Executive Board Meeting – May 16, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Freidel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurkio, Diana Cope, Jake Rosa, Molly Oliver, Dean Frazier, Timothy Cox, Alan Rosa, Jeff Baker, Jeff Flack, Michelle Yost, Alicia Terry

1. Call to order – 6:17

2. April 18, 2016 minutes approval. Motion made to accept the minutes made by Coombe, seconded by Coiro. Passed unanimously.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R – We have come to an agreement on the Second Supplemental Side Agreement and a resolution was presented to the board for their review. Jeff baker explained that everyone was in agreement with this side agreement with the exception of the Riverkeeper. We will regulate the 100 year floodplain, not the 500 year floodplain. DEC will review each one and if there is a circumstance where it makes sense to use the 500 yr in some cases, they will recommend that. Greg asked about the purchase of land with structures in Hamlet areas. It was stated that and parcels that the community wants the city to purchased must be included in the LFA if they are in a Hamlet or Village. Tuthill made the motion to accept the resolution, seconded by Coombe. Carried.

a. TAG meetings 4/25 and 5/9 – These meetings were held in preparation for the conversation with Pam Young. We are rolling from the WSP conversation to the FAD conversation. We want to get all of the FAD issues on the table now to avoid surprises, and to keep on track to issue the FAD by July 2017

b. Upcoming FAD conversations with Pam Young – The Stream programs met with Pam last week, Delaware County met with her today. Each County should send their notes to the CWT so the CWT can put a letter together. Delaware County discusses SWCD contracting issues, LAP, Land Swaps, and several other topics. We have to take out list and develop it further and email it to her within the next month or so. The stream programs talked with Pam about the LFA process and BCA. CWC reiterated that they do not require a 1:1 BCA to fund a project. It is up to the discretion of the board. DEP says, in the Flood Commission meetings, that there needs to be a 1:1, but it does not say this in writing anywhere. Diane said there is a similar problem in Margaretville to access New York Rising money. Water Quality working group has come up with a thorough narrative that can be used by the SWCD and CWC to help the gauge the costs and benefits – including benefits not captured in the FEMA BCA. Margaretville has not heard anything from the city regarding if they will accept Margaretville’s LFA. Tim clarified that CWC does not need the plan to be approved by NYC.

c. Kingston Meetings 5/4 and 5/23 – had one and have one coming up on Monday. Contracting and Stormwater issues will be covered. Graydon from Delaware County, Jake Buchannan from Greene County, and Aaron from Ulster County are invited.

4. Flood Commission reports – Rick passed around a handout with the status of the Delaware County flood commissions. Conesville is up and running, Ashland will start next week. Conesville will be up after that.

5. CWC reports – Two months ago CWC approved a change to SW rules that will allow the CWC to pay where the city has not paid. CWC just paid the first one – Prattsville Plaza. They also paid the interest on that, not sure if they will be reimbursed for that or not. G&H property purchase will go before board in June. They will also be changing the rules to allow securing of oil tanks in a town with an LFA, not one in an LFA study area. Two months ago, they also allow elevations and stream projects that do not have an off-site flood reduction benefit. Tony asked when we would get the money that CWC has paid on behalf of the DEP. CWC is not sure how long that will take.

6. 25th Anniversary of CWT – We should try to get the people on Kelly’s list to the party.

7. Below the reservoirs – no reports

8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report
Warrant #26 – Young and Sommer $7,551
Warrant #37 – Delaware County WSA $2,522.23
Warrant #38 – Hanah Resort – $500
Motion made by Merrill, seconded by Coombe. Carried
1,000.18 – Checking
100,618.78 – Savings
Motion made by Tuthill, seconded by Coombe. Carried

a. Dues payment update – not discussed

9. Other – Aaron was going to reach out to Ulster County so we can talk to him about the Supplemental Side Agreement. Kevin has already been talking to Greene County.

10. Motion to go into executive session to confer with council about the LAP. Motion made by Coiro, seconded by Coombe. Carried 7:40

11. Motion to come out of executive session made by Coiro, seconded by Tuthill. Carried. 8:01

12. Adjourn 8:02


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