Executive Board Meeting – August 21, 2017

Present: Anthony Coiro, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Chris Mathews, Jake Rosa and attorney Jeff Baker.

Others: Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost, Larry Underwood, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:17 PM.

2. July 17, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Mike McCrary, second by Art Merrill. Request by Mr. Coiro to correct the spelling of his name. Respectfully noted. Minutes passed unanimously with that modification.

3. Comment/White paper meetings – Scheduling environmental group meeting. Molly reported that the meeting with the Environmental Group is on September 21 at the CWC offices at 2PM to discuss the CWT’s ideas on land acquisition. Regarding the white paper. Molly reported on the meetings with state, federal. She reminded members that CWC hired a consultant to do all the impact analyses for each West of Hudson. Mike McCrary requested that anything along these lines like the impact analysis that he be copied on anything sent to the town Supervisor, as Mike has not seen anything on this subject yet. Molly will be in touch with CWC to see what the status of contract with towns is for this task. Delaware County is doing an additional buildout analysis for all its towns. The purpose is to show what the impact would be on hardscape growth if all parcels were fully developed. Initial analyses show that the impact will not be much, if the remainder follow suit. Bruce discussed the purpose of the exercise was to support LAP – EIS Update/White paper – Comments due October 31, 2017.

4. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement – Comments are due September 5th. The CWT did not see any major concerns with the FAD and requested Jeff write a comment letter. Michelle raised concerns over a mountain biking project in Green County. Jeff opined that her concern would be more appropriate for discussions outside the realm of the FAD. No action was taken. Bruce recommended that Michelle keep the CWT updated on the issue. Michelle also raised a concern over the timeline for which the City must come up with incentives for SAP being longer than necessary – September 2018. After discussion and recognizing the complexity of the issue, Jeff opined and others agreed, based on historical experiences, that the timeline did not appear to be unreasonable. No action taken.

5. 2017 Elections – Jeff reported that the ballots will go in the mail Tuesday morning. A timeline to receive the returns was set for September 29th. A few towns the nominations were light and in one or two cases clarity was needed on the correct names. Sullivan County did not provide any names, however between Chris Mathews and Rich Coombe they currently have good representation. However, some follow-up is needed by Jeff.

6. Flood Commission Reports – Larry had already shared the Delaware County report. Summarized some projects. Flood reclamation effort in Fleischmanns will be done in partnership with DPW. Plan to go to bid this fall. Little Delaware River stream project in Bovina near the waste water system. Permitted and ready to go. Walton Flood Plain project. Some test pits revealed some minor areas of contamination. NYSEG is rerouting a gas line that should help speed up the likelihood of implementation. Working with DEC to sort that out. Hope to start work this fall. Town of Tompkins there is a landowner who suffered a micro burst that severely damaged his waste system. Working with everyone to get it resolved. He did report that the use of consultants was a good pathway to get more work done. Turns out that the same consultants are being used throughout the watershed and that they are now overloaded and can’t get the work done in a timely way. This came as an unexpected issue. Maybe more consultants are needed. The Del County SWCD will likely be adding deliverable timelines to future contracts. There is a noticeable difference since stakeholder discussions with DEP being much more responsive and engaged. Michelle reported that Tannersville had a good meeting recently. Initial designs are coming in. The Windham advisory board is meeting next week to continue to sort out the G&H project. Conesville is almost done. Not a lot showing up there. Ashland modeling is being convened. Lexington consultant on board to do a community sustainability development grant. Molly commented that in Walton a consultant, Ian Law, has been brought on board to develop a community analysis piece to compliment the LFA. Businesses showing great interest, very good attendance and comments. Michelle raised a question about how the 24 stream projects will be allocated among the Stream Program basins. Michelle will touch base with Graydon Dutcher to try and get a handle on them.

7. CWC report- No report.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Going forward. Scheduling the last of our public meetings with a final draft SCMP to discuss. Submitting grants for the next steps in the SCMP.
b. Esopus – no report
c. Schoharie – no report

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff- Jeff reported that Molly sent the stuff. Jeff promised Bruce to get it done.

10. Archiving status- The regional NYS archivist with the has been talking with Molly. Molly reported that the NYS Archives is working on developing and archive of the entire NYC watershed issue. Currently, they are working on the records of the DOH. The CWT issues should be included. It won’t cost much, but it might take longer. The new CWC building may be the repository for the information. This could be the best solution.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
i. Warrants: Young Sommer $966.48, Watershed Affairs $324.93 for a total of 1,361.41
Art Merrill moved to pay the vouchers, second by Mark Tuthill. Approved.
ii. Checking Balance: $846.81; Savings balance: $61,914.44
Mark Tuthill moved to accept the treasure’s report, second by Greg Vurckio. Passed. It is anticipated that attorney’s fees will wane as the FAD and supplemental side agreements conclude.

12. Other – none

13. Adjourned 7:12 PM.


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