing space at the town garage site. Scope of services is being developed for conceptual design work to stabilize bank to prevent road from slumping on Sawkill Creek. Also, in the Town of Hunter a working group was formed to work on relocating the Fire Department. Please see attached for more detailed information.
3. Ulster County. Please see attachment.

c. CWC Report – Tim Cox reported building is on track. Expected move in date is March 2020. Property owners were having issues finding someone to look at their buildings for assessments. CWC has hired Chaism to do property assessments if needed. The MOA septic program is open.

d. Below the Reservoirs – No report.

6. Warrants:
a. Moved to approve the warrant by Ric Coombe. Second by Pat Davis. Motion carried.
b. Moved to accept the Treasurer’s report by Bill Federice. Second by Ric Coombe. Motion carried.

7. Other:
1. Bud asked about the NAS. Bruce stated that they are doing the internal writing now. Not sure when their next visit is going to be. Delaware County is working on a white paper to send to them.
2. Nick reported that we were able to get our allotment back to 34 million per month for the Village of Delhi.
3. Ric asked for an update on the power, FERC plan around the reservoirs. In Neversink, they abandoned it. In Cannonsville they are slowly moving forward.

8. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 pm by Ric Coombe. Second by Bud Gladstone. Motion carried.

Executive Board Meeting – Aug 19, 2019 and Election Results

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill and Greg Vurckio.
Others: Tim Cox, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Aaron Bennett and Kelly Mariotti.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:17 P.M.

2. June 17, 2019 Minutes Approval (no quorum in July):
Mike had some questions:
1st. What did the NAS report say regarding easements? Mark responded that is something that NAS will pursue.
2nd. What about the septic system program with CWC? Tim Cox reported that the contract is now in place and the program has resumed. They have worked through some of the backlog as well.
Moved by Mike McCrary. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures: Jeff Baker believes that they have all the signatures.

4. DEP appraisals: The appraisal process is extremely bias Mark stated. They are messing with the market values. We need to keep on top of this.

5. Election results: Jeff reported on the results. Please see attachment: click HERE to view.
In September, there will be election of the officers.

6. Reports
a. FAD deliverables: Jeff and Michelle Yost had a meeting with The Catskill Center on the SAP program. Their contract is going forward. They talked about how the CWT could help them. Michelle was going to give them more information on the trails in Greene County. Towns have been interested in requiring the trails. Should the focus of the program be in line the major stems? The City is saying equal priority/acquisitions. We are saying that isn’t fair. This discussion will continue.

Nick Carbone reported on the DRBC issue in the Village of Delhi. DRBC alteration to Delhi’s ground water withdraw. They are proposing reducing from 34 million per 30 days to 20 million gallons per 30 days. 42% reduction. This could impact the Village with growth. We need it for the college and other businesses that have plans to expand. A paper was written up on behalf of the Village of Delhi that was presented to the DRBC public hearing meeting on August 14th which Nick presented. After the meeting, members talked to Nick about getting this rectified. DRBC asked for more information on the water usage for their business meeting on September 11, 2019.

b. Flood Commission Reports: Please see attached from Ulster County. [Not available here as of Sept 17,2019. -cfs]

c. CWC report: CWC is not happy with DRBC as well. The CWC is spending anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 on permitting fees for waste water projects. After the sewer project, this has to be built in the community budget. DEP is funding it, reviewing it and giving their comments on these projects in the Delaware River Basin which ends up costing 10 of thousands of dollars.
Tim reported that they will have the keys to the new building by December. The plan is to move in by March.

d. Below the Reservoirs: No report.

7. Warrants(s): Motion to pay the warrant by Tony Coiro. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s report: Motion to except treasurer’s report by Ric Coombe. Second by Tom Hilson. Motion carried.

8. Other

9. Adjourn: Ric Coombe motion for the meeting to adjourn. Tony Coiro second. Motion carried. Meeting adjourn at 7:07 PM.

Executive Board Meeting – June 17, 2019

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15 pm

Present: William Federice, Peter Friedel, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio and David Kukle.
Others: Bruce Dolph, Tim Cox, Jeff Baker, Jason Merwin, Michelle Yost and Kelly Mariotti.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:17 pm.

2. March 18, 2019 Minutes Approval (no meeting in April and May): Motioned by Don Murray. Second by Mike McCrary. All in favor.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures: Jeff Baker believes that they have all the signatures. He will double check with Hilary.

4. NAS meeting May 13-14: Bruce Dolph attended both days. Over all it went very well. The group brought up Land Swapping. This is in the right direction, but it will be difficult because of the easements. If the NAS says that the State and the City should explore avenues to allow the swaps to happen and if there is a consensus, we could push for this in the next permit. The State has to agree to take the easement off and everybody that is part of the MOA would have to agree to it as well. Would need an amendment to the MOA. We have to wait and see what the NAS report says. NAS was talking about more visits to Delaware County.

Peter Friedel stated that there is no money for relocation for the Boiceville Firehouse. Tim Cox stated that Peter is talking about Flood Buy Outs. With the Flood Buy Outs, the easements have to stay. CWC approved funds to buy the relocation property, but the problem is that the town doesn’t want the property to go through the Flood Buy Out. Aaron Bennett is putting in an application for the cost of building the Firehouse. CWC has funds for the onsite septic.

5. DEP appraisals: Land Acquisition in Delhi; which they don’t solicit because we are over the 100%. But the city did turn down buying a whole parcel which was 240 acres which was developable land. It was split by county route 2. They bought the steep slope of the parcel but not the developable side.

6. Elections: Jeff Baker mailed out the election notice last month. Some of the ballets have come in. We need more nominees to come in. Deadline is Friday, June 21.

