Executive Board Meeting – Sept 17, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, Anthony Coiro, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Greg Vurckio, David Kukle, Chris Mathews, Donald Murray and Ric Coombe.
Others: Tim Cox, Kelly B. Mariotti, Jeff Baker and Aaron Bennett.

1. Call to Order – 6:17 pm

2. August 20, 2018 Minutes Approval. Moved by Peter Friedel. Second by Bill Federice. Minutes accepted as is.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures. Jeff will follow-up with Ulster County.

4. Resolutions
a. CWC Land Acquisition Reviews. Where does the confidentially come in. The City feels strongly about it according to Jeff. The property owner and City has agreed on an appraisal price. CWC is asking to review and make comments before it goes to contract. CWC is not looking for a price, it’s not what the Board is looking at doing. The disclosure of the land owner isn’t until the end. At the end it’s a public price. Ric Coombe stated that some of the concerns the Towns are having the overreaching of Land Acquisitions. The property owners need to understand that they don’t have to sell the whole parcel. Need to retain as much developable land possible. The property owners are concerned for being singled out for selling to DEP with a program attached to it. Mike stated that seemed to be the issue. There are landowners that they don’t want people to know that they are dealing with the City. Mark stated that this issue isn’t solved yet. Still disagreements on appraisals. Moved for adoption a resolution that the CWT shares the concerns of the local officials of the CWC Board of Directors and strongly supports their request. Moved by Mike McCrary. Second by Ric Coombe. Opposed by Wayland Gladstone.

b. Bike paths on City Land. Mark reported that he met with Dave Warne and Paul Rush last week. The bike path will not be approved. Jeff Baker presented to the Board a resolution urging DEP to reconsider its position. Mike suggested more tourism be presented in the resolution. Moved to adopt with changes by Mike McCrary. Second by Ric Coombe. Passed. Jeff also stated that this is not a CWT issue. Hunter and Windham will have to deal with this on their own, but Jeff will offer guidance when he can. Also, the funds are low in the CWT budget.

5. Reports
a. National Academy of Sciences Panel – Meetings will take place 9/27 – 9/28 and 10/25 – 10/26. Jeff is scheduled to speak during the open comment period.

b. FAD deliverables – Mark went to the meeting last Friday which was the smaller group. Jeff stated that they are trying to get them to recognize the goals of what we have and it’s making good progress talking about it. Another meeting is October 22 of the smaller group. The larger group will meet sometime in November with all the state holders bringing all this together. The big question is to get the city to recognize to pay some type of incentive for premium payment for the value of the land, it’s a narrow buffer.

c. Flood Commission Reports – Aaron Bennett reported. See attached.

d. CWC report – Tim Cox reported that a bid has been approved for the new CWC building.

e. Below the Reservoirs
i. Delaware – No report
ii. Esopus – The Ashokan has been releasing 10-15 million gallons per day due to all the rain.
iii. Schoharie – No report

6. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report – Savings Balance: $49,057.26 Checking Balance: $950.31
Warrants: $50.00 for Storage fee. Admin. Asst. $921.77. Young and Sommer $4,717.50. Motion to pay the warrant made by William Federice. Second by Mike McCrary. Motion to accept treasurer’s report. Mike McCrary. Second by Tom Hilson. All approved.

i. Dues update – Mark reported on the towns that have dropped out over the years. This will be looked into. Our budget is running low. There are issues that are coming up that will be using a large portion of the budget over the next year. We need to replenished the funds. Jeff suggested about going to the Legislature for a special allocation to the CWT. Ric Coombe suggested that we raise the dues. Send out a letter this year to remind people what the CWT does. Jeff will draft the letter. And, that the CWT dues will be raise by 50% in the year 2020. Mark suggested a blanket form resolution to be sent to all Towns and Villages for them to send to Albany stating we need funding to help offset the dues increase. Jeff will draft that resolution.

7. Other – Delaware County needs two alternates

8. Meeting adjourned at 7:32. Motion by Ric Coombe. Second by Wayland Gladstone

Executive Board Meeting – Aug 20, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, Anthony Coiro, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Thomas Hilson, Michael McCrary, Greg Vurckio, David Kukle, Chris Mathews and Donald Murray.
Others: Molly Oliver, Bruce Dolph, Larry Underwood, Tim Cox, Kelly B. Mariotti, Michelle Yost and Steve Walker.

1. Call to Order – 6:04 pm

2. June 18, 2018 Minutes Approval. Moved by Peter Friedel. Second by Greg Vurckio. Minutes accepted as is. No meeting in July.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures. Waiting on Ulster and Sullivan Counties to sign. It is in the works. CWC has approved the agreement, they just have to sign.

