Executive Board Meeting – July 15, 2013

Began: 6:17 PM

Present: Mike Mullen, Stephen Walker, Bruce Dolph, Bill Layton, Bruce LaMonda,  Michael McCrary, Linda Burkhardt , Cindy Donofrio and counsel  Jeff Baker.

  1. Minutes for the June 17, 2013 meeting were moved by Cindy Donofrio and seconded by Bruce Dolph. Passed unanimously.
  2. No privilege of the floor was requested.
  3. Transition to new board and administrative support is near complete.   Finance matter should be reportable the next meeting.
  4. Linda Burkhardt:  Linda was elected as an alternative. Counsel advised that absent any other representatives  from Ulster County Linda could and should be moved to a primary representative for Ulster County.  Stephan Walker moved and Bill Layton seconded a motion to make Linda a primary member of the executive committee.  Passed unanimously.
  5. Congressman Gibson’s Watershed Advisory Group.  Jeff reported that he and Carl met with Congressman Gibson and WAG co-chairs Steve Bulger and Bob Illjes.  The discussion revolved around the role of CWT on this group.  Carl will be a member and Jeff will attend as counsel to the CWT.  Jeff indicated that he explained the history of the watershed negotiations, the parties involved and how the dynamics of watershed parties involved in negotiations affected this complicated agreement and the accomplishment of the CWT over the past 20 years.  The Congressman was very attentive with many questions for Jeff and Carl.  Four subcommittee Chairs have been established.  Jim Thomson  – Economy; Alan Rosa – History, Bob Stanley – Municipalities and Robert Bishop of Hamden, NY – agriculture.  A meeting is planned for July 29th.  Location and times TBD.  On behalf of the CWT Carl and Jeff filled out the questionnaire circulated by the WAG.
  6. FAD Status – Anticipated to be released at any moment.  Money still being discussed.
  7. Flood Mitigation Program Status.  Contract discussions etc  are still underway with Districts, CCE’s, Counties and CWC.  Scope of CWC activities is being discussed.  Jeff recommended that opportunities be retained in their suite of programs to assist homes in critical areas.
  8. Emergency Watershed Program EWP – This was briefly explained to raise awareness of the  Executive committee members to they are informed as possible about this flood mitigation effort in response to Irene and Lee.  Bruce advocated for the CWT to become more aware of all the efforts underway so if it is discovered there are any common problems across the watershed relative to the various mitigation programs, even beyond EWPs that the CWT can take action to support  actions to resolve the problems.  Jeff briefly discussed CRZ and other funding headed to this area for flood mitigation.  IT was also discussed that there are some more bumps in the road with regard to funding for second homes under the FEMA buyout.
  9. Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park – Comments are due July 24th.
  10. Correspondence:  Carl’s informative letter to CWT all members, the CWC and East of Hudson Reports.
  11. No financials to report.
  12. Adjourned 7:15.   Motion by Bill Layton.  Second Bruce Dolph.  Unanimous.

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