Executive Board Meeting – Nov 18, 2013

Present:  Bill Layton, Carl Stuendel, Bruce Dolph, Tony Coiro, Linda Burkhardt, Bruce LaMonda, Pete Bracci, Ric Coombe, Michael McCrary, John VanBenschoten and Counsel Jeff Baker.

Others in attendance:  Al Rosa, Tim Cox, Phil Eskeli, Graydon Dutcher, Rick Weidenbach, Aaron Bennett, Karen Router, Michelle Yost, Dean Frazier.

  1. Call to order – 6:17 PM
  2. Minutes – Minutes were accepted as written.  Moved by Ric Coombe, second by Bill Layton.  One abstention.  Passed.
  3. Privilege of the floor
    1. Local Flood Hazard Mitigation Analysis Presentation by Graydon Dutcher, Stream Corridor Management Program Coordinator, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District.  Graydon Dutcher gave a presentation on Floodplain Mitigation.  He discussed the purpose and goals of the engineering analysis and how this would serve communities who participate in the flood mitigation program in the NYC watershed.  He differentiated what the EWP program does versus what would be done for practices under the LFHMA.  He also discussed how the principles of the LFHMA were merged in the EWP effort with USDA to incorporate additional flood mitigation efforts beyond just repair typically utilized in the EWP.  Graydon and representatives from other county stream program members responded to questions and comments. Carl thanked Graydon for his presentation, noting two items that were especially pertinent with regard to the programs to be developed within the context of the FAD midterm review: decisions must be based on the science Graydon was presenting and community involvement/approval is critical.
    2. Other – none
  4. Dues notice and discussion –  Counsel and the Exec. Committee discussed the status of the letters going out to communities.  Carl signed the letters for mailing.  Carl also commented on the concerns raised by Stamford and Deposit.  After much discussion, it was agreed that Carl and Jeff should consult with both Deposit and Stamford again to make sure full and adequate communication has occurred before making decisions about ongoing CWT service for these towns.
  5. Updates:
    1. Revised 2007 FAD comments – they have been submitted.  Expressed concerns that a contract be in place for CWC by April 30, 2014 and first check be issued by July 2014.
    2. WAG – quiet.
    3. Consent order – Counsel again noted that he will follow the progress of the order.
    4. Kurt Ossenfort proposal – discussions with Jeff, to be continued.
    5. Flood Mitigation Program:
      i) A meeting with watershed partners will be arranged to discuss the questions/ concerns about how to implement the $15 million buyout addressed in the FAD.
      ii) CWC/CWT discussion Carl described the recent meeting and the issues of concern and what the conclusions for communication were.  Transparency was an issue of concerns for both.   Ric Coombe moved, Pete seconded a motion for Counsel to send a letter to DEP asking that they conduct a Right of Objection for each project in the stream program, as per Article 5, Subparagraph 107d.
      iii) CWC Program rules will include the eligibility of homes for moving as well as other businesses and anchor businesses.
      iv) The CWC’s position is that the Contract should be completed before the program rules are finalized.  Concern over proposed contract language that reads “All reasonable efforts” to pay within 45 days as opposed to current contract that reads “City shall pay”.  Also concern over lack of definition for expenses and capital.
  6. Warrants – Motion by Ric Coombe,  Second by Bruce LaMonda, to pay the warrant to Young Sommer in the amount of $2,197.90.   Treasurer’s report showed Checkbook Balance of $1,000.15 and Savings balance of $88,590.27 on October 31, 2013.
  7. Correspondence – no comments
  8. Other:  The importance of outreach of CWT actions was discussed along with the potential value of a website might provide.  Carl will explore options such as websites or blogs.
  9. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn 8:40 PM.  Moved by Linda Burkhardt seconded by Bruce Dolph.  Passed unanimously.

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