4. CWC Land Acquisition Reviews
a. Del. Co. Resolution in support of CWC’s request to review Land Acquisitions.

b. CWC – CWC is asking DEC if they could have authority to review Land Acquisitions and make comments. WAC doesn’t like this idea. The Towns would also have a chance for input in case they want to do something with the parcel in the future. CWC would also contract with the County to help with the reviews. The main thing is the Towns receive all possible information and comments before going into contract with the City. Tim Cox brought up the Wayne Marshfield letter to DEP in regards that there are nine parcels that the city wants to buy but only one of the parcels includes a water course that meets the natural resource criteria. Tom Snow is in favor of getting us in pre-contract. Motion moved by Tony Coiro for a resolution by the CWT in support of CWC reviews and comments on Land Acquisitions having the Towns review before going into contract. Second by Greg Vurckio. Motion approved by all. CWT will send minutes to Tom Snow and do a resolution next month.

5. Windham Path Resolution – Mr. Walker presented a resolution from the Town of Windham to the CWT Board requesting legal assistance from CWT Board to work with NYCDEP on advancing the Windham Path through land owned by the DEP. Tony stated that we need to look at the whole picture. Tourism is a big part of our economy for all the Towns. Bruce suggested to eliminate the word “Mountain bikes” and just make it “bikes”. Mountain bike suggests bikes racing down the mountain creating ruts and tearing up the side of the mountain – which is not what these paths would be. DEC has mountain bike trails. Maybe DEP will consider this language. Mark will bring this up next week when he meets with Dave Warne and Paul Rush. Mike McCrary motioned to draft a resolution for the next CWT meeting. We need to raise the issue with DEP pointing out the recreational use of these trails which may include non-motorized wheels that are beneficial to the community, tourism, better preserving water quality and controlling erosion. Second by Tony Coiro. Motion approved by all.

6. Reports
a. National Academy of Sciences Panel –
i. Meeting Dates – The next meeting dates are September 27th and 28th for the first round. Also, October 25th and 26th for the second round.
ii. Panel/Scope Updates – The NAS did make an addition to the panel. The new person Richard Stedman – is from Cornell University and has a sociology background. Mark has the 2000 “Watershed Management for Potable Water Supply: Assessing the New York City Strategy”. This document lists some of the biggest concerns: microbial pathogens, organic precursors of disinfection byproducts and phosphorus. Mark stated that these concerns have been addressed over the years. We have been doing our job! Kelly will be sending the short version of the document to the CWT board.
iii. Scientific Support Group – A small panel of experts are being formed in Delaware County to participate in the NAS meetings.

b. FAD deliverables:
i. Streamside Acquisition
1. June 14th meeting – Larger group meeting. Jeff Baker was asked to draft zoning changes for water quality sub-division. For normal building lots that are not going to meet road frontage access. Need an easier way to let them subdivide in this SAP program that normally doesn’t meet subdivision ranks.
2. Upcoming meetings: 9/14, 10/22

ii. Farm in Transition/Rescue Report – Not moving forward at this time.

c. Flood Commission Reports – Larry Underwood reported that the weather has set the projects back. Contractors are ready to go just waiting for the weather to break. The water is high and makes it very difficult for de-watering the streams for work to be done.
i. South Street in Walton. Bids are due Friday. Do to the steel prices going up, bids could come in way over budget.
ii. DPW will be starting Mill Street in Fleischmanns on September 4
iii. SMIP applications. One has been awarded for the East Branch fish study – Trout Unlimited.
iv. Steele Brook. Award from Army Corp for $440,000 for bank failure. Will start next year. Also, a second project for Steele Brook is debris removal. A SMIP application has been submitted for this in the amount of $20,000.
v. Michele Yost reported that a potential project in the Village of Hunter for a floodplain reclamation and bridge replacement could take place which would take a number of properties out of the floodplain.
vi. Windham – 3 applications are in the process for buyouts on main street.
vii. Molly Oliver for Arron Bennett –DEC has decided not to do the monitoring on the sites that were purchased through the flood buyout program. City is looking for someone else to monitor the sites. These are municipally owned sites. Mount Tremper has ~7 properties that had started out on the flood buyout process. If the properties are not purchased by the end of next year, DOT is going to eminent domain the properties because they want to lengthen the bridge. The County was totally surprised by this last week and now the process is coming to a halt.
Tim Cox reported that there are 2 projects that they are looking to do. First is Rt. 28 bridge replacement in Big Indian. Second is 212 up towards Woodstock. There is a bridge there that goes under water every time during flooding. They are looking at raising 212. There are 2 properties that would be involved. Looking to do a flood buyout on the properties. One of them is the Rock Cut Cottages. Looking to do a relocation. The City has pulled the plug on the buyouts because of the DOT timeline.
Tim also reported that Ulster County has asked CWC for assistance for taking down the old Mt. Tremper bridge. CWC has agreed to take on the task.

d. CWC report – Tim Cox reported the CWC will be awarding bids in September for their new building.

e. Below the Reservoirs
i. Delaware – Molly reported that work for the SCMP Phase 2 has begun.
ii. Esopus – No report
iii. Schoharie – No report

7. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
i. Savings Balance: $49,055.18 Checking Balance: $1,001.18
ii. Warrants totaling $50.00 for Storage fee. No admin. fee or attorney fee. Motion to accept treasurer’s report and pay the warrant made by Tony Coiro. Second by Thomas Hilson. All approved.

