Executive Board Meeting – Jan 18, 2016

Present: Greg Vurckio, Art Merrill, Peter Friedel, Mike McCrary, Bruce Dolph, Mark Tuthill, Jake Rosa, Toni Coiro, Bonita Chase, Don Murray, Ric Coombe, Toni Van Glad. Counsel – Jeff Baker

Others present: Al Rosa, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Jeff Flack, Aaron Bennett, Alicia Terry, Frazier.

1. Call to order: 6:16 PM

2. Minutes: Move to accept December 2015 minutes by Toni Coiro, seconded by Peter Friedel. Passed.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R
a. Meeting with State Reps – It was the general view among those on the CWT board that attended that it was a productive meeting. DOH Pam Young et al, Tom Snow and Ken Kosinski and Phil Sweeny attended. The overall sentiment was that the State and Fed regulators, in some cases appeared surprised at the blatant and absurdity of overreach. They expressed disappointment that flood mitigation is going so slow. Ken Kosinski will meet with technical staff to discuss the stormwater issues. It also became apparent during the meeting that the City has been circulating proposed changes of the WRRs with the State and Feds. Jeff Baker was requested to look into the possibility of getting a copy of those drafts so that the CWT can comment.
b. Jan. 25, 2016, Grahamsville – Meeting with Paul Rush. It is a small group, by invitation from Paul Rush. It is anticipated the following are invited: Bruce Dolph, Tony Coiro, Mike Triolo, Jim Eisel, Tina Molé, Bob Pelham, David Brooks, Rich Parete, Mark McCarthy, Alan Rosa and Tim Cox.

4. Flood Commission reports
a. Delhi is in the information, outreach and data collection phase. Walton has now done West Brook and will be contacting potentially affected landowners in advance of a public meeting.

5. CWC reports –
a. Programs will be open all year for applications; not one time per year.
b. CWC has met with G&H Lumber. Informed them they can come to CWC for funding to buy the property.
c. Letter from Alan Rosa regarding DEP’s decision to now require that the replacement of fail septic tanks now requires DEP approval, which heretofore has not been required for the past 17 years of the program. DEP now requires that a design be done for the leach field prior to replacing the tank. It has taken over two months to respond to the failure of a system in the Town of Delhi. Meanwhile all that “bubbly goodness” going untreated, is rising to the surface.

6. 25th Anniversary of CWT –
a. After much discussion the board settled on the first Saturday after Labor Day for the event. It could start as early as 4PM. All past CWT members would be invited, as well as, all municipal board members from the member towns. Representatives from DEP such as past Commissioners, DEC and DOH as well as our local state representatives will also be invited. Three suggested locations are: the Margaretville Pavilion, Hannah, and Bellaire. We should budget approximately $25/head or a total of approximately $5,000. CWT members can bring a guest. Founding members and other invitees will be asked to talk about the history of CWT, etc. Jeff Baker offered that he would discuss with his firm the possibility to assist with funding. Tony Coiro suggested sending out an email to potential invitees to gauge their interest in attending. A formal invitation would go out with an RSVP.
b. Role of and forms of outreach at CWT- not discussed.

7. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – Consultant for the SCMP in the tailwaters has been hired. Contract under development. It was noted the need for more WMBE businesses in the watershed counties as there are far and few between. Del. Cty. Economic Development will hold training for WMBE certification sometime this year. It takes about a year to become certified. Frazier reposted on the DRBC Flood Advisory committee meeting in West Trenton NJ. There is some talk of trying to get uniform buffers the full length of the river. Delaware County has opposed that in the past. The issue has a way to go to even have discussions, but the point was to be aware that someone is always trying to come up with more ideas that restrict or control land use, that have nothing at stake in our area.
b. Esopus – no report.
c. Schoharie – no report.

8. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s report. Warrants $2,534.99 Young, Sommer, Inc., Delaware County department of Watershed Affairs for $2,372.53. Tony Coiro motioned to accept; Tony Van Glad seconded, passed. Checkbook and savings balances could not be found in the Executive Committee binder, so they will be presented next month. Regarding membership dues- some have paid and others should begin paying right along.

9. Correspondence – The letter from CWC regarding replacement of a failed septic tank was distributed. CWT should write a letter to support the CWC letter. Mark Tuthill moved to direct Counsel to write a letter in support of CWC’s letter regarding the failed septic tank. Peter Friedel seconded the motion. Passed.

10. Other: N/R

11. Adjourn- Motion to adjourn Tony Coiro. Second by Peter Friedel. No discussion. Passed. 7:02PM.


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