Executive Board Meeting – June 17, 2013

Present:  Carl Stuendel, Peter Bracci, Bill Layton, and Bruce Dolph (Delaware County); Dennis Lucas and Stephen Walker (Greene County); Tony VanGlad (Schoharie County); Bruce LaMonda (Ulster County), Mike Mullens (Sullivan Co. Alt.).

Newly elected members: Tony Coiro and Mike McCrary (Greene County); Cindy Donofrio and Keitha Capouya (Delaware Co. Alternates/Copouya tied with Stuendel).  Jeff Baker – Counsel.

6:20 PM start

  1. April meeting minutes – motion to accept April minutes made by Carl Stuendel, seconded by Bruce LaMonda, all present in favor.


  1. Bills- motion to pay bills made by Bruce LaMonda, seconded by Dennis Lucas, carried unanimously.


  1. Election Results
  • Jeff Baker reviewed election results for the 2013 – 2015 term with the following results:
    • Ulster County – Bruce LaMonda, Linda Burkhardt (Alt).  Linda will assume the second voting position.
    • Sullivan County – Ric Coombe, primary; Mike Mullens (Alt.)
    • Greene County – Stephen Walker and Mike McCrary (primary); Tony Coiro and Dixie Baldrey (Alternates)
    • Delaware County – Bruce Dolph, Bill Layton, and Pete Bracci (primary); Cindy Donofrio and John VanBenschoten (Alternates).  The tie for the third Alternate is between Carl Stuendel and Keitha C.  Delaware County primary and alternate members decided the tie.
      • Before the members caucused, Carl and Keitha spoke about their interests serving on the executive committee:
        • Carl – important CWT have a voice in watershed matters, that the historical context not be lost and continuity remain as the CWT moves on, would like be proactive in matters
        • Keitha’s family is from Pepacton, her mom was born there, she has strong family ties to the watershed, remembers when the dam was built and how returning veterans at the time were affected by the changes.
    • Keitha and Carl endorsed each other noting they would be happy with whoever was chosen
    • Roll call – Pete Bracci, Bruce Dolph, Bill Layton, and Cindy D. all voted for Carl S.  All agreed Carl’s experience is an asset and was the main reason for choosing him.
    • Before turning over the reins, Chairman Lucas was recognized for his steadfast leadership, vision, tenacity and sense of humor while leading the Coalition for the last six years.  He will be missed and the committee thanked him for his service.


  1. Nominating officers for 2013-2015 term
  • Motion to nominate Carl S. as chairman (Stephen W. motion, seconded by Bruce L.) and Bruce Dolph (Bill Layton motion, seconded by Pete B.).  Bruce Dolph received three votes (Bill Layton, Pete Bracci, and Bruce D) and Carl S. received five – Tony V., Mike Mullen, Stephen Walker, Mike McCrary, and Bruce LaMonda.
    • Vice Chair – Bruce Dolph was nominated as Vice Chair, motion by Stephen Walker carried unanimously
    • Treasurer – Tony VanGlad was nominated on a motion by Bruce LaMonda, carried unanimously
    • Administrative Assistance will transfer to Delaware County Watershed Affairs on a motion by Tony VanGlad, seconded by Stephen Walker carried unanimously.


  1. State funding opportunities and Mid-term FAD update
  • Mid-term FAD review – Jeff B. – the state should come out with this soon and impressed that the CWT review first before the document goes out to the public.  Initial indications of funding amounts for the Flood Hazard Mitigation program are encouraging.
  • Governor’s Community Redevelopment Zone (CRZ) program and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs are generating a lot of interest and confusion regarding who’s doing what.
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program call for projects emailed today, focus on rebuilding communities, Letter of Intent due July 5, 2013 (post note: deadline extended to 8/1/13)
  • Stephen W. questioned whether a town board could serve as flood advisory committee under the CRZ.  Baker responded state is too rigid, they determine who serves


  1. Riparian Buffer Acquisition Program

The CCCD report is done, it will be open for public comment.  Implementing the program will be staff intensive and correlate to the Stream Management Program.


  1. Correspondence
  • East of Hudson Notice of Preliminary Decisions Right of Objection – CWT doesn’t have right to object to East of Hudson proposals; MOA specifies parties that are notified.
  • Delaware Co. resolution to support increased water releases – Tony V. questioned the resolution to increase water releases from Delaware Co. Board of Supervisors.  Dean Frazer responded communities in Delaware County below the dams want more releases for fisheries and recreation.  DEP has right to remove 850 million gallons/day, according to a 1954 decree.

◦    The resolution is in support of these communities, for which DEP’s Paul Rush and Commissioner Strickland have shown interest.  The city’s Operation Support Tool (OST) is expected to project 1 – 2 months in advance when and how to produce more voids when water capacity allows

◦    There are no similar mandates in Schoharie County below Schoharie Reservoir.  VanGlad reported when dam restoration is complete, greater flexibility in creating voids will allow more flood control capacity.

◦    Bruce Dolph made a motion that CWT support Delaware County’s resolution, seconded by Peter B., carried unanimously.


  1. Hydroelectric – Pete B. inquired if there’s any update on the city’s permit for hydroelectric power on their properties.  Jeff Baker will look into it.  The CWT is on the mailing list for FERC update.  The CWT decided to monitor the development but not get actively involved.


7:40 PM meeting adjourned on motion by Bruce Lamonda seconded by Carl Stuendel with all present in favor.


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