8. Other – Delaware County needs two alternates

9. Meeting adjourned at 7:38. Motion by Tony Coiro. Second by Greg Vurckio.

Executive Board Meeting – June 18, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY

Present: William Federice, Peter Friedel, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill and David Kukle.
Others: Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Michelle Yost, Jeff Baker and Kelly Blakeslee

1. Call to Order 6:19 pm

2. May 21, 2018 Minutes Approval. Moved by Mike McCrary. Second by David Kukle. Minutes accepted as is.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Signatures – Michelle Yost stated that a sample resolution is being passed around her county for approval so that it can get sent off to Legislature.

4. Stakeholders meetings
a. Town Level Assessments
i. Changes to Solicitation strategy

b. Farm transition
i. No report from DEP yet.

c. SAP
i. Meeting was held June 14th. Mark reported that Tom Snow wants to get the SAP program in place. We can fix it as we go. Delaware County argued that you can’t have both programs. It’s stated in the Water Supply Permit and the MOU that the city can’t buy land under 10 acres. The WSP and MOU would have to be changed. DEC lawyers said that you don’t have to change it. Mark replied that the County would have to sue. Dave Tobias and Dave Warne made comments to see about reconfigure LAP towards SAP. NYC has to negotiate a new contract with Catskill Center to even continue with the pilot program that they have now.

5. Reports
a. Flood Commission Reports – Michelle reported that the Tannersville highway garage was approved for a feasibility study which is funded by the CWC. The Village of Hunter has a bridge that is undersized. This could be a large project. There will be a walk through sometime in July.

b. CWC report – Tim Cox reported that the draft septic rules will be out to the city sometime this week. Six applications have been approved for the property protection grants. More pending for July including Boiceville Market. CWC can award up to $5,000 for a feasibility study. 75% is available for construction – with 25% match required.

c. Below the Reservoirs – No reports
i. Delaware
ii. Esopus
iii. Schoharie

d. Other
i. Jeff Baker reported that the NASEM put together a committee to review the NYC Watershed Protection Programs. There is a lack of economic development and community sustainability expertise and lack of representation. Comments regarding this committee are due by July 2nd. Mr. Baker will draft a resolution on behalf of the Coalition stating the CWT concerns. Motion moved by David Kukle. Second by Peter Friedel.

6. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Savings Balance: $55,051.39 Checking Balance: $1,001.18

b. Warrants totaling $228.80 (Storage fee: $50.00; WSA Admin: $178.80; Young and Sommer – no invoice). Motion to accept treasurer’s report and pay the warrants made by Peter Friedel. Second by Mike McCrary. All approved.

7. Other – Delaware County needs two alternates – Mark stated that they are still looking.

8. Meeting adjourned at 7:09. Motion by Peter Friedel. Second by Mike McCrary.

Executive Board Meeting – May 21, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15 PM

Present: Mark Tuthill, Tom Hilson, Dave Kukle, Michael McCrary, Pat Davis, Greg Vurckio.
Others: Jeff Baker, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Michelle Yost, Bruce Dolph.

1. Call to Order

2. April 16, 2018 Minutes. Tom Hilson moved to accept the minutes. Second by Greg Vurckio. All approved.

3. Update on 3d Supplemental Side Agreement. Mr. Baker reported that all issues have been resolved and the parties are signing the agreement. Mr. Tuthill signed the agreement on behalf of the CWT at that meeting.

4. Stakeholders meetings. A discussion was held on issues raised by Mr. Davis that the CWT should be developing arguments to provide to the National Academies of Sciences regarding the CWT’s concerns with the continuation of the land acquisition process. Mr. Tuthill reported on a recent meeting with Tom Snow and the discussion by CWT and Delaware County officials that any expansion of the Streamside Acquisition Program must be in coordination and agreement of each town where it will occur. There was also a discussion of comments circulated by Dean Frazier regarding Farms in Transition and it was noted that those comments did not necessarily represent the views of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors in Delaware County has set up a group and we are waiting for their feedback.

5. Reports
a. Flood Commission Reports:
i. Delaware County submitted a written report.
ii. Greene County: Michelle Yost reported on the proposal submitted to CWC for the Town of Hunter and Village of Tannersville to co-locate a Highway Garage outside the floodplain.

b. CWC Report: Tim Cox reported that CWC is reviewing 6 applications for property protection grants.

c. Below the Reservoirs. No reports.

6. Warrants and Treasurer’s Report.
a. Savings Balance: $60,990.57; Checking Balance: $1000.16
b. Warrants totaling $5,940.91 (Storage fee: $50; Young Sommer: $5,559.50; Dept. of Watershed Affairs: $331.41). Motion to accept treasurer’s report and pay the warrants made by Michael McCrary, seconded by Dave Kukle. All approved.

7. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM. Motion by Tom Hilson, second by Greg Vurckio. All approved.

Executive Board Meeting – April 16, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15 pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, Anthony Coiro, Ric Coombe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Michael McCrary, Greg Vurckio, Thomas Hilson.
Others: Larry Underwood, Aaron Bennett, Molly Oliver, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Michelle Yost and Frazier.

