Executive Board Meeting – Dec 17, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland (Bud) Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Greg Vurckio and Chris Mathews.
Others: Jeff Baker, Tim Cox, Kelly Mariotti, Bruce Dolph, Jason Merwin and Michelle Yost.

1. Call to Order: 6:15

2. November 19, 2018 Minutes Approval. In section 5d; Change the word “Lower” to “Higher”. And change “Town of Olive will get sued by ORPHS” to “sued by DEP”. Moved by Bud Gladstone. Second by Bill Federice.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures: Jeff Baker will check to see if Sullivan County has signed. Jeff sent in his comments on the draft regulations and DEP excepted his comments. Should be finalized soon.

4. Reports
a. National Academy of Sciences Panel: Three of the panel members met with Delaware County 12/13/2018 and 12/14/2018. The members met with CWC 12/13/2018 and that night met with Glenn Nealis from Eco. Dev., Shelly Johnson, Planning Dept., Jim Thomson, IDA and Ray Pucci, Chamber of Commerce. Went very well. 12/14/2018 they met at the County Office Building. Presentations were given by Shelly Johnson and Spencer DeVaul, Planning Department, Sue McIntyre, DPW and Graydon Dutcher, SWCD. Again, all went very well and the members were very interested in what we had to say. The members agreed that changes need to be made. Can’t do what has been done the past 20 years. They are interested in the Flood Commission. They plan on visiting Delaware County sometime in May to do actual site visits and to meet with WAC.

b. FAD deliverables:
i. Streamside Acquisition – The larger group met December 7th. This meeting didn’t go so well. Dave Warne and Jeff Baker seem to disagree. Jeff doesn’t understand his position. DOS, EPA were supportive of Jeff. Jeff will try to work it out with Dave. Mark stated that a piece of property in Delhi (1/2 acre) was bought for $25,000. This piece of land is totally undevelopable. SAP is going for $2,000 or so. Mark would like to know how the appraisals are done. Jeff will ask for the appraisals. Smaller group will be meeting in January.

c. Resolutions: Jeff and Mark did not get a hold of Robert Pelham yet to see what he actually wants in the resolution.

d. Flood Commission Reports – Kelly sent out Ulster County’s report earlier in the day. Michelle Yost provided a handout for Green County. See attached. Bruce reported that the Town of Halcott is forming a Flood Commission. Water sheet project is going very well. Michelle was questioning about a building in Tannersville which is condemned and owned by the County. The Village has offered to own these buildings but there is a Conservation Easement holding things up and who would do the monitoring on these building. CWC has offered to do the monitoring but it is still in the works.

e. CWC report – Building is continuing construction. Septic 5 contract. Funding for homes, small businesses, non for profits and municipal septic systems. This also includes modifications. CWC had a meeting last week with DEP. DEP is only paying for repairs, not replacements. Small business septic program does both. Tim told them that is what we are going to do. DEP will take this under advisement. DEP is trying to dictate the programs rules. DEP hardly gives approval on anything. CWC is sending an issue chart to the city saying these things are not acceptable. If they don’t like it, Paul Rush will have to contact Alan Rosa. CWC is asking CWT to support CWC septic issues with DEP. Motion to support CWC by Tom Hilson. Second by Ric Coombe. Motion carried.
January 3 will be CWC annual meeting.

f. Below the Reservoirs – No report.

5. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report –
Savings balance: $37,728.11 Checking balance: $1,000.25
Motion to except Treasurer’s report moved by Mike McCrary. 2nd by Bill Federice. Carried.

Warrants – Storage fee: $50.00, Young/Sommer: $0 WSA: $201.15
Motion to pay Warrant by Ric Coombe 2nd by Mike McCrary. Carried.

a. Dues Update – Jeff Baker will work on a draft letter to send out to the Towns and Villages regarding the dues increase in the year 2020.

b. Budget discussion – There was no discussion.

6. Other – Delaware County needs two alternates. Bud Gladstone has someone in mind.

7. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Ric Coombe. Second by Pete Friedel. Meeting adjourned at 7:03 pm.


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