Executive Board Meeting – Oct 17, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In Attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Anthony VanGlad, Greg Vurkio, Jake Rosa, Tom Hilson, Bud Gladstone, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Rick Weidenbach, Larry Underwood, Alan Rosa, Alicia Terry, Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost

1. Call to Order – 6:15

2. September 19, 2016 Minutes Approval. Motion to accept the minutes made by Ric Coombe, seconded by Mark Tuthill. Carried.

3. Executive Committee
a. Two alternates needed for Delaware County and they selected Bud Gladstone, Supervisor of Andes and Tom Hilson, Town Board, Bovina

4. Town of Hurley. The Town of Hurley has 10-12 house below the reservoir that have had repeated flooding. This flooding is because the water came through the spillway. They are requesting to have these parcels be made eligible for the NYC Funded Flood Buyout Program. Concerns were expressed because the Town of Hurley is partially contained in the watershed, but these properties are outside of the watershed boundary. There is a working group in the area called the “Ashokan Release Working Group,” and this might be a venue for them to try to address these issues. That group is supposed to be doing an EIS to evaluate all of the impacts of being below the dams. If the EIS leads them to a buyout for that area, it would be separate from the Water Supply Permit. The point was made that at times the reservoirs have prevented flooding. At time s it may contribute, but it is unknown if that flooding is worse than if the dam was not in place. Aaron was not sure of the status of the working group. He reposted that he did not think the county was involved in this. Overall the group wants to support Hurley, but does not feel the NYCFFBO is the right path. Aaron said in April 2005 was the flood of record and there was a FEMA buyout made available at that time. Tony Van Glad made a motion to have the CWT attorney draft a letter to Hurley to tell them the other case and letting them know that the NYCFFBO only applies inside the watershed and those properties are outside. Motion seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.

5. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R.
a. Kingston Meetings – the October 25th meeting has been cancelled and more meetings scheduled for November 7, November 17, and December 1. Topics covered in this round of meetings:
i. The City will fund some of the costs for non-residential septics that they currently not cover. No decision made yet about the cost sharing. We have a proposal out there, need feedback.

ii. Working to alleviate need for some modeling and treatment of runoff for small project SWPPP.

iii. Working on deed restrictions for Deed language

iv. Off-site stockpiles and erosion controls – limiting the City’s involvement in this

v. Still working on protocol for percolation pits for stormwater and septics – soils profiles. City disagrees with local engineers. We want City to give deference to local engineer. If there is a disagreement a higher up engineer from DEC would have to give a written explanation. This should encourage the City to be reasonable. Jeff counteroffered that the city has more say when the soil test is within 200’ of the watercourse. If it is farther away, they defer to the local engineer. City will get back to us on this.

vi. We will be developing a Third Supplemental Side Agreement. Jeff wants environmental groups to sign on as well. They have been quite and we want to make sure they are in agreement so there are not issues down the road and that they will not go around the agreement.

vii. Still waiting to hear back from the City on the business septics.

viii. Discussing contracting issues on Oct 18.

ix. Tim noted that the local consultation contract has been cancelled by the city and the DEP is working to correct that. Jim Martin will attend and be prepared to talk to DEP about this.
1. All of the contracts we use regularly were drafted in 1996. The city’s policies have changed since then, and the outdated contracts are causing some of the issues. Updating the contracts may help with some of the issues.
2. Rick noted that the SWCD is currently treated as a vendor. Can they do inter municipal agreements? A lot of the issues are really non issues as SWCD must follow General Municipal Law.

6. Flood Commission Reports
a. Delaware county handed out a handout with updates

b. Phil Eskeli’s report was also handed out. That gives a status update of all towns.

c. Greene County, Ulster County, and Schoharie County gave verbal updates about ongoing feasibility studies and relocations.

7. CWC reports – DEP Meeting

8. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff. No contract yet.

9. Archive materials from WOH, Young Sommer, Greene County – the Archivist that we were planning to use is no longer available to do the entire task. He will help us to get a document together to develop the RFP to hire another archivist.

10. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – First round of community outreach meetings is ongoing. Will get into writing the plan over the winter.

b. Esopus- Lower Esopus EIS will be out soon. They are unhappy the DEP will be the lead agency for that. DEC should have been lead agency.

c. Schoharie – Dynamiting shaft in Gilboa Dam. Waiting on a pit to armor Schoharie Creek.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants motion made by Tony VanGlad to pay the following warrants:
i. Store Room – $50
ii. Young and Sommer – $3,314.50
Seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.

b. Dues Payment Update – no update

c. Checking account: $1,000.21
d. Savings account: $74,161.96
Motion made by Tony Coiro to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Ric Coombe. Carried.

12. Other
a. Ric Coombe said that Sullivan County will be signing the side agreement this week.

b. Aaron reported that the side agreement got through committee. Should hopefully go through next week.

13. Adjourn 7:28. Motion to adjourn made by Tony VanGlad. Seconded by Mark Tuthill. Carried


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