Executive Board Meeting – Nov 16, 2015

Attending – Anthony Coiro, Bonita Chase, Bruce Dolph, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Diana Cope, Anthony Van Glad, Mark Tuthill, Donald Murray, Jake Rosa, Peter Friedel, Greg Vurckio and Counsel Jeff Baker.

Others attending – Kevin Young, Aaron Bennett, Michele Yost, Jeff Flack, Alicia Terry, Molly Oliver, Alan Rosa, Tim Cox, Frazier, Joan Lawrence Bower.

1. Call to order- 6:17 PM

2. October 19, 2015 minutes approval – Motion to approve Anthony Van Glad, Mark Tuthill second. Carried.

3. CWT/TAG report – FAD/WR&R – The purpose of the TAG meeting was information gathering. There was confusion as to the nature of the meeting. The meeting was not subject to the Open Meetings Law as no group or municipality was making a decision. Kevin Young explained Delaware County comments on the WSP. One primary issue was Category 5 for inundation. The City’s negative declaration concluded there was no negative impact with regard to buyouts involved in the Flood Buyout Section of the Flood Mitigation Program. Delaware County disagrees with that conclusion. Given the number of potential homes involved and the high percentage of assessed valuation they represented the County concluded that Permit did not provide adequate documentation to reach their conclusion. Because the MOA says you cannot purchase improved properties. County took the position that municipalities that opt in to Category 5 would diminish the rights given to them in the MOA.

As the permit is written now and the SEQRA Negative Declaration, regarding category 5, the interpretation of that language is causing substantial concern among municipalities represented on the board. The fear is that there could be a rush by residents whose homes have been damaged by flooding would seek to unload those properties as the City would likely be the only buyer to get them out of their financial dilemma and destroy the local tax base.

Mr. Baker offered that we are simply trying to get language that gives the communities the most flexibility.

Margaretville Mayor, Dianna Cope indicated that as the language is now 90% of the homes in Margaretville would qualify for the buyout under Category 5. That is unacceptable.

Counties have to sign off on the permit, but that would not undermine the rights of the Towns.

Tony Van Glad motioned to go into executive session. Second by Tony Coiro, for the purposes of contract and permit negotiations, potential litigation strategy and attorney client communications. Carried.

Motion to come out of Executive Session by Tony Van Glad. Tony Coiro seconded the motion. Carried.

4. WSP Comments – discussed in number three above.

5. Flood Commission reports – Windham has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. Ashland will begin in January. The Towns of Hunter and Tannersville will follow. Town of Conesville is near ready to issue their RFP. Mt Tremper and Phoenicia LFA draft final reports are out now and available.

6. Stream meetings – no reports.

7. CWC reports – none.

8. Preparing for the 25th Anniversary of CWT
a. Bruce offered the idea to invite all past CWT members, have a party and learn from them some history we don’t know. No decisions made. Bruce asked for some suggestions.
b. Role of and forms of outreach at CWT

9. Below the reservoirs
a. Delaware – DOS grant contract was just received for the Tailwaters SCMP. Meeting in Hancock last week with the Business Coalition, Commissioner Emily Lloyd, and Paul Rush. The meeting was precipitated by the accident at Cannonsville. They also discussed the yo-yo releases.
b. Esopus – no update
c. Schoharie – no update

10. Warrants(s) –
$24.73 for postage from the Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs.
Tony Van Glad moved to pay. Seconded by Bruce Dolph. Carried.

Checking – $1000.12.
Savings – $93,047.47.
Art Merrill moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Mark Tuthill Seconded. Passed.

11. Correspondence

12. Other

13. Adjourn 8:28 pm- Tony Van Glad moved to adjourn. Tony Coiro second. No discussion. Passed.


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