Executive Board Meeting – August 21, 2017

Present: Anthony Coiro, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Chris Mathews, Jake Rosa and attorney Jeff Baker.

Others: Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost, Larry Underwood, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:17 PM.

2. July 17, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Mike McCrary, second by Art Merrill. Request by Mr. Coiro to correct the spelling of his name. Respectfully noted. Minutes passed unanimously with that modification.

3. Comment/White paper meetings – Scheduling environmental group meeting. Molly reported that the meeting with the Environmental Group is on September 21 at the CWC offices at 2PM to discuss the CWT’s ideas on land acquisition. Regarding the white paper. Molly reported on the meetings with state, federal. She reminded members that CWC hired a consultant to do all the impact analyses for each West of Hudson. Mike McCrary requested that anything along these lines like the impact analysis that he be copied on anything sent to the town Supervisor, as Mike has not seen anything on this subject yet. Molly will be in touch with CWC to see what the status of contract with towns is for this task. Delaware County is doing an additional buildout analysis for all its towns. The purpose is to show what the impact would be on hardscape growth if all parcels were fully developed. Initial analyses show that the impact will not be much, if the remainder follow suit. Bruce discussed the purpose of the exercise was to support LAP – EIS Update/White paper – Comments due October 31, 2017.

4. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement – Comments are due September 5th. The CWT did not see any major concerns with the FAD and requested Jeff write a comment letter. Michelle raised concerns over a mountain biking project in Green County. Jeff opined that her concern would be more appropriate for discussions outside the realm of the FAD. No action was taken. Bruce recommended that Michelle keep the CWT updated on the issue. Michelle also raised a concern over the timeline for which the City must come up with incentives for SAP being longer than necessary – September 2018. After discussion and recognizing the complexity of the issue, Jeff opined and others agreed, based on historical experiences, that the timeline did not appear to be unreasonable. No action taken.

5. 2017 Elections – Jeff reported that the ballots will go in the mail Tuesday morning. A timeline to receive the returns was set for September 29th. A few towns the nominations were light and in one or two cases clarity was needed on the correct names. Sullivan County did not provide any names, however between Chris Mathews and Rich Coombe they currently have good representation. However, some follow-up is needed by Jeff.

6. Flood Commission Reports – Larry had already shared the Delaware County report. Summarized some projects. Flood reclamation effort in Fleischmanns will be done in partnership with DPW. Plan to go to bid this fall. Little Delaware River stream project in Bovina near the waste water system. Permitted and ready to go. Walton Flood Plain project. Some test pits revealed some minor areas of contamination. NYSEG is rerouting a gas line that should help speed up the likelihood of implementation. Working with DEC to sort that out. Hope to start work this fall. Town of Tompkins there is a landowner who suffered a micro burst that severely damaged his waste system. Working with everyone to get it resolved. He did report that the use of consultants was a good pathway to get more work done. Turns out that the same consultants are being used throughout the watershed and that they are now overloaded and can’t get the work done in a timely way. This came as an unexpected issue. Maybe more consultants are needed. The Del County SWCD will likely be adding deliverable timelines to future contracts. There is a noticeable difference since stakeholder discussions with DEP being much more responsive and engaged. Michelle reported that Tannersville had a good meeting recently. Initial designs are coming in. The Windham advisory board is meeting next week to continue to sort out the G&H project. Conesville is almost done. Not a lot showing up there. Ashland modeling is being convened. Lexington consultant on board to do a community sustainability development grant. Molly commented that in Walton a consultant, Ian Law, has been brought on board to develop a community analysis piece to compliment the LFA. Businesses showing great interest, very good attendance and comments. Michelle raised a question about how the 24 stream projects will be allocated among the Stream Program basins. Michelle will touch base with Graydon Dutcher to try and get a handle on them.

7. CWC report- No report.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Going forward. Scheduling the last of our public meetings with a final draft SCMP to discuss. Submitting grants for the next steps in the SCMP.
b. Esopus – no report
c. Schoharie – no report

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff- Jeff reported that Molly sent the stuff. Jeff promised Bruce to get it done.

10. Archiving status- The regional NYS archivist with the has been talking with Molly. Molly reported that the NYS Archives is working on developing and archive of the entire NYC watershed issue. Currently, they are working on the records of the DOH. The CWT issues should be included. It won’t cost much, but it might take longer. The new CWC building may be the repository for the information. This could be the best solution.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
i. Warrants: Young Sommer $966.48, Watershed Affairs $324.93 for a total of 1,361.41
Art Merrill moved to pay the vouchers, second by Mark Tuthill. Approved.
ii. Checking Balance: $846.81; Savings balance: $61,914.44
Mark Tuthill moved to accept the treasure’s report, second by Greg Vurckio. Passed. It is anticipated that attorney’s fees will wane as the FAD and supplemental side agreements conclude.

12. Other – none

13. Adjourned 7:12 PM.


Executive Board Meeting – July 17, 2017

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Tom Hilson.

Others present: Lawrence Davis, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost, Frazier.

1. Call to Order 6:15.

2. May 15, 2016 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Ric Coombe, second by Tom Hilson. Passed.
a. Privilege of the floor was given to Lawrence Davis. Mr. Davis explained his concerns that the data that the USGS uses to calculate the flood levels is flawed and needs to be addressed. CWT members indicated that they would like to receive a copy of the presentation he gave so as to read and better understand as it is complicated. Chairman Dolph explained that flood mitigation is and has been one of the highest priorities of the CWT along with reduced land acquisition program. He went on to explain that his understanding of Mr. Davis’ discussion on the technical merits of his presentation was beyond him. Tony Coiro asked for a copy of Mr. Davis’s presentation. Ric Coombe wanted to know what the basis of Mr. Davis’ claim is with regard to the gauges being wrong? Mr. Davis explained his technical rationale. It was unclear if his explanation was satisfactory. Molly will forward copies of the presentation to the CWT board.

3. June 20th and July 14th meetings – Comment/White paper meetings – The meetings were summarized as follows. A west of Hudson contingency, including Bruce Dolph, Mike Triolo, Tim Cox, Kevin Young, people from Delaware County including Shelly Bennett, Kristen Schneider of Delaware County Planning, Graydon Dutcher, Molly Oliver and Dean Frazier, met with EPA, DEC and DOH on June 20th and NYC DEP on July 14. June 20 with state and feds and July 14 meeting with DEP on the LAP. The purpose of each was to promote the point that land is a limited commodity and the amount that remains in each town, if developed within the parameters of local, city state and federal regulations, then the impact on water quality would be minimal at worst or even unmeasurable. The buildout analysis was suggested by DOH following a Stakeholder Meeting. The measurement used was based on increased impervious surfaces. We were seeking placeholder language in the FAD to assure that a discussion about this point continues as a requirement of the FAD. DOH indicated that there may be language in the Draft FAD that addresses some of the language Kevin Young drafted. DEP administrative staff and Corporate Counsel inquired if we would be meeting with Env Groups and seemed receptive to the idea while some land acq staff seemed a bit more reticent. DEC, DOH and EPA appeared quite receptive to the concepts of more targeted acquisition of hydrologically sensitive lands along riparian areas. The City reps said they would discuss the ideas that were presented, such as a program that would give Towns relief on open space type acquisition solicitation and in return for a town opting in to a program to facilitate the more common sense, sensitive parcels along streams, wetlands etc. The CWT will be reaching out to Env Groups to discuss the same. Tony Coiro stated he would like to be part of those discussions. He will be informed of the meetings so he can plan to attend. Tim Cox explained that some of the Land Acq staff questions or responses to the presentation were unrealistic in that you can assume any quarter acre lot can handle a septic system. All the materials from those meeting will be forwarded to the Executive Committee.

4. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. LAP – EIS Update – The outline for response
Town Level Analyses of the LAP has been extended to October 18.
b. Next steps

5. Watershed Leadership Meeting w/ DEP (May 17th)

6. 2017 Elections- The nomination forms were sent out at a point in time and return date that didn’t quite synch with Town Board Meetings so the response was terrible. Those forms will be sent out again to assure the towns will have adequate time to fill them out and return them before any ballots go out.

7. Flood Commission Reports- Handouts were provided. Michelle indicated that the G&H project is still underway, but needs more financial analysis.

8. CWC report – Funding of consultant for Town Level Analyses – LAP- Tim reported that the CWC is funding the consultant to do the build out analysis identical to the one initiated in Delaware County, in all West of Hudson Towns

9. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – the SCMP is ongoing. Delaware County has submitted an application for a grant under the CFA to conduct the second phase of the SCMP.
b. Esopus – No report.
c. Schoharie – No report.

10. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – still pending. Buying hard drives instead of thumb drives once the contract is settled because there are too many gigs for thumbdrives.

11. Archiving status – Molly will be contacting another source she has been made aware of to see if there are any options.

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Saving balance of $61,911.81 and checking account balance of $846.81 by Mark Tuthill second by Tom Hilson. Passed.
b. Motion to pay warrants for Young Sommers $9,064.39, Delaware County Watershed Affairs of $540.88, Storage fees for files $100.00 for a total of $9,705.27 by Ric Coombe, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.
c. Dues Payment Update

13. Other

14. Motion to adjourn Tony Coiro second by Tom Hilson.

Executive Board Meeting – May 15, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In Attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Bud Gladstone, Tom Hilson, Jake Rosa, Chris Matthews, Larry Underwood, Dean Frazier, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Jeff Baker,

1. Meeting called to order at 6:18.

2. Introductions – Ric introduced Chris Matthews, who is the Supervisor for Neversink, and who will be the new Sullivan County Alternate member.

3. March 20, 2016 Minutes Approval. Motion made by Ric Coombe, seconded by Anthony Coiro. Carried.

4. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. LAP – EIS Update – No FAD or 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement. Outstanding issue is the move to the new offices. FAD delays may be due to East of Hudson issues. Land Acquisition EIS Update – Delaware County is doing their own study to determine where the possibly developable lands lie within each town. Access to utilities is a very important consideration.

b. Delaware County is using funding provided by CWC to hire a consultant to assist us in getting through our own town by town analysis that matches the City’s methodology for the first 9 steps, but then goes beyond that to examine how zoning, forest easements, natural features, accessibility, etc. impact the potentially developable lands. The planning department did a study of a 1 mile radius around Arkville, and found that of 110 parcels that the GIS analysis deemed “developable,” really only 20 of them were truly developable for residential purposes, even less for commercial purposes. Delaware County will share their comments report with the CWT and other who are interested.

c. This review will be valuable for the 90 review, but also for the National Academy of Sciences review beginning next year.

d. As of now, we only know for sure that we can change the solicitation requirements. Other possible changes will not happen until 2022.

e. Tim has details about the TLAP assistance that is available to help Olive with tax assessment. They didn’t have to go to court for 10 years, and that’s expiring soon. There is not a template for how to assess reservoirs, sewer plants, sewer lines, etc.

f. We are also advocating for the ability to trade parcels within priority areas. This is different for the program in the MOA which is for trading with a higher priority parcel.

g. Ric talked about a parcel of land that Neversink was able to get a piece of property from the city before they purchased it, on the argument that it is for the public good. They can relocate their town hall there in the future it needed.

h. LFAs can provide some guidance on what lands are needed in each community for them to be sustainable.

i. Michelle Yost also sent out an email wanting a new issue addressed in the FAD. Bruce noted that it is too late now, items for the FAD were due more than a year ago and the draft FAD is expected any day.

j. Timeline – 90 days ends at the end of July. We are interested in an extension

k. Molly will send the documents around to all the towns.

5. 2017 Elections – Jeff reported that the nomination forms will go out tomorrow. These will be followed by the voting forms.

6. Noticing CWT meetings – List of available newspapers. Will send to all official newspapers, the newspapers the CWC uses, and the River Reporter. Will also add Hudson Valley Mature Life, Hudson Valley Parents.

7. Flood Commission Reports – Larry reviewed Delaware County’s Flood Commissions. Delhi still moving along, adding in a piece regarding the current DPW facility. Andes will be rebuilding a piece of the wall that collapsed in front of the school. Funding is not available for that project until the LFA is complete. Hamden met in January, comments are still being incorporated. East branch / Fleichsmans, moving forward with Mill Street. This to move forward May – June. Arkville and Clovesville will need to be adopted. Walton – did 40 test pits, not finding anything too bad. No petroleum or VOCs. NYSEG going to relocate gas line rather than bury it deeper. This will save money and time. Walton has now reached a level 7 and will be saving 15% on flood insurance rates. Roxbury currently forming flood commission. Ulster County: Conesville nearing completion. Ashland has kick off meeting June 17th. Michelle facilitation LFA for Tannersville – Town Hunter –Village Hunter, all being done by one consultant. Lexington in process of obtaining consultant. GNH Lumber – CWC owns property in Windham for the relocation. GNH doing feasibility study now. They have an appraisal from the city.

8. CWC report – Close on property for new building at the end of the week. Will work with Planning Board this fall, break ground next year.

9. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Stream Corridor Management Plan, just completed third round of public meetings. FFMP – will expire at the end of the month if it is not renewed by all 5 decree parties. It has been extended for one year at a time for the last 5 years. This NJ will not consent, want changes that they have not been able to get. SWCD working with Pinchot Institute to get grants for streambank stabilization.
b. Esopus – no report
c. Schoharie – no report

10. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract update from Jeff
a. High quality thumb drives – Bruce will pay for these and submit a voucher to CWC.

11. Archiving status – Proposal for digitizing – digitizing is well outside the budget that we have. Still working with NYS Archives. Tim offered that the new building will have some storage space that we might be able to use.

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants:
$50 – Store Room
$103.53 – Watershed Affairs
$153.53 – Total
Motion made to Pay made by Ric, seconded by Mark. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Savings – $61,906.47
Checking – $1,000.23
Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Tony Coiro, seconded by Mike. Carried.

b. Dues Payment Update – we are catching up.

13. Other – none

14. Adjourn in form, 7:41

Executive Board Meeting – March 20, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In Attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Mark Tuthill, Anthony VanGlad, Greg Vurkio, Thomas Hilson, Jake Rosa [and Jeff Baker. (cfs amended May 22, 2012)]

Others: Abby Butler, Jay Braman, Dean Frazier, Larry Underwood, Charlie Gregory, Michelle Yost, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver

1. Call to Order – 6:15

2. February 27, 2017 Minutes Approval. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Mark Tuthill, Seconded by Tony VanGlad. Carried.

3. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. Jeff explained that contrary to his email, the CWT does not need to vote at this meeting to sign the Third Supplemental Side Agreement.
b. Waiting to get a letter of Intent from DEP regarding a date when a certain number of employees will be moved into the new office that CWC is in the process of designing and will build.
c. Depending on the recommendations in the draft FAD, CWT will send around a resolution opposing giving more money to LAP. We want them to wait until they have the results from the expert panel before making any specific recommendations about funding that program.

4. 2017 Elections

5. Noticing CWT meetings – Jeff thinks that once a year we are required to give notice of the meetings to the media through the email list. He will double check and Molly will bring that answer to the next meeting.

6. Flood Commission Reports
a. Delaware County – Delhi had a productive meeting, looks like a few good projects on that table. No meeting currently scheduled for Hamden or Andes, Middletown meeting on Monday 3/27 to wrap up the Arkville LFA, Walton continues to meet monthly.
b. Greene County – Modeling being done in Conesville, not a lot of project potential there. They are doing a BCA there now. It would involve buying out two homes. Ashland waiting on subcontractor approval with Woidt. Entering an agreement with MMI for the three communities in Hunter. Will commence in April. GNH waiting to see if it is financially feasible for them to move.

7. CWC report
a. Waiting for LFAs to be complete so they can fund projects.
b. Tim noted that the BCA does not need to be 1:1 for a project to be funded by CWC. It is at the discretion of the board to determine if the benefit outweighs the cost. Bruce notes that you do not need a 1:1 for SMIP program funding either. Molly noted that the consultants will be tasked with documenting the water quality benefits, but that we need to ask them to do that at the flood commission meetings.
c. The CWC annual meeting is at Hanah on the first Wednesday of April. RSVP to CWC if interested in attending.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – SCMP – Have two rounds of public meetings scheduled in April and May. Plan will be complete by middle of December.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie

9. OST Models – Delaware County sent a letter to the National Academy of Sciences expert review panel. A review of the Operation and Support Tool is required by the FAD. The panel members do not have good understanding of the relationships between city and communities, and we’re going to try to have a better understanding of that. There are also obligations and implications for the communities below the dams. Ric asked if that was related to the article in the Record. Dean said no, that that was about the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee. They have been stagnating with their negotiations about the Flexible Flow Management Plan. This would bring the releases back to Revision 1. That means that the OST would not be used to determine the releases.

10. Kurt Ossenfort – Jeff said he had spoken with Kurt and there are minor changes to make to the contract.
a. High quality thumb drives – Based on questions from the board last month, Molly reached out to Kurt to find out how much data would need to be stored on the drive, and if a less expensive thumb drive can be used in its place. It is 1.5 TB of data. This is too much for a thumb drive, as you would need 1.5 TB for storage and also significant other space in order to work with the files from the drive. He recommends a 4TB drive.
b. Ric made a motion to allow Kurt to purchase two drives so we have a backup. Tony VanGlad seconded. Motion carried.

11. Archiving status – Marist not interested in the archives. Marist suggested that we try the NYS Archives or digitizing all of the files and getting rid of the originals. Molly is working to get a proposal for digitization, has not heard back from NYS Archived. Other ideas from the board include: Museum in new CWC building, Time and Values Museum. Molly will reach out to both.

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Motion made to approve the warrants by Ric, seconded by Mark. Carried.
i. $50 – the Store Room
ii. $338.49 – DelCo Watershed Affairs

b. Motion made to approve Treasurer’s Report by Ric, seconded by Tony Coiro, Carried
i. Checking – 1,028.00
ii. Savings – 78,681.77
c. Dues Payment Update – many have paid their dues at this point.

13. Other
a. Tony VanGlad is likely going to be joining the CWC. He will no longer be able to be on the CWT board if that happens.
b. Tony VanGlad announced that the District manager of the Schoharie County SWCD is retiring this month and they are looking for a replacement for that position.
c. Michelle Yost said the annual Watershed Summit is this weekend in Hunter.

14. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn at 6:57 made by Tony VanGlad, seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.

Executive Board Meeting – Feb 27, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Attending: Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Jake Rosa, and Kevin Young

Others: Jay Brayman, Michelle Yost, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:17 PM

2. December 19, 2016 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve, Mark Tuthill, second Peter Friedel. Passed.

3. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. Kingston Meeting – February 14 – Kevin briefly summarized where things are at and feels that the Third Supplemental Side Agreement is essentially done and that WRR issues are finalized and moving forward. He reported that he thought things went well and that Corporate Counsel Attorney Hilary Meltzer work diligently to find reasonable and practical solutions to issues raised.
b. LAP – EIS Update
c. Timeline – Looking for FAD by the end of the week. Kevin reported that a few tasks remain to complete the Third Supplemental Side Agreement.

4. 2017 Elections – Bruce reminded the board that elections are coming up.

5. Noticing CWT meetings – Kevin Young will look into the question of whether or not meeting notices are required by CWT.

6. Flood Commission Reports – A summary report from Phil Eskeli for the WoH was circulated. Greene County and Delaware County SWCD’s were circulated. Aaron had shared Ulster County’s report to Molly who had it sent out to Executive Committee members. They all continue to move ahead.

7. CWC report – nothing to report at this time.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Art Merrill reported on the Friday Feb. 24 meeting with DEP on ideas to assist communities below the dam regarding notification options during emergency situations and options to help with inundation maps for these communities during spill events that involve serious flooding. It went well. Discussions will continue. Supervisors from Deposit and Hancock were also present. Dave Warne and Tina Johnstone along with other key DEP staff were present. Next steps were summarized.
b. Esopus – Aaron reported that DEC is updated the hydrology and hydraulics modeling and that they are clarifying flood insurance rate maps below the dams.
c. Schoharie- no new information.

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – no report.
a. External hard drive for files. Cost estimate $310.00. Mike McCrary suggested that high quality thumb drives be considered for less money. Molly will check into that.

10. Archiving status – Molly reported that Marist College is not interested in archiving CWT historical information. Too much administrative material. CWT Board asked Molly to investigate the cost of digitizing the approximately 60 boxes of material and then follow digitizing estimates with what it might take to remove duplicates.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants – $13,672.34 Total; $13.288.73 – Young and Sommer; $50 Storage Fees – documents; $309.89 Watershed Affairs and $23.72 for postage. Art moved to pay vouchers, Mark Tuthill second. Passed. Treasurer’s report. Checking account balance $1,000.11. Savings account balance $49,639.46.
b. Dues Payment Update – Bills were sent out in January. Bruce reviewed the status of payments. That spurred some questions by members. Watershed Affairs will review the information and clear up some of the questions for the next meeting.

12. Other

13. Adjourn: Mike McCrary moved to adjourn. Art Merrill second. Passed.