1. Call to Order

2. March 19, 2018 Minutes – Ric Coombe moved to accept them. Second by Pete Friedel. Passed.

3. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement Status – Mr. Baker reported it will be circulated for signatures.

4. Stake holders meetings
a. Town level assessments
i. Mark mentioned everyone received the comments from Jeff regarding the DEP’s offer. Will see how the meeting goes on the 17th. Mark sought feedback regarding Land Acq. The overall sense is that the CWT would like to see it end or at the very least focus on more sensitive land. Swaps might hold some possibility. Mike McCrary raised the issue of SAP lands needing access. So if there is a parcel that will be subdivided, the stream portion need to be a flag lot. This issue and others all need to be addressed. Some towns may need or want to change their subdivision laws to accommodate some of the subdivision issues.
ii. Next meeting – April 17th
b. Farm transition – Comments submitted from Del. Co. – not discussed

5. Reports
a. Flood Commission Reports – Brief reports were given. Many LFAs done and adopted. Some beginning to implement projects. Village of Stamford is interested in an LFA. Towns have submitted SMIP grant applications for some of the projects. There are about 15 applications. There is a short list of projects that could use CWC funding. Roxbury is moving ahead with an LFA. Aaron reported on Mt. Tremper. A lot of coordination going on to get a reuse permit request from FEMA to use some buyout properties. There is a need to decommission and remove an ACOE berm. In mid-May, DOT will hold a public meeting to inform the public. Boiceville is doing a planning study. Visioning the future for hamlet redevelopment. Kick off in Mid-May. Rt 28 in Boiceville is currently flooding in a 25 year storm. Town needs more information. If 28 is going to flood, what good is it to build another bridge? Concerns about shutting down the Shandaken Bridge below the current bridge. Response time for Emergency Service could create some serious situations.

b. CWC report – Nice annual meeting. Large crowd. Standing room only.

c. Below the Reservoirs
i. Delaware – PAC meeting scheduled for Phase I of the SCMP. Funding for Phase II is looking good from ARC. Graydon and Larry met with Colchester. They will enter into an MOU with the SWCD to provide support to the town.
ii. Esopus
iii. Schoharie

d. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
i. Savings balance $65,451.23, Checking balance $796.94. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Mike McCrary. Second by Pete Friedel. Passed
ii. $5,760.35. Motion to pay the warrants by Pete Friedel. Second by Mike McCrary. Passed.

6. Other – New member and new alternate – Tom Hilson will step in to take Art Merrill’s place, still need two alternates.

7. Meeting Adjourned at 6:36 PM. Motion by Tony Coiro and second by Ric Coombe. Passed.

Executive Board Meeting – March 19, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Mark Tuthill, Mike McCrary, Ric Coombe, Wayland Gladstone, Art Merrill, Greg Vurckio, Peter Friedel, William Federice and attorney Jeff Baker.

Others: Bruce Dolph, Michelle Yost, Tim Cox, Jason Merwin, Molly Oliver, Frazier

1. Call to Order: 6:17

2. February 19, 2018 Minutes Approval – Motion to accept as amended Peter Friedel second Greg Vurckio passed.

3. Presentation: Paul Lenz, DEP to provide an update on the Recreation Rules, Paul introduced Tom Davidock, a member of his staff. Paul and Tom presented the history of recreational uses on City lands since 1997 to today. Overall the changes to the regulations are good making it easier to utilize city lands and fishing on reservoirs. Sailboat use was way down over the year to under 5. Combining that with new invasive species and the challenges of cleaning sailboats, sailboats will no longer be allowed. Kayaks with peddles are also recommended to be discontinued due to the difficulties of cleaning properly. Additionally, the pilot program for electric motorized trolling on the reservoir will be discontinued. The number of requests combined with some taking their motors off their boats and not having them cleaned before another use led to the decision to eliminate their use. The proposed changes will be out for review and comment in April or May.

4. Update on 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement- Mr. Baker reported that they hope it is near the end.

5. Stake holders meetings
a. Town level assessments – Discussion ensued covering about the status of those meetings. The City offered a proposal with the idea of reducing acquisitions. The information needs further analysis. Molly reported that an initial analysis, by Delaware County Planning shows no benefit to Delaware County, as it currently exists. Comments about the proposal are due April 6th. No action taken. Delaware County raised the proposed Alternative Land Acquisition Program at the meeting. It was met with a lot of resistance from Environmental Groups and DEC representing a change in past discussions with both parties.

b. Farm transition- A working group in Delaware County is working on a different proposal than the City is putting forward, that is broader in scope than the City’s proposal. The City’s proposal is not satisfactory to many involved in the discussion.

c. SAP – Some discussion occurred about the potential of SAP. DEC wants to see this expanded into the remainder of the WoH. The CWT has reservations about that, particularly that the program is not an opt in for the Towns but is for the Villages and Hamlets. Some see this as license to buy many parcels under ten acres. Several of the parcels they have purchased under the pilot program included developable land. The prior meeting on incentivizing SAP left many confused as to whether or not towns did have the opt in or not. The Jeff Senterman, Executive Director of the Catskill Center, at that meeting, said that the towns would have the opt in choice.

