Executive Board Meeting – March 20, 2023

Location:  CWC Headquarters (Arkville, NY)

Present:  Ric Coombe, Steve Walker, Edward Snow, Bud Gladstone, Winifred Zubin, Greg Vurckio, Bill Federice, Dave Kukle

Others:  Jeff Baker,  Tim Cox, Jason Merwin,  Nick Carbone, Bruce Dolph, Mary Crisafulli, Michelle Yost, Elizabeth DeFalco, Cher Woehl

1.  Call to Order:  Ric Coombe called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

2.  January 16,  2023 Meeting Minutes Approval:  Motion to approve the minutes made by Ed Snow and seconded by Winifred Zubin.  Motion carried.    

3.  Conservation Easement Discussion:  Jeff provided an overview on the final Conservation Easement language that was shared with all members prior to the meeting.  A significant change is to remove DEC from the conservation easement decisions.   Jeff asked for approval to move forward with the proposed language, stating that it would then be sent to the State with the goal to get this language out there as segway to the May 30th meeting on the FAD revisions.  The revised language was discussed by members before a motion was made by Bud Gladstone, seconded by Ed Snow to move forward with the language as proposed.  Motion was carried.

4. Reports:
a.  FAD Deliverables:  Jeff shared that the May 30th meeting will be at CWC with DEC, DOH and others.  The purpose of the meeting is to explain the work done over the last year to identify a revised Land Acquisition Program that focuses on the stream and flood programs.  He emphasized that this is an important meeting for our elected officials to bring forward their concerns and needs regarding SAP.   It will be an important opportunity for NYC and NYS to hear from towns and their concerns about not being part of the discussions and decisions.  Bud shared that SAP needs to include language that ensures the land is protected but allows for improvements per town requirements.  Jeff agreed that language is needed to effectuate this in the land acquisition program.  Jeff said that this is by no means the last meeting on the subject, and they have until the end of 2023 for a revised SAP.

b.  Streamside Acquisition:  See above

c.  Flood Commission Reports:   Nothing to report

d.  CWC Report:  Jason reported the CWC Annual Meeting will be on April 4, 2023, at 1 pm.  There will be a presentation on the 25 years of CWC—what it is, what it does, etc. 

e.  Below the Reservoirs –  Nick reported that there is a lot of discussion and debate regarding the shutdown of the tunnel and the leaks in the Marbletown aqueducts.  He shared that on April 11th Jen Garigliano will be making a presentation on this. 

5.   Ric and Jason updated members on the contracts meeting at CWC (hosted by Tim and Jason).  The meeting was successful as it showed a lot of cooperation and unity in identifying what the contract issues are and what is needed to resolve these issues.  The meeting was attended by several representatives from different NYC departments dealing with contracting as well as NYS DOH.  Ric shared an important message of the meeting was conveying to the City that CWC and SWCD watershed contracts are different than other contracts NYC enters into.  CWT/CWC are partners with the city and not simply contractors for them.  This meeting was a good start to what will more than likely be a long process to get the City to understand the concerns of CWT/CWC and the SWCD’s and recognize the need to work together for consistency on our contracts. 

6.  Ric reported on the Economic Vitality study.  The committee is currently looking at the overall scope of the project, attempting to narrow it down so it is more manageable.  The challenge is that there is a diverse group of stakeholders and before the study can move forward the decision needs to be made as to what the goal is and what are the outcomes they want to achieve—what does everyone want to get out of this.   It was shared that a facilitator, who understands the watershed programs, may be required to help guide the committee on this process.  

7.  Ric updated members on the issue surrounding access to sewage plants in the towns.  The concept should be to allow a more comprehensive plan for people to hook up to the septage while also making it easier for the municipalities.  If communities want to grow they need to have a way to get more people hooked up to their septage plants.  The municipalities and NYC need to develop a partnership that will allow for this to happen. Ric and Jeff felt a meeting is needed to further discuss this issue and attempt to reach a workable solution. 

8.  Warrants and Treasurer’s Report:   Bud reported that as of February 28, 2023,
the checking account had $1,261.86 and
the savings account had $157,734.91.  
Bill Federice made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Ed Snow.  Report accepted.  

Bud presented warrant #98 in the amount of $4,553.75 for payment of January-February legal fees. 
Steve Walker made a motion to pay warrant #98, seconded by Greg Vurckio.  Motion carried.

9.  Jason reported that DEP is posting 16 job openings for positions to be located at CWC and asked the members to help publicize this so local residents can apply for the jobs.   

10.  Members agreed that there would be no meeting in April and the next meeting will be scheduled for May 15, 2023.

11.  Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn was made by Ed Snow, seconded by Greg Vurckio.   Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm. 


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