Executive Board Meeting – Aug 19, 2019 and Election Results

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill and Greg Vurckio.
Others: Tim Cox, Jeff Baker, Nick Carbone, Aaron Bennett and Kelly Mariotti.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:17 P.M.

2. June 17, 2019 Minutes Approval (no quorum in July):
Mike had some questions:
1st. What did the NAS report say regarding easements? Mark responded that is something that NAS will pursue.
2nd. What about the septic system program with CWC? Tim Cox reported that the contract is now in place and the program has resumed. They have worked through some of the backlog as well.
Moved by Mike McCrary. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures: Jeff Baker believes that they have all the signatures.

4. DEP appraisals: The appraisal process is extremely bias Mark stated. They are messing with the market values. We need to keep on top of this.

5. Election results: Jeff reported on the results. Please see attachment: click HERE to view.
In September, there will be election of the officers.

6. Reports
a. FAD deliverables: Jeff and Michelle Yost had a meeting with The Catskill Center on the SAP program. Their contract is going forward. They talked about how the CWT could help them. Michelle was going to give them more information on the trails in Greene County. Towns have been interested in requiring the trails. Should the focus of the program be in line the major stems? The City is saying equal priority/acquisitions. We are saying that isn’t fair. This discussion will continue.

Nick Carbone reported on the DRBC issue in the Village of Delhi. DRBC alteration to Delhi’s ground water withdraw. They are proposing reducing from 34 million per 30 days to 20 million gallons per 30 days. 42% reduction. This could impact the Village with growth. We need it for the college and other businesses that have plans to expand. A paper was written up on behalf of the Village of Delhi that was presented to the DRBC public hearing meeting on August 14th which Nick presented. After the meeting, members talked to Nick about getting this rectified. DRBC asked for more information on the water usage for their business meeting on September 11, 2019.

b. Flood Commission Reports: Please see attached from Ulster County. [Not available here as of Sept 17,2019. -cfs]

c. CWC report: CWC is not happy with DRBC as well. The CWC is spending anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 on permitting fees for waste water projects. After the sewer project, this has to be built in the community budget. DEP is funding it, reviewing it and giving their comments on these projects in the Delaware River Basin which ends up costing 10 of thousands of dollars.
Tim reported that they will have the keys to the new building by December. The plan is to move in by March.

d. Below the Reservoirs: No report.

7. Warrants(s): Motion to pay the warrant by Tony Coiro. Second by Peter Friedel. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s report: Motion to except treasurer’s report by Ric Coombe. Second by Tom Hilson. Motion carried.

8. Other

9. Adjourn: Ric Coombe motion for the meeting to adjourn. Tony Coiro second. Motion carried. Meeting adjourn at 7:07 PM.