6. Windham Bike Trail- The discussion is ongoing. The CWT needs a letter from the Town Supervisor or a resolution from the Town Board requesting assistance from the CWT before further involvement by the CWT.

7. Reports
a. Flood Commission Reports- Delaware County reported that most flood commissions and towns have accepted their LFA’s. Andes is very close to approving theirs. Aaron Bennett had submitted a written report. See attached report. Michelle Yost noted that Tannersville adopted their LFA. There are three properties interested in a buyout and an interest in moving the town highway facility.

b. CWC report – no new news.

c. Below the Reservoirs
i. Delaware – Finishing up the SCMP and report to the PAC on April 5th that should lead to the completion by the next CWT meeting.
ii. Esopus- no report.
iii. Schoharie- no report.

d. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
i. Motion to pay warrants totaling $2,206.02 and accept the treasurer’s report of $1,032.85 in checking and $62,948 in savings was made by Ric Coombe and seconded by Art Merrill. Passed.

8. Other – Michelle Yost raised an issue with regard to the Windham Bike Path. Apparently, there is a question with regard to a Right of Way issue. A variance may be needed to proceed with the bike path.

9. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn by Ric Coombe, second by Wayland Gladstone. Passed.

Executive Board Meeting – Feb 19, 2018

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm (informal discussion until 6:35 when a quorum arrived)

In Attendance: Peter Friedel, Bud Gladstone, Mark Tuthill, Tom Hilson, David Kukle, Bruce Dolph, Aaron Bennett, Tim Cox, Jeff Baker, Michelle Yost

1. Call to Order – 6:35

2. December 18, 2017 Minutes Approval – Approved as amended. Motion made by Tom Hilson, second by Bud Gladstone.

3. Letter – past due members – Town of Wawarsing is back in. Mark spoke with Supervisor in Deposit. Deposit not interested. Sidney still out. Walton is past due. Mark will get ahold of Charlie. Greene County not paid yet. Hardenburg not paid yet.

4. Meeting with new DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza and Paul Rush – Mark described a meeting with the new Commissioner and Paul Rush. Good meeting. Spoke about the Delaware County proposal for an Alternative land Acquisition Program. Some concern on the part of the city about how to pay for a rental. Good meeting overall.

5. Land Acquisition / Streamside Acquisition Discussion – Jeff Baker thinks that the goal should be that in 2023 when the Water Supply Permit negotiations start, the CWT should oppose full lot acquisition and only allow SAP. He noted that ending the LAP would mean ending the Water Supply Permit. We don’t necessarily want that. Delaware County expressed reservation about the SAP, saying that all parcels of land would be open to purchase by the City.

6. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement – Final FAD released at end of 2017. 3rd SSA, not complete yet.
a. Next steps – Meeting on Wednesday to continue discussions.

7. Flood Commission Reports
a. Delaware – All LFAs adopted except Andes which is imminent. Roxbury has kicked off.
b. Greene – Tannersville done and to be accepted within a month, Hunter has first meeting upcoming. GNH relocation – very slow process, still moving forward. Trying to determine feasibility for the business.
c. Ulster – Four completed LFA, two properties in City Funded Buyout. CWC grant being used to remove old Route 28 Bridge near Route 212

8. Windham Bike Trail – extensive discussion about this bike trail. The DEP property piece would connect two sides of a larger trail system. There are some implications for the Recreation Rules that are being updated. Apparently DEP may be requiring a crushed stone path for a bike trail. In the case of Windham and Hunter, they are not financially prepared to put in crushed stone. There was a motion to have Jeff Baker call DEP on behalf of Hunter to have biking put into their land use permit. Bud seconded

9. CWC report – Voting for board members currently ongoing. Annual meeting is in April. Tank anchoring ongoing. Couple of grants out for stream work.

10. Farm Transition – Delaware County has convened a working group to try to better understand this issue and get on the same page. Have an upcoming meeting in Kingston to address this with the Enhanced Land Trust Group on the 26th. We need more time to assess the need and understand funding gaps, etc.

11. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – Wrapping up Phase 1 of the Stream Corridor Management Plan. Hopeful to get funding for Phase 2 through Appalachian Regional Commission.
b. Esopus – no update
c. Schoharie – no update

12. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Warrants – $50 – Storeroom, $2,187.90 Young and Summer, $290.55 Watershed Affairs, $23.46 Watershed Affairs.
Total = $2,551.91. Moved by Tom seconded by Pete. Carried

b. Treasurer’s Report – $1,084.63 Checking, $52, 946.36 Savings. Tom and Pete. Carried

c. Dues Payment Update – See item 2

13. Other – in the future don’t schedule meetings on President’s Day or Martin Luther King Day.

14. Adjourn – 7:45 Motion made by Bud, seconded by Tom, Carried.

Executive Board Meeting – Dec 18, 2017

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Attending: Anthony Coiro, Ric Combe, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Thomas Hilson, David Kukle, Chris Matthews, Jeff Baker, Esq.