7. Reports
a. FAD deliverables: Jeff Baker didn’t have anything to report.
i. Streamside Acquisition – Jeff reported that the Flood Buy Out is very close to finalizing the language on the conservation easement that the properties are prone to subdivision. Waiting on Shelly Johnson (Del. Co. Planning) for her comments and if she is comfortable with the language. Village of Tannersville is looking to relocate their garage, Michelle Yost reported. There is an adjacent lot which is about the size of the CWC conference room that the city does not want buy. It’s not in the floodplain. Jeff’s suggestion is to combine the lots. Michelle also reported that the city has been buying parcels in Schoharie County.

b. Flood Commission Reports:
Bruce Dolph reported for Delaware County. 1. Breakey Motors – More text pits need to be done. Demolition is set to be done after fair. 2. Water Sheet – The project is moving along. Revisiting the plans for the boat launch on Water Street which the public will be invited to review. 3. Walton school on Townsend street received a grant from CWC to do a study on two of the school wings that flood. 4. Roxbury – They are in the process of picking a consultant. 5. Andes is doing data collection around the school property. 6. Stamford – selecting a consultant.
Michelle Yost reported on Greene County. 1. Village of Hunter bridge enlargement. 2. There is a property located at the bottom of Hunter Mtn. which is an erosion hazard that is in the Flood Buy-Out. Below that there are 3 parcels that the Village would like to consider for a Buy-Out. 3. Jewett is going through a Local Flood Analysis. 4. Lexington completed a sustainable communities grant that CWC funded.

c. CWC report: Tim Cox reported that the regular monthly meeting of the CWC Board of Directors will be held Tuesday, July 2 at 1 pm at the Stamford Town Office in Hobart. The new CWC building should be done by the end of the year.
Tim also reported that there is a back log of about 430 septic systems (which there is funding) but there is no funding for 2019. The last time CWC received funding was back in 2017 which CWC was able to stretch out to 2019. Since there is no contract yet with DEP there will be a gap in septic systems funds. CWC approved the contract and it is now in the hands of DEP. DOH is doing nothing regarding the gap in funding. It’s in the FAD that DOH is required to ensure that funding continues for the septic programs. DOH says that they are not aware of the situation. Jeff will develop a resolution urging NYC to enter into the contract and urging DOH to assure that the city complies with the FAD. Motion for Jeff to develop the resolution on behalf of CWT; moved by Mike McCrary. Second by Peter Friedel. All in favor.

d. Below the Reservoirs: No update

8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report: Motion to pay the warrant by Mike McCrary. Second by Pete Friedel. All in favor. Motion to except the Treasurer’s report by Don Murray. Second by Peter Friedel. All in favor.

9. Other: Nothing to report.

10. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Don Murray. Second by Peter Friedel. All in favor. Adjourn at 7:10 pm

Executive Board Meeting – March 18, 2019

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Tom Hilson, Mike McCrary, Greg Vurckio and Chris Mathews.
Others: Jeff Baker, Bruce Dolph, Jason Merwin, Tim Cox, Aaron Bennett, Michelle Yost and Kelly Mariotti.

1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 6:17 PM

2. February 18, 2019 Minutes Approval: Moved by Mike McCrary. Second by Greg Vurckio.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures: Aaron Bennett will check to see if Ulster County has signed the agreement.

4. DEP appraisals: Finally received the two appraisals. Mark and Jeff are in the process of reviewing them.

5. Reports
a. FAD deliverables: Jeff reported that he is in the process of setting up a meeting with Tom Snow regarding the Streamside Acquisition.

b. Flood Commission Reports:
i. Ulster County – Aaron provided a handout for Ulster County and provided a brief summary. Handout attached. Town of Shandaken is abandoning the plan to rebuild the Town Hall and Highway garage. Boiceville market doesn’t want to move. Too costly. Looking into flood proofing. The other parcels in the area will be relocating. Peter stated that he was concerned about the fire hall. He heard that the project has stalled because of lack of funding. Aaron stated he is looking into funding. Tim Cox reported that CWC had already given them the contract for the property purchase.
1. Elected officials should help with getting the spot light on what has been done to improve and protect the communities. There is local resources and funding to do that.

ii. Green County – Michelle Yost gave an update. In the Village of Hunter she stated that there is no money for the relocation of the fire hall. A design was done around 5 years ago. At that time the cost for relocating the fire hall was 1.3 mil. There is a house in the Village of Hunter which is categorized as erosion hazard. The embankment is very unstable. There are a number of buyouts on Railroad Avenue. One building is condemned. In Conesville there is a small piece of land that DEP wants to buy. Bill Federice reported that once DEP buys it, they want to turn it over to the Town. An upland conservation easement is being negotiated by Jeff Baker.

iii. Delaware County – A handout was provided. See attached. Bruce Dolph reported that there are a lot of projects going on with the help from Army Corp.

c. CWC report – Tim Cox reported that the steel was delivered today. The Board of Directors approved the Septic 5 program including non-for-profit, small business and government entities. The annual meeting will take place Tuesday, April 2 at 1:00.

d. Below the Reservoirs – No report

6. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:
Savings balance – $33,088.79
Checking balance – $1,050.32
1. Storage fee – $50.00
2. Young/Sommer – $1,739.00
3. Watershed Affairs Admin. – $556.50
Motion to accept treasurer’s report and to pay warrant. Moved by Tom Hilson. Second by Bill Federice. Motion carried.

a. Dues Update – Dues letters mailed out 2/22
b. Budget discussion: Kelly stated that dues checks are starting to come in.

7. Other – Delaware County needs two alternates – Tom stated that he doesn’t think Mark Schneider will be able to become an alternate because of a scheduling conflict with the school board meetings.

8. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Greg Vurckio. Second by Bill Federice. Meeting adjourn at 6:57 PM.