Executive Board Meeting – Feb 27, 2017

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Attending: Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Jake Rosa, and Kevin Young

Others: Jay Brayman, Michelle Yost, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Molly Oliver, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:17 PM

2. December 19, 2016 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve, Mark Tuthill, second Peter Friedel. Passed.

3. Update on stakeholder negotiations and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. Kingston Meeting – February 14 – Kevin briefly summarized where things are at and feels that the Third Supplemental Side Agreement is essentially done and that WRR issues are finalized and moving forward. He reported that he thought things went well and that Corporate Counsel Attorney Hilary Meltzer work diligently to find reasonable and practical solutions to issues raised.
b. LAP – EIS Update
c. Timeline – Looking for FAD by the end of the week. Kevin reported that a few tasks remain to complete the Third Supplemental Side Agreement.

4. 2017 Elections – Bruce reminded the board that elections are coming up.

5. Noticing CWT meetings – Kevin Young will look into the question of whether or not meeting notices are required by CWT.

6. Flood Commission Reports – A summary report from Phil Eskeli for the WoH was circulated. Greene County and Delaware County SWCD’s were circulated. Aaron had shared Ulster County’s report to Molly who had it sent out to Executive Committee members. They all continue to move ahead.

7. CWC report – nothing to report at this time.

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Art Merrill reported on the Friday Feb. 24 meeting with DEP on ideas to assist communities below the dam regarding notification options during emergency situations and options to help with inundation maps for these communities during spill events that involve serious flooding. It went well. Discussions will continue. Supervisors from Deposit and Hancock were also present. Dave Warne and Tina Johnstone along with other key DEP staff were present. Next steps were summarized.
b. Esopus – Aaron reported that DEC is updated the hydrology and hydraulics modeling and that they are clarifying flood insurance rate maps below the dams.
c. Schoharie- no new information.

9. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – no report.
a. External hard drive for files. Cost estimate $310.00. Mike McCrary suggested that high quality thumb drives be considered for less money. Molly will check into that.

10. Archiving status – Molly reported that Marist College is not interested in archiving CWT historical information. Too much administrative material. CWT Board asked Molly to investigate the cost of digitizing the approximately 60 boxes of material and then follow digitizing estimates with what it might take to remove duplicates.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants – $13,672.34 Total; $13.288.73 – Young and Sommer; $50 Storage Fees – documents; $309.89 Watershed Affairs and $23.72 for postage. Art moved to pay vouchers, Mark Tuthill second. Passed. Treasurer’s report. Checking account balance $1,000.11. Savings account balance $49,639.46.
b. Dues Payment Update – Bills were sent out in January. Bruce reviewed the status of payments. That spurred some questions by members. Watershed Affairs will review the information and clear up some of the questions for the next meeting.

12. Other

13. Adjourn: Mike McCrary moved to adjourn. Art Merrill second. Passed.


Executive Board Meeting – Dec 19, 2016

Call to order 6:16

Present: Tony Van Glad, Art Merrill, Bruce Dolph, Mark Tuthill, Mike McCrary, Greg Vurckio, Tony Coiro, Pete Friedel, Wayland Gladstone and Jeff Baker.

Others present: Aaron Bennett, Rick Weidenbach, Molly Oliver, Tim Cox, Frazier.

1. October 17th Minutes: Motion to approve by Tony Van Glad, second by Mark Tuthill. Passed. (Nov. meeting cancelled)

2. Update on Stakeholder Meetings: Bruce summarized that it was a constructive and very positive. Environmental Groups asked for more meetings in January and February to discuss their concerns about some of the items that have been discussed already and that they have other additional general concerns they want to discuss. DOH has apparently said no to extended meetings that would delay the FAD. The group said yes to another meeting contingent upon the Env. Group getting their concerns out in early January. DEP had a tugboat sink in the Schoharie Reservoir. It was suggested that perhaps they would find it floating down the Esopus after passing through the tunnel.

a. Mr. Baker arrives creating chaos. Jeff Baker summarized the most recent meeting of the meetings held on 12/19 in Kingston. He agreed that it was a good meeting. Modification of some septic regulations appears likely. Jeff and Bruce were very encouraged with regard to funding of septic systems involving small business, small government, etc. The City will suspend solicitation in several towns (excluding WAC easements) while they conduct a study to determine if the LAP is impacting communities where they have purchased large amounts of land. The goal is to finish the study in the spring of 2017. Communities need to be vigilant in reviewing the acquisitions. Asked that the City will not proposed or DOH will not require it as part of the FAD a specific LAP. Want to wait until the NAS review is done before any future LAP recommendations be LTPP continuing the LAP.

b. LAP impact on CWTs. Was seeking a letter from each town to comment on what problems they are having with the LAP. It was decided that this effort is not now needed.

3. Flood Commission Reports. A handout was provided per Phil Eskeli. They are all moving forward. Aaron expanded on more recent issues and imminent activities.

4. CWC Report – Will be taking over the Future Stormwater program making it easier and more efficient for applicants with local administration and payments from CWC. No City vetos. City and CWC are still discussing the contract and program rules.

5. Below the reservoirs.
a. Delaware – A Project Advisory Committee has met for Vision Statement, Goals and Objectives. Less than a year to finish up.
b. Aaron corrected a prior statement in that a draft scope statement is what will be out soon. Not a draft EIS.
c. Town of Hurley letter went out today stating that explaining to him that the CWT is not supporting buyouts as part of the agreement for communities above the dams. Jeff handed out a letter.

6. Kurt Ossenfort contract: Jeff reported that contract recently went out.

7. Molly reported on the archiving effort. Mr. Corsaro put together a proposal to have CWT records archived. He recommended Cornell and Marist as possible locations to store archives. He recommended Marist as the first choice. CWT would donate the records to Marist and provide a donation. They would preserve all critical papers. There is a possibility to continue to add more information. It may be possible to make some portions put in electronic form. Climate controlled rooms, materials and expertise are needed that the CWT does not have. Tony Coiro motioned to have them archived at Marist after more investigation. Mike McCrary seconded. Discussion: Jeff cautioned about some documents may have attorney/client stipulations. Some review may be needed. Want the information to be used in research and be available to the public. Passed.

8. Warrants: Young, Sommers for $8,926.52 Moved my Tony Coiro, seconded by Mike McCrary Passed.

Treasurer’s report: Checking Balance $1,001.15. Savings Balance $58,519.79. Dues should begin to come in beginning in January.
a. Bruce summarized status of receivables for dues. A handful of municipalities are delinquent.

9. Other: January meeting date changed to the 23rd from the 16th. February 27th instead of February 20th.

10. Move to adjourn 7:18 Tony Van Glad second Mark Tuthill. Passed.

Executive Board Meeting – Oct 17, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In Attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruce Dolph, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Anthony VanGlad, Greg Vurkio, Jake Rosa, Tom Hilson, Bud Gladstone, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Rick Weidenbach, Larry Underwood, Alan Rosa, Alicia Terry, Molly Oliver, Michelle Yost

1. Call to Order – 6:15

2. September 19, 2016 Minutes Approval. Motion to accept the minutes made by Ric Coombe, seconded by Mark Tuthill. Carried.

3. Executive Committee
a. Two alternates needed for Delaware County and they selected Bud Gladstone, Supervisor of Andes and Tom Hilson, Town Board, Bovina

4. Town of Hurley. The Town of Hurley has 10-12 house below the reservoir that have had repeated flooding. This flooding is because the water came through the spillway. They are requesting to have these parcels be made eligible for the NYC Funded Flood Buyout Program. Concerns were expressed because the Town of Hurley is partially contained in the watershed, but these properties are outside of the watershed boundary. There is a working group in the area called the “Ashokan Release Working Group,” and this might be a venue for them to try to address these issues. That group is supposed to be doing an EIS to evaluate all of the impacts of being below the dams. If the EIS leads them to a buyout for that area, it would be separate from the Water Supply Permit. The point was made that at times the reservoirs have prevented flooding. At time s it may contribute, but it is unknown if that flooding is worse than if the dam was not in place. Aaron was not sure of the status of the working group. He reposted that he did not think the county was involved in this. Overall the group wants to support Hurley, but does not feel the NYCFFBO is the right path. Aaron said in April 2005 was the flood of record and there was a FEMA buyout made available at that time. Tony Van Glad made a motion to have the CWT attorney draft a letter to Hurley to tell them the other case and letting them know that the NYCFFBO only applies inside the watershed and those properties are outside. Motion seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.

5. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R.
a. Kingston Meetings – the October 25th meeting has been cancelled and more meetings scheduled for November 7, November 17, and December 1. Topics covered in this round of meetings:
i. The City will fund some of the costs for non-residential septics that they currently not cover. No decision made yet about the cost sharing. We have a proposal out there, need feedback.

ii. Working to alleviate need for some modeling and treatment of runoff for small project SWPPP.

iii. Working on deed restrictions for Deed language

iv. Off-site stockpiles and erosion controls – limiting the City’s involvement in this

v. Still working on protocol for percolation pits for stormwater and septics – soils profiles. City disagrees with local engineers. We want City to give deference to local engineer. If there is a disagreement a higher up engineer from DEC would have to give a written explanation. This should encourage the City to be reasonable. Jeff counteroffered that the city has more say when the soil test is within 200’ of the watercourse. If it is farther away, they defer to the local engineer. City will get back to us on this.

vi. We will be developing a Third Supplemental Side Agreement. Jeff wants environmental groups to sign on as well. They have been quite and we want to make sure they are in agreement so there are not issues down the road and that they will not go around the agreement.

vii. Still waiting to hear back from the City on the business septics.

viii. Discussing contracting issues on Oct 18.

ix. Tim noted that the local consultation contract has been cancelled by the city and the DEP is working to correct that. Jim Martin will attend and be prepared to talk to DEP about this.
1. All of the contracts we use regularly were drafted in 1996. The city’s policies have changed since then, and the outdated contracts are causing some of the issues. Updating the contracts may help with some of the issues.
2. Rick noted that the SWCD is currently treated as a vendor. Can they do inter municipal agreements? A lot of the issues are really non issues as SWCD must follow General Municipal Law.

6. Flood Commission Reports
a. Delaware county handed out a handout with updates

b. Phil Eskeli’s report was also handed out. That gives a status update of all towns.

c. Greene County, Ulster County, and Schoharie County gave verbal updates about ongoing feasibility studies and relocations.

7. CWC reports – DEP Meeting

8. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff. No contract yet.

9. Archive materials from WOH, Young Sommer, Greene County – the Archivist that we were planning to use is no longer available to do the entire task. He will help us to get a document together to develop the RFP to hire another archivist.

10. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – First round of community outreach meetings is ongoing. Will get into writing the plan over the winter.

b. Esopus- Lower Esopus EIS will be out soon. They are unhappy the DEP will be the lead agency for that. DEC should have been lead agency.

c. Schoharie – Dynamiting shaft in Gilboa Dam. Waiting on a pit to armor Schoharie Creek.

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants motion made by Tony VanGlad to pay the following warrants:
i. Store Room – $50
ii. Young and Sommer – $3,314.50
Seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried.

b. Dues Payment Update – no update

c. Checking account: $1,000.21
d. Savings account: $74,161.96
Motion made by Tony Coiro to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Ric Coombe. Carried.

12. Other
a. Ric Coombe said that Sullivan County will be signing the side agreement this week.

b. Aaron reported that the side agreement got through committee. Should hopefully go through next week.

13. Adjourn 7:28. Motion to adjourn made by Tony VanGlad. Seconded by Mark Tuthill. Carried

Executive Board Meeting – Sept 19, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

In attendance: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, Bruch Dolph, Peter Friedel, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Anthony Van Glad
Dean Frazier, Molly Oliver, Larry Underwood, Tim Cox, Alicia Terry

1. Call to Order – 6:16

2. August 15, 2016 Minutes Approval. Motion made by Mike, seconded by Ric. Carried.

3. Executive Committee
a. Diana Cope submitted a letter of resignation. Marge Miller also resigned leaving two openings for alternate CWT members from Delaware County. Dean suggested Tom Hilson of Bovina, and many thought that would be a good choice. Delaware County representatives will brainstorm outside the meeting to think of other options.

4. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R
a. WSP and Side agreement are essentially done. Need to check the status of Ulster and Sullivan Counties. Ric will assist with Sullivan County.

b. City will simplify stormwater projects for smaller projects.

c. City will take out Hardship requirement from the variance process

d. New table to replace NCRA, but the City has to make a funding commitment.

e. We are pushing against further land acquisition. We expected more pushback on this, so that is positive. The National Research Council will form a panel to assess the need for continued land acquisition. All parties seem interested in being selective about parcels to be acquired, that they are necessary. The Riparian Buffer Program was discussed.

f. Stream program. DEP not budging on delegating Stream Program issues. The entirety of this issue was not discussed during that meeting. Discussion will continue in small groups. There has been conflicting information from DEP. In the Farm Program they do 75-100 BMPs every year. They do not have any direct oversight from DEP. They can actually use the designs of the Stream Program Engineers, even though the Stream Program cannot. We want nationally accepted standards such as NRCS to be used as a guide.

g. The stream program is not satisfied with the suggestions put forth in the last stakeholder meeting. For example, the technical and programmatic groups have not been able to make progress to date.

h. Ric suggested we develop CAD templates to eliminate some of the conflict re: templates.

i. Larry described a “functional review” where the funder can review a plan for 1-2 days to make sure it will meet their goals.

j. Different DEP departments do not communicate, and give conflicting comments.

k. Delaware County is set up differently than the other counties in that they have an engineer on staff.

l. Kingston Meetings – Sept 7, 8, 17, 18, 26, 27, October 17, 18, 25

m. There will be a meeting with Land Trusts in Valhalla on Sept 28.

5. Flood Commission Reports – flood commissions are moving forward. See attached handouts.

6. CWC reports – DEP Meeting – CWC will take over the reimbursement of this program. There are final details to work out. They have also sent around correspondence to determine the Outreach and Technical leads. No lobbying allowed in this program. Jeff and Tim to discuss the exact meaning of lobbying as it applies here. If an outreach or technical lead is already funded by NYC they cannot be reimbursed by the program. Working with parking lot owner at Margaretville parking lot across from Freshtown. Lowering that lot can significantly lower floodwater on Main Street.

7. 25th Anniversary of CWT
a. Kurt Ossenfort – Contract Update from Jeff – Jeff will get that out next week.

b. Motion to pay Kurt Ossenfort $500 for the video played at the CWT Anniversary. Motion made by Tony Van Glad, seconded by Tony Coiro, carried.

c. Archive materials from WOH, Young Sommer, Greene County – Archivist coming on 26th.

d. Storage of material – where will hard and digital files be stored? Do all need to be scanned or just some? Tony Van Glad asked if archivists are licensed, bonded, etc? We are unsure. Could store in new CWC building, but that will be 2-3 years down the road. If we digitize, do we need to keep the hard copies of everything?

8. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Have 9 upcoming meetings for first public outreach for the Stream Corridor Management Plan. Water, Water Everywhere will be on October 19th at the West Branch Angler. FAD ask for emergency notification down there, which would require ongoing education and outreach. We also asked for Stream Gauges and Forest Management. Croton being online has been online for more than a year and those numbers are now being use in determining the releases from the dams.
b. Esopus – no report
c. Schoharie – no report

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Tony Van Glad made a motion to pay:
i. Bruce Dolph – $205. 90
ii. Young and Sommer – $7578.00
iii. Delaware County WSA – Postage – $14.12
iv. Delaware County WSA – Professional – $6,727.52
v. Abbey Movers – $750.00
vi. Storeroom – $140.00
vii. Gail Hymers – $66.84
viii. Kurt Ossenfort – $500.00
ix. TOTAL = 15,767.48
Tony Coiro seconded, carried.

Checking Account – $846.89
Savings Account – $89,998.08
The bills will be paid out of that.
b. Dues Payment Update – no update to report. Only a handful that weren’t up to date.

10. Other – DRBC is contemplating a change in the fee schedule for wastewater and water withdrawals. Withdrawls would impact gold courses, farms, water bottling facilities, etc… The change will get rid of the large fees at the time of application, and would implement a yearly fee.

11. Adjourn 7:35 – Ric made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tony Coiro. Carried

Executive Board Meeting – August 15, 2016

Location: Coalition of Watershed Towns, Main Street, Margaretville, NY

Present: Art Merrill, Mike McCrary, Ric Coombe, Mark Tuthill, Bruce Dolph, Diana Cope, Peter Friedel, Counsel – Kevin Young.

Others attending: Alan Rosa, Tim Cox, Larry Underwood, Alicia Terry, Molly Oliver, Aaron Bennett, Jeff Flack, Joan Lawrence Bauer – Catskill Mountain News, Frazier.

1. Call to Order 6:17

2. July 18, 2016 Minutes – Motion to approve Art Merrill, second Mark Tuthill, passed.

3. Update on WSP & Side Agreement, WR&R
a. Kingston Meetings 8/8 – FAD Meetings – Kevin summarized the Kingston meetings. Parties to the negotiations are working in good faith however; we sense there is a fair amount of resistance to our proposed changes. The solutions will likely be in expansion of partnership programs and delegation of program administration of some programs, for example the CWC Future Stormwater Program. CWC and CWT have sent proposals to them, but they have not received feedback yet. Also, the City provided a new schedule for accepting septic waste. The volumes that have been proposed should provide plenty of head room to take care of current needs. Kevin read off data for all DEP WWTPs. DEP will be sending out a final schedule.

b. The CWT has been asked to draft a Conservation Easement for municipalities who are purchasing property. Jeff Flack reported that the appraisal has been accepted by the Business owner in Jewitt. So the CWT will work on that easement language.

c. Delaware County Meeting with Regulators – Molly, Shelly Johnson, Frazier and Kevin Young met with DOH, DEC and EPA. The purpose was to have a more thorough discussion about the challenges we have cited as problems. Two or three examples where given and discussed in-depth. We felt the meeting was well worth-while as we were better able to explain in a small group some of the pitfalls in the processes and gaps between what is being said at the stakeholder meetings and what is actually happening on the ground and why. We advocated for expansion of partnership programs at CWC and changes related to the NCRA’s. No matter what changes made to the WR&R there will be ambiguity in interpretation of the WR&Rs.

d. Molly offered an invitation for Mike Dulong to come and visit the watershed as he had not been in Delaware County. Molly summarized the day. Took him to 3 sites where pre project meetings were underway with contractors. One of the contractors showed him directly and discussed some of the projects. We think it was helpful for him and in turn it was useful for us to hear his thoughts on things. Graydon Dutcher took us on a tour of the Water Street Project in Walton. That too, was a very useful and informative stop. Graydon did a great job explaining what was being planned.

4. 360 Report- Molly reported on the meeting Delaware County had with the five authors of the proposed changes to the NYD DEC Part 360. There was ambiguity with regard to how they might affect our flood mitigation efforts, particularly where historical fill needs removing or reuse of navigational dredge material of stream materials. There is a potential for large costs for dealing with contaminated soils. A sampling protocol is outlined. Sampling costs could be extremely large. Sampling might have to be done before you even get bids. Under an Article 15 permit, many of the regulations would not apply. Taking fill out of a flood plain triggers the regulations. They want us to review their transition language. Our comments suggested that if you have funding in place that the project should not be subject to these changes. It is a self-regulatory program.

5. Flood Commission Reports – Bruce complimented the flood commission reports that have been sent in and cited some very significant projects will be implemented in the future. He emphasized the need for municipalities to institute a debris removal program to minimize structures plugging up during events.
a. Larry Underwood reported on the Walton Flood Commission. CWC fuel tank anchoring program is out there and being used. Doing a great service and job. Code officers are pushing it. East, West and Third Brook Tributaries are underway. Two public meetings have been held in Walton. The plan is to have a walk-through of the tributaries for the public this fall. Arkville is rescheduling their next Flood Commission meeting. Fleischmanns is having and Clovesville had a meeting on August 8th. A plan was adopted. Delhi is scheduled for August 25 and then a joint town and village meeting on September 13. Andes had a public meeting and introduced the public to their consultant. Hamden had a meeting on findings on August 2. Field surveys are being conducted in Hamden to collect flood data, etc.

b. Jeff Flack reported that Ashland has formed a commission. Town of Hunter, Village of Hunter, and Village of Tannersville will each have their own commission, but will use the same consultant for continuity.

c. Alicia reported that Conesville had a kickoff meeting and first meeting with the public. Good attendance and good information was shared. Will be meeting again in September.

d. Aaron reported on Ulster County.
i. Town of Shandaken
1. Phoenicia (post-LFA Implementation):
a. Shandaken submitted an application to the CWC’s Flood Hazard Mitigation Implementation Program last month for $15,000 to hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study for the possible relocation of two adjoining, commercial structures (on one parcel) on Main Street Phoenicia. Desire is to relocate to a location in the hamlet outside of floodplain. The relocation is tied to the floodplain mitigation project.
b. The town recently discovered that all of the Benefit-to-Cost ratios included in the final Phoenicia – Mt Tremper LFA were incorrect. The consulting firm mistakenly double-counted the equalization rate for the town. Revisions were done (at no additional cost), however the updated BCRs are lower than the originals. The BCR for the highest priority project the Town is pursuing – a floodplain bench in Phoenicia, remains above 1.0.

2. Mt Tremper (post-LFA implementation):
a. Similar to what occurred in Prattsville with respect to the Route 23A bridge, Shandaken officials recently met with NYSDOT and NYSDEC staff to discuss opportunities to coordinate with one another on the replacement of the Route 28 bridge over Esopus Creek. The town presented the state with results from the LFA process. Town and State officials will collaborate closely as this bridge project moves forward (2019-20 construction).

3. Shandaken / Allaben:
a. Town of Shandaken has settled on a scope of services and a price from Milone and MacBroom (MMI) to conduct a Local Flood Analysis for the hamlets of Shandaken and Allaben. The town is in the process of applying to the AWSMP for funding to hire MMI. The LFA should begin this fall.
b. The next SAFARI (flood committee) meeting is scheduled for September 13, 10am in Shokan

4. Town of Olive
a. The first draft of the LFA final report for the hamlets of Boiceville and West Shokan is expected to be delivered to the town’s Flood Advisory Committee in August. This project is on schedule for completion by November.
b. The next meeting will be scheduled upon receipt of the draft LFA report.
Rondout – Neversink

ii. Town of Denning
1. Claryville:
a. Town of Denning accepted the Claryville LFA report at its July town board meeting. The Sullivan County Town of Neversink accepted the Claryville report in July as well.

2. Sundown:
a. LFA is underway with Barton & LoGuidice as the selected engineering firm/consultant. Two public information-gathering sessions have already been held. The Flood Committee met the first week in August and was given a preview of some of the preliminary modeling that has been already conducted for several of the locations identified by the residents. One of the projects being discussed, at least preliminarily, is a 1,600’ stream restoration project immediately upstream of the Sundown Bridge (scheduled to be rehabilitated by Ulster County DPW next year). More modeling is needed for this potential project, as well as the others, before moving ahead to the BCA.

iii. The next Sundown community LFA meeting where the modeling scenarios will be presented is scheduled for 6pm on September 1 at Church Hall in Sundown. The public presentation with the BCA results is scheduled for October 13.

e. The City came to Walton to discuss appraisals for The Breakey Motors and County Building in the Village of Walton and will soon be doing them.

f. Water Quality workgroup. Phil Eskeli and Beth Riechheld met with the TAG working group on July 26th. We are expecting their comments on the narrative the group has developed. This is related to the 1:1 BCA issue. This narrative in the matrix is for use with any source of money to justify the water quality.
CWC reports – Alan reported that DOH has reached out to CWC on the waste water program. CWC has worked out the program rules and the Future Stormwater and Retrofit programs have also been discussed with them. On July 28th CWC met with Paul Rush, Corp Council and people doing contracts to discuss what would be needed by DEP with regard to the new building and leasing it. Tim did a little research on the people within DEP we work with in the DEP. About 70% live outside the watershed and even outside NYS. Getting them up here would help with communication and accountability.

6. 25th Anniversary of CWT
a. RSVP Update: as of tonight 21 have sent an RSVP. Another reminder was sent out this morning. Some have been sent direct mailings. Video footage – Kevin is having all their files taken out of storage and brought to their offices. It will involve dozens of boxes they are law firm boxes.

b. Kurt Ossenfort – Video Footage – The board approved Molly to follow up on the Kurt Ossenfort subject to clarify the situation given that Jeff is on vacation.

c. Speakers – it was decided to have Jeff and Kevin speak of the general history as the main speakers and would ask past members or other guests to say a few words as they desire. Alan, Clayton Brooks, Carl Stuendel, Bruce and others would offer some comments as they desire.

7. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Paul Rush will be reporting on the studies they did below the Cannonsville dam. Involved parties are meeting this Thursday to sort out the final schedule for meetings this fall and early spring for the SCMP. Outreach with communities on the history of the streams is going well. Grants for two more pilot projects, one in Colchester and one in Deposit have been submitted.
b. Esopus – no report
c. Schoharie – no report

8. Warrants(s): no warrants this month. Treasurer’s Report $1,000.19, Savings $86,489.02 Moved by Ric Coombe to accept the Treasurer’s report, second by Mark Tuthill. Passed unanimously.
a. Dues Payment Update – Looking up. Currently, only 7 members have not paid this year’s dues.

9. Other
a. DOH replied to the letter sent by the CWT in response to Environmental Group letter that went to the Commissioner of DOH regarding the lack of progress on the flood mitigation program.

b. Letter from Town of Olive. Septic systems being required are too costly. Shokan soils are not well suited to individual septic systems and lot sizes are far too small. Shokan is in 1A, the highest category. DEP did a study on the hamlet. The town of Olive has sent a letter to state that the report does not address the problems. This community needs a community waste system. Kevin recommended that the CWT get a copy of that study. Alan says Shokan was missed when communities were identified. Community cluster system will not work here either. There is no incentive for a municupality to get involved if there is no funding for O&M should a bad actor use the system. There is not a septic solution for Shokan. Alan indicated he could forward the information to Kevin. The Coalition supports Shokan’s position via their comments on the FAD. The supervisor for Olive should attend the stakeholder meetings on this subject.

c. The DOH summary of the review of compliance by DEP with the revised 2017 FAD is out.

d. Kevin reported that DEC just released the new NYS Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control. It is a guidance document. It is some 600 pages long. Three DEP staff were very influential in its development. Some discussion ensued about that. It will be used as regulation by DEP based on past practice. It appears the only solution to this debacle is that CWC get delegated authority to approve projects and funding to administer future stormwater and retrofits.

10. Adjourn – At 7:33 Mark Tuthill made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Pete Friedel. Carried.