Others attending: Molly Oliver, Bruce Dolph, Tim Cox, Michelle Yost, Jason Merwin, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:15

2. November 20, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to accept, Tony Coiro, second Wayland Gladstone. Passed.

3. Letter – past due members – The letter has not yet been completed and sent out.

4. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement – Jeff and Tim summarized some of the concerns about ¶ 145 of the MOA currently being negotiated. Discussion ensued regarding terms of the contract between CWC and DEP pertaining to funds remaining at the end of the contract and how those would be managed. In response to Jeff’s request for guidance the following motion was made.
Tony Coiro motioned that any remaining funds at the end of the contract be retained under the management of the CWC until expended as per the terms of the existing 145 contract. Second by Peter Friedel. Passed.
The contract with the City could end, but the obligation would continue. Because CWC can pay the stormwater expenses faster than the City, the CWT did not want a business’ payment be delayed because of contract delays or if the City were to take over payments from CWC. The rationale being that the City’s history on these payments has been very slow on their share of the payments which could harm many of these small businesses or organizations financially. As a reminder it was mentioned that several times the businesses/ organizations had to borrow the money to pay the contractor and wait well over a year for the City’s payment.

a. Next steps-Jeff Baker reported that he, Kevin Young, Tim Cox and others have been reviewing the draft WR&Rs and will circulate their findings for input. The DOH wants to get the FAD out by the end of the year. As a reminder, the Env. Groups will not sign off on the 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement until they see the FAD.
A discussion on the status of the multiple use path in Green County ensued. Jeff has been having discussions with the City on this issue. Michelle continues to facilitate discussions. Mark Tuthill will bring this issue up for discussion with Paul Rush at the quarterly meetings with CWC, WAC, CWT and Delaware County. In response to a request from Paul Rush, Mark indicated that the CWT would hold off on pushing the issue, but not for long, contingent upon the City soon demonstrating meaningful progress on resolving the issue. Michelle reported that an analysis of acres disturbed is below one acre.
Mark reported that there a number of meetings being scheduled in January pertaining to land acquisition. Also, Paul Rush and the new Commissioner will be meeting with various watershed parties over the next month.

5. Flood Commission Reports – The monthly report from Delaware County SWCD will be sent out tomorrow. In Delaware County the Village and Town of Walton has accepted the LFA for all the tributaries and West Branch. Both boards will adopt the plan at their next meeting. The Village and Town of Delhi, Hamden, Andes will be adopting theirs at the first opportunity in 2018. Michelle Yost reported that Tannersville is nearing the end of the LFA process. A draft will be released this week. She reported that several properties are in agreement to be part of the buyout program (near the Sawmill). Hunter village will soon start Phase II of their LFA. There was a public meeting in Ashland on their LFA last week. G & H on hold. Michelle reported that Rene has had a serious health issue that will require some recuperation time.

6. CWC report – Tim reported that a well written Right of Objection letter was submitted by CWC to the DEP. Aside from the humor, he reported that CWC building will be put out to bid in a couple of months. It will take about two years to complete it. CWC is funding a project to replace a bridge in Mt Tremper. It is a $900,000 bridge on the Esopus near the juncture of Rte 212 and 28.

7. Farm Transition-The meeting in December is postponed.

8. Below the Reservoirs:
a. Delaware – FFMP signed. Grants for sirens below the Cannonsville and Pepacton were awarded. SCMP will be completed by February. The SCMP will improve chances of success in getting funding for projects.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie

9. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report:
Wayland Gladstone reported on the warrants.
Watershed Affairs – $309.00
Store Room – $50.00
Young/Sommer $3,386.34
Total $3735.44
Motion to pay the warrants by Ric Coombe, second Tony Coiro. Passed.
The savings and checking account balances were not available. Frazier reported that they will be circulated in the next day or two.
Dues Payment Update – Halcottsville is back in.

10. Other – Art Merrill made a motion to go into executive session to discuss negotiations of the FAD. Tony Coiro Seconded. Passed.
Motion to come out of Executive Session by Tony Coiro, second by Art Merrill. Passed. No actions were taken.

11. Adjourn – There was a full on sprint for a motion to adjourn, which Ric Coombe won, Art Merrill came in with a close second. Passed.

Executive Board Meeting – Nov 20, 2017

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Anthony Coiro, William Federice, Peter Friedel, Wayland Gladstone, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Thomas Hilson, Chris Mathews, Jeff Baker.
Others – Graydon Dutcher, Michelle Yost, Tim Cox, Larry Underwood, Aaron Bennett, Molly Oliver, Bruce Dolph, Frazier.

1. Call to Order: 6:15

2. October 16, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Art Merrill, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.

3. Introductions: Molly was welcomed back.

4. Resolution – Signing Third Supplemental Side Agreement by Bruce Dolph. Tony Coiro motioned to accept, Art Merrill second. Passed.

5. Letter – past due members – Jeff will be sending out a letter.

6. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement
a. LAP – EIS Update/White paper – Comments due October 31, 2017- Comments submitted. There was a question about a response time for the City. Generally thought there is. Will need to check the FAD.

b. FAD – Frazier reported that the internal NYSDOH review under Pat Palmer was complete and forwarded to superiors in DOH. After their review, it will go to DEC, EPA and DEP. The goal is to have it out by the end of 2017.

c. Third Sup Side agreement – as usually reported, is imminent.
i. Jeff reported on the status of the bike path issue in Greene County. It is ongoing.

d. It was reported that the pilot program for electric motors on the Cannonsville will end as demand, was not that high and there is a new infestation of hydrilla, an invasive species, that DEP is very concerned about the ability to adequately clean the motors. Sailboat use has not been a large use and has declined. Sail boating will be eliminated as well due to the cleaning challenges associated with cleaning sail boats relative to hydrilla.

e. Frazier also reported that he asked Paul Lenz to look into the ongoing question of establishing scenic views around the reservoirs.

7. Flood Commission Reports – Flood Commission reports for Delaware, Greene/Schoharie and Ulster Counties were handed out and reported on by Graydon Dutcher, Michelle Yost and Aaron Bennett respectively. In short, numerous commissions in each county are nearing completion and some simply need approval by the respective boards and commissions. See attached reports.

8. CWC report – a right of refusal is in the packet.

9. OST Report – ongoing – no update.

10. Farm Transition- December 12 – FYI that the meetings are ongoing as per the FAD to address the issue of farm transition.

11. Below the Reservoirs
a. Delaware – FFMP signed – Frazier, Underwood and Merrill reported on the new deal. It is now a 10 year agreement with two five year phases. Studies on various issues are planned to address some longstanding issues, such as the amount of water available for releases to mitigate yoyo releases and thermal needs. NYSDEC now has the sole discretion with regard to releases needed for various needs under the FAD.
i. Final SCMP public meetings are completed and a final draft is out for comment. This will provide the framework to address everything from flood mitigation, sediment reduction, fish habitat, etc.

b. Esopus – N/R
c. Schoharie –N/R

12. Storage of CWT archives. A discussion ensued regarding where to store the archives. One viable location is in the new CWC building. Tim Cox requested that the CWT inform the CWC as to the amount of space they would need so CWC can incorporate the CWT needs into their plans.

13. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Bud Gladstone –
i. Warrants – Young Sommers $7,222.20, Storage Fee $50, Watershed Affairs $745.00. Total $8,017.20. Motion to pay the bills Mike McCrary, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.
ii. Treasurer’s report: Checking Account Balance $805.39; saving balance $45,848.23. Motion to accept the report Mike McCrary second by Tony Coiro.

b. Dues Payment Update – Letter needs to go out. Three members were highlighted as behind. Mark said he would be contacting these members.

14. Other

15. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn Tony Coiro and second by Pete Friedel. No discussion. Passed.

Executive Board Meeting – Oct 16, 2017

Location: CWC, Main Street, Margaretville, NY
Time: 6:15pm

Present: Anthony Coiro, Ric Combe, Bruce Dolph, Peter Friedel, Art Merrill, Michael McCrary, Mark Tuthill, Greg Vurckio, Tom Hilson, Bud Gladstone, David Kukle , William Friedel and Mr. Baker, Esq.

Others: Linda Bull, Shelly Johnson, Alan Rosa, Arron Bennett, Michelle Yost, Tim Cox, and Blakeslee

1. Call to Order – 6:12.
Bruce welcomed everybody. Jeff read over the election results. Bruce and Jeff went over the importance of all members including the alternates to attend all meetings.

2. September 18, 2017 Minutes Approval – Motion to approve Ric Coombe, second by Tony Coiro. Passed.

3. Shelly Johnson Presentation – Shelly used the Town of Hamden Build Out Analysis to explain the commonalities she is finding in all the towns to show that 91% of the land in the Town of Hamden will always be open space. (See attached) There are an average of 2 building permits per year for the Town of Hamden. By the year 2030, there will only be 34 new building permits. Another problem she cited is that if you tell the town to move 10 houses and say 4 businesses to reduce flooding, there is no place to move them to. For the future of the hamlet of Hamden, there are only 265.25 acres of developable land to the end of time. If the city continues to acquire land, the future of developable land worsens. Because of the pressure brought about on real-estate priced in the watershed, our children and grandchildren won’t be able to build their own homes or businesses. She used the same methodology for all the communities in Delaware County. The results are about the same. These comments will be sent in to the city by October 30th. Alan Rosa reported that the Chazen Companies did Developable Lands Analysis for the Towns of Ashland, Halcott, Hunter, Jewett, Lexintgton, Denning, Olive and Shandaken. The percent of total developable land for these towns are consistent with Shelly’s percentages. Bruce followed up Shelly’s presentation by stating how important this data is. 1. Land Acquisition is not in the best interest of the County. 2. It leaves no future for the community. 3. People will leave, thus losing the town’s tax base and finally, we need developable land for new businesses to come in and build.

4. Linda Bull-NYS Archives – It will be a work in progress. What the CWT has now in storage is only a portion of the whole picture. We need to include the operating records as well. It was suggested that the Board look into adopting a Retention Schedule. Jeff will look into this. That would be the first step. Once this is done, we could apply for a grant called Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund. This grant could be used for 1. Hire part timers to inventory the archives 2. Purchase acid free boxes for storage and, 3. Shelving. This is all based on if we move the inventory to the new CWC building once it is built.

5. Comment/White paper meetings –Environmental group meeting. Jeff reported that a presentation was given on the build out analysis stating our concerns. We received feedback from the environmental groups which was positive and supportive. The riparian buffer and easements were discussed and how they impact us. Instead of a one a time payment, under the ag conservation easement program to landowners which doesn’t get passed on to subsequent farmers there is less of an incentive to farm. The 1st landowner gets the financial benefit where the subsequent landowner gets none. This can impact the ability to purchase a farm and successfully farm. Given that some farmers will not participate in the easement program. Under an incentivized lease program such as CREP for a fixed number of years it would benefit all landowners, similar to the CREP program while protecting water quality. Have the lease continue over time (50 years) and this would protect the buffer. If we can get the city to refocus their land acquisitions, we will see support from the environmental groups.

6. Update on FAD and 3rd Supplemental Side Agreement – Jeff reported that the side agreement is initially done. They are putting the final document together. Jeff will present it at the next CWT meeting in November. In the meantime, he is suggesting that they put forth a resolution for Bruce Dolph to be the CWT representative for signatory of the side agreement since he has been involved from the beginning even though he is no longer the chairman. Motion to have Bruce be the CWT representative – Tony. Second by Art. Passed.
Jeff also reported that comments went in on the draft FAD, but he has not heard any response yet. Bruce stated that direct comments have been made on certain topics which make it more difficult to review. For example, they are picking apart the bike trail located in Green County. Jeff stated that there has been a lot of confusion regarding the trail. He plans on having a few meeting with all parties involved to get everyone on the same page.

7. 2017 Elections- New members. 1. Pat Davis-Alternate-Delaware County. 2. David Kukle-Regular member-Green County. 3. William Federice-Regular member- Schoharie County. 4. Lester Parker-Alternate-Schoharie County. 5. Drew Boggess-Alternate-Ulster County.
Election of Officers:
a. Chairman: Art Merrill nominated Mark Tuthill. Mike McCrary nominated Anthony Coiro.
Secret ballot was done. (Mark Tuthill – 5 votes) (Anthony Coiro – 4 votes). Mark Tuthill is the new Chairman.
b. Vice Chairman: Peter Friedel nominated Anthony Coiro. There were no other nominations. All were in favor by hand vote.
c. Treasurer: Mark Tuthill nominated Bub Gladstone. There were no other nominations. All were in favor by hand vote.

8. Flood Commission Reports: Arron Bennett gave a brief report for Ulster County. Shandaken Flood Commission met with DOT concerning a bridge that is not in use to be removed. CWC provided funding for this project and is expected to be done next year. The bigger issue is on Rt. 28, the bridge by the Emmerson Resort. The bridge will be replaced with a much larger span by DOT in 2019-2020. This was a big ticket item in the LFA. The Town and DOT would like to know what each other’s plans are. The town of Shandaken Allen area: The LFA should be done by December
Town of Olive: The LFA is done. A resolution was passed for a flood buyout of a building by the Boiceville Market. Also, the firehouse is a #1 priority for relocation. There is a land owner on Rt. 28 by Fabulous Furniture that is willing to subdivide his parcel for the potential to move the firehouse there.
Michelle Yost reported. Please see attached.

9. CWC report – Tim Cox reported that the Local Technical Assistance applications are available for sustainable communities. Funding up to $20,000 per town that has an LFA is available. Applications are due by December 31, 2017.
Alan Rosa reported that there is a building in the Town of Jewett that is going to be tore down that CWC is paying for. The building is hanging over the river which makes for a complicated project. They hope to have it down by November.
Flood Anchor applications. There are several applications that have been submitted for the anchoring of propane and fuel oil tanks. Bruce stated that we need to spread the word. One of the main problems during the flood was gas/oil tanks floating down the river. Anchoring the tanks in basements are very important too.

10. Below the Reservoirs – Art Merrill reported that the decree parties are working on the FFMP. Four of them have signed, Penn. has not signed yet but they are close.
a. Delaware – Tailwaters Stream Corridor Management Plan will be having their final round of public meetings in November. Completion of the plan will be the end of December.
b. Esopus
c. Schoharie

11. Warrants(s) and Treasurer’s Report
a. Rick moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the warrants. Art second. Passed
i. Warrant amount approved $194.94.
ii. Checking account balance is $1,000.15. Savings account balance $45,846.22

12. Other –
a. Mark Tuthill motioned to keep WSA on as administrative support for the CWT. Art second. Passed. Kelly was disappointed the motion passed [just joking].
b. Ric Coombe brought up dues notices. There are a handful that have not paid in years. Ric suggested that a letter be sent out by Jeff stating if dues for 2018 are paid by January 31, 2018, past dues notices will be waved. Follow up with phone calls. Ric motioned to have Jeff send out the letters. Mark Tuthill second. Passed.

13. Adjourn – Tony motioned like greased lightning to adjourn. Ric seconded